"Hey, Mr. Perfect!" by deltachye

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space dad on the streets
space daddy in the sheets
It wasn’t exactly protocol for you and Shiro to be sharing a dorm, but there was a bit of leniency that came with being the girlfriend of one of the Garrison’s most treasured graduates. The system still thought you were logged in the women’s dorms, but a little hush hush never hurt anybody.

You woke unceremoniously to the sound of his alarm: a strict monotonous beeping that was accompanied with jittery vibrations of the standard issue clock. As a pilot, Shiro operated on a different schedule from you, and as such he was forced to wake up earlier. That was fine and well–the two of you saw each other enough later in the day. The alarm shut off and you drifted back to sleep, warm and comforted in the feeling of his strong arms.

Then you woke up a second time to the same alarm, in the same hug.

A little moan of exhaustion escaped you. You’d been up for hours the previous day because of work with analyzing the Mars soil samples, so it was understandable that you were drained, and needed proper sleep. You turned over and prodded Shiro’s arm weakly.

“Wake up,” you muttered groggily, your voice hoarse. He muttered something and rolled away from you, shutting off the alarm by slapping it until it quieted. You immediately tried to go back to sleep, feeling the blankets rustle as you did, so you distantly hoped that he was getting up.

But the alarm jolted you awake again.

For a moment you wondered if this was one of those waking dreams. A dream within a dream–surely, he’d have gotten up by now, right? You opened your eyes slowly, but the mass weighing you down was enough to inform you of the situation.

“Shiro!” You scowled, wriggling from underneath him. His face buried deeper into the crook of your neck and he sighed disgruntledly.

“Go back… sleep,” was all he could manage to say.

“What time is it? Don’t you have work to do?”

“Ten more minutes…” he slumped onto you further, making it difficult to breathe, what with a massive guy hanging out on your chest. You swatted at his shoulder like a broken boxer tapping out of the ring, annoyed with his behaviour. After all, this happened every day. Not once would Shiro wake up at the first alarm, and you seriously started to worry about what would happen once he was blasted out to the edge of the solar system.

“You’re the esteemed pilot for the Kerberos mission, and you can’t even get up on time? Come on!”

“Okay then… five more minutes. Loud girl quiet now.” He sighed, the heavy exhale warming your ear. A hand had somehow found its way to your open palm and his larger fingers curled around yours. Cute, but you weren’t having it.

“Takashi Shirogane!”

The usage of his full name seemed to clarify his sleep-addled brain a bit and he raised his head enough so that he could look down at you. The end of his nose brushed with yours. His sharply angular eyes were half-closed and he peered down at your face inquisitively, as if to question if you were real or not. You pouted up at him.

“Five more minutes,” he repeated, falling back onto you with enough force to knock air out of your lungs. He yawned, pressing his face into your neck, the sensation of his skin on yours running shivers down your spine.

“This is ridiculous,” you muttered, but lay still with defeat. You weren’t strong enough to lift him on your own, and he probably knew it. How sly of him.

“Shh,” he mumbled again, lifting his head once more to plant a sloppy kiss on the side of your face. His lips dragged against your jaw as he fell back into the bedding. “Go back to sleep.”

You’re the one that needs to get up.”

“In five minutes. Just lemme stay here with you, okay?”

“…flattery won’t get you anywhere when they reprimand you for tardiness,” you muttered, turning your face away into the pillow, embarrassed with the warmth creeping up your neck. When the alarm went off again, Shiro hit snooze… and continued to sleep.

“I hate you,” you sighed, closing your eyes.

But, during its next and final ring–it went on, untouched by two very awake and very busy people.

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