"Should've Known Better" by Konekochan07

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Ok, so this is my first real reader insert, my first OUAT story (and my first Rumple story), and this will be the first time, in later chapters, that I try to write anything suggestive...We'll see how that works...
Please let me know what you think! Reviews appreciated! Enjoy! ~Koneko
“Psst…” came from the room next to Belle’s in the hospital. “Hey, I’m getting out of here! I’m not waiting around for my memory to come back in this cage.” She of course said this every day. And every day she decided not to. But she truly wanted to get out this time. Something made her want to leave now, just after Valentine’s Day. “I need to get out of here…” she muttered.

The next day, she acted very sick, causing her to be moved upstairs for observation. And that night, while the hospital was closed, she took off. She wasn’t sure where she was going, but she knew she had to get out of there.

Regina came to Emma the next morning. “We have an escaped patient.”

“Ok…What does this patient look like? Where would they go? And why are you suddenly just coming to me?”

“This patient is from the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Every day she says she’s going to escape and every day she never tries. Well, now she has. So, what do I need to get you to find her?”

“Well, knowing what she looks like would be a start…” Emma sighed and started gathering supplies. “And some extra bodies to help in the search.” She bundled up and looked to Regina. “Do you know where she’d go?”

“Not a clue.” Regina was not lying. She had no idea who the girl even was, just that she had appeared in the basement with Belle, muttering to herself and exclaiming that she would escape. “I don’t even know who she is. She’s been in the Psychiatric ward for as long as I can remember.”

“Wonderful. Well, a picture and extra searchers would be great.”

“Take whomever you need.” Regina held out her hand. “And here is the photo. Good luck Sheriff.”

“Thanks.” Emma headed out, with no idea where to start. So, she did what most do when they need to find someone: she asked everyone she met. This was great until she went to Gold’s shop. “Hey, Gold? Got a question for you.”

“How can I help you, Miss Swan?”

Emma held the photo out, though it was just a copy. “I’m trying to find this girl. Seems she escaped from the hospital last night. Have you seen her around?”

Gold, knowing who he really was, looked at the picture, figuring he wouldn’t be able to answer the question anyways. He did not expect who he saw in the image. Regaining his composure, he asked, “Who is she?”

“Regina won’t tell me. She just told me to look for her. She escaped from the hospital and now no one can find her. And it sounds like no one even knows who she is.”

“Well, I hope you find her, Sheriff.” Gold had his normal smirk plastered on his face, so Emma had no suspicions about what he could be planning. As soon as Emma left the shop, he headed out the back. Sheriff Swan could look all she wanted, but he planned to find her first.

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