"Blood of the Moon" by kniferomance

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Prologue: Coincidental Occurrences
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The papers slightly slid out of the manila folder as it glided across the smooth, polished, black granite surface of the darkened oak desk. She caught the file and its contents before they could fly off of the table and tumble to the floor. Giving him a questioning look with the quirk of an eyebrow, she set her sights on the documents and roved her eyes over the characters written on the papers and the pictures attached to them. Her full, rosebud lips curved into an elated smirk and her cool, stormy eyes glinted with excitement and mischief as the light of the room picked up every silver speck in them and accentuated the red rings that were prevalent in the right orb. In all honesty, she was pleasantly surprised that he would go to such lengths in order to make her happy---never had he done so before.

She glanced up from the papers to make brief eye contact with the young man who sat opposite from her. He was watching her with a playful look in his eyes and a serenely triumphant smirk spread across his face. He looked so confident and so...eager to please.

Well, that was a new one, but she brushed it off as being a one-day only trait and set her gaze back on the file's contents.

Inside were four packets, all neatly stapled and pressed, as if they had just been ejected from the printer. Each packet contained valid and useful information that she would need in order to complete her next assassination assignment.

Made up of four beings---one human, one demonic descendent, and two demons---this group had been in charge of keeping the matters of the Human World and the affairs of the Demonic Realm separate, and they had been in charge of neutralizing any situation that brought the two aforementioned Realms together in any way. They had been feared, hated, and, to a certain extent, respected by the citizens of Makai. The royalty of Spirit World had praised the existence of said group, taking great pride in the fact that it had been they, the Prince and the King of Reikai, who had thought of such a group in the first place, and this particular team, though there had been plenty in the past, had been the greatest.

But, as it turned out, it was not to last. When the leader of this committee was found out to have some diluted demonic genes coursing through his body---which, incidentally, explained many things, such as how he was able to fight for hours without tiring, and withstand fatal injuries---the team was immediately disbanded.

And now, if she got her way, they would be terminated from existence indefinitely.

She set the papers aside neatly before standing up and leaning across the desk. The cool surface pressed up against her stomach and breasts. Her emerald hair fell around her like a veil as she let her lips cover his in a sensual kiss---a gesture to show him how much his gift pleased her, for the file contained all the information she needed for the revenge she wished to exact upon the four beings.

He broke away from her with a lust-filled growl and said in a frank, composed tone of voice, "Your assignment is to eliminate the members of the Urameshi Detective Team. Although they are no longer in service to Spirit World, they could still pose a threat to us as Koenma could call them back at any time.

"Besides," he smirked widely, "I'm sure you have a piece of your brilliant mind to give them." Lowering herself back into her seat, she sighed deeply. She crossed her smooth, creamy legs right over left and regarded him with an exasperated look of hunger. That was Hagiri for you: business first, pleasure later, if there was time. And sex at the office---or in the office---was definitely not allowed.

"I might have a few things on my mind," she said softly. Hagiri closed his eyes and reveled in the harmonious melody of her voice. Husky and ultra-feminine, her voice was like that of a siren's--melodic and hypnotizing. It was a wonder what she could sometimes do with her voice, though she chose not to. Most of the time, he let her talk without saying much himself. Her voice constantly lulled him into a strange state of serenity, as if she were placing him under a spell. It was a weapon in and of itself.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was not as chatty as many of the women he had encountered in his life time. Sure, he could have a deep, intellectual conversation with her at times, but for the most part, their unconventional relationship consisted of comfortable silences filled with unspoken understanding. There was no love between then, just affection and comfort. They were only together because it was convenient and because the sex was good. And they were exclusive only because the dating scene did not appeal to either of them, nor did the thought of bouncing around from partner to partner. A person could catch something by living a life like that.

He stood up and stripped off his red leather jacket in one fluid motion, revealing the collared, black button down shirt that he wore over his snug blue jeans. The strut and stiffness in his stride alerted her that he was ready to please her in another, more physical way. She giggled lightly when he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She felt her lust spike and her body come alive as he palmed her ass and cupped the source of the heat that radiated onto his face. Suddenly, her body felt warm, anxious, and the sensation spread to from her face, to her nipples, traveling all the way down until it reached the valley between her lower extremities.

Her need was so heady that it made his mouth water with anticipation. He wanted her to ride his tongue and never let him stop tasting her. His body hardened further when she drummed her fingertips on the junction where his back curved outwards into his ass, and gently sank her teeth into the flesh.

"Happy birthday, Amaris," he commented grunted as he dropped her on the bed located in a room across the hall of his office. He had put it there for those late nights he spent looking over papers and doing taxes, amongst other business-related things. Not giving her the chance to settle in to her new environment, Hagiri crawled up onto the bed and blanketed her body with his, nuzzling the insides of her thighs with his cheek.

Amaris gave him a knowing smile. One of her hands fixed itself on her hip, while the other hand rose up to brush some of her emerald tresses out of her face, fully revealing her grey eyes; showing the rings of glowing crimson that adorned one of them. Her pallor skin shimmered in the dim lighting of the room, a single lamp being the only thing separating the two beings from utter darkness.

"I thought there was no sex at the office, Hagiri." Her grin grew as he reached out and fiddled with the tie of her lavender halter top. His knee rubbed against her, causing her black velvet skirt to ride up her smooth leg. A moan gusted out of her and her eyes fluttered closed automatically. She removed her hand from her hip and began to struggle with the buttons of his shirt, her hands shaking under the pressure of her apparent need. His knee pushed up further, forcing her to straddle the joint. Gently she began to rock herself on him, her face slowly becoming flushed as she fumbled to disrobe him.

"Let's just consider this to be a birthday exception..."


Koenma's heart jumped happily as he finally put his seal of approval on Chapter Black file, which consisted of a three large boxes. It had taken about three years, but his ogres had finally managed to find and put everything in order. He looked around his barren office for his assistant ogre, Jorge, but discovered that the blue creature was no where to be found.

In fact, he couldn't find anyone. The entire office was empty. Koenma cursed himself for giving everyone the rest of the day off in his elation. The demigod jumped down from his chair, boxes in his arms, and waddled over to put them in the vault for future reference. So happy, was he, that the thought that he should transform into his adult form didn't cross his mind. Had he done so, he would have seen the bump in the carpet where the rug had been pushed upwards in the ogres' rush to get out of the office before their boss changed his mind.

In any case, he tripped over it, sending papers and pictures flying every which way. His chin collided with the carpet under which lay a cement floor, and he bit his tongue hard. The bitter, metallic taste of blood filled his mouth as he cursed at his clumsiness.

Koenma sat up lethargically, rubbing his head with one hand and setting the other down on the floor. His planted hand landed on something with a glossy texture to it. Curious, Koenma picked it up and, when the stars in his vision had melted away, looked at it. For a moment, he didn't know what, exactly, he was looking at, but it soon became clear. His large, brown eyes widened in shock and he struggled to his feet as quickly as he could. Frantically, he looked around, trying to find any other pictures that had captured a still-life version of the subject of his fear. There were very few, and none that were as good quality as the one in his pudgy hand.

"Koenma, sir!" an excited Botan exclaimed as she floated into his office. The Prince of Spirit World looked up from his search and fixed the Grim Reaper with a wearily authoritative look.

"We have news on the Black Shadow Organization. It seems that it's run by none other than Hagiri Kaname---Sniper himself!" Koenma felt his heart leap. They had been searching for the leader of the Black Shadow Organization for months, losing tons of spies and Reikai enforcement agents along the way. Finally, finally there had been a break in the case. Reikai's loss would not go in vain.

He looked down at the photo in his hand and the mess of scattered papers on the floor of his office. Deciding that his discovery could wait until later---after all, he had no real knowledge of whether or not she was still alive---Koenma set the photo aside to grab whatever information they had on file that pertained to Sniper. As he opened a drawer to look for a pen, something gleamed up at him from the depths. Looking down, his eyes came in contact with the old model of the telecommunications devices that Reikai had once used. Their technology had upgraded since then, but seeing the old circular compact brought back wistful memories of the best detective team Spirit World had ever had. His hand reached down to grab it, as if it had a mind of its own. He glanced at it once more then turned to face the blue-haired soul conveyor. She had a gleam in her eye, as if she knew what he was thinking. She gave him a small encouraging nod, urging him to go ahead and do what he had in mind.

With shaking hands, Koenma flipped open the compact and dialed the code that would connect him to one of out of the four people he would contact that night.


Yusuke groaned and rolled out of the bed, rubbing his head. A familiar and incessant beeping was coming from somewhere in his room and, when he found the source of it, he was going to smash it with his bare fists. It had been a long day and an even longer night at the ramen shop and he had finally managed to get into a deep slumber. Keiko, who had spent the night, shifted in the bed as he yawned and began to violently pull open drawers and send random objects flying across the room. Yusuke rubbed his eye and stared at an object that was sitting at the bottom of his underwear drawer, giving off a strange blue color, and beeping urgently. It was his old communicator from his days as a Spirit Detective. He looked at it for a moment in nostalgia before realizing that it had been reactivated and flipping it open.

Kuwabara was studying hard when he heard his compact beep. Automatically knowing what it was, he cheesed happily and pulled open one of his desk drawers. He examined the compact as he pulled it out. The casing was scratched and dented from misuse, but the screen still gleamed brightly at him as he opened it.

Shuichi hadn't been able to sleep-- every time he tried to close his eyes he was haunted by dreams of his past and the mate he had lost in a life he no longer led and had decided to give up. The incessant dreams that kept him awake at night turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for he would have never heard the snippet of a familiar noise coming from outside had he been asleep. He stood up from his desk gracefully, abandoning the book he had been trying and failing to read. He walked out of his apartment and ascended up the stairs to the roof that stood outside in the brisk November evening. The beeping came from a corner of the rooftop garden---from the exact same corner in which he had buried his compact. In a feral manner, he dug his hands in the freezing dirt, ignoring the way it crumbled and fell away in clumps beneath his grip, and freed the round, metal object from its gritty prison. Dusting it off, he pressed the button and watched with calm emerald eyes as the top flipped open as quickly as it had three years ago.

Hiei was training in the small, private arena of Mukuro's fortress when a low-level demon servant brought him the round object. Mukuro had sent the demon to give it to him, as he had been going off nonstop for an hour and had disturbed her slumber. For a moment, Hiei thought about using it for target practice or just simply smashing it against the wall. Why, after all this time, was Koenma contacting him? He growled, his grip tightening on the compact. He smirked when he heard a satisfying grinding of the metal scraping against itself, but just when he was about to destroy it, he came to an epiphany---whatever it was, it would get him out of the fortress, even if it was for a day or two.

It wasn't that Hiei wasn't happy living in the fortress day in and day out with Mukuro---he just...Hell, he wasn't happy. There was no sense in denying it. She kept trying to put him in a cage and keep him for herself. Living with her was starting to become a vexing burden in his life, and they were at that stage in their dying camaraderie where they argued over every little thing. They were just too independent of each other to be in any kind of relationship besides that of allies---at least that's what it seemed to him now. He needed to leave---perhaps a sabbatical away from her would help him to clear his head and reevaluate their relationship as a whole.

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he sorely doubted it.

His decision made, Hiei flipped open the lid of the communicator and listened closely.

All four young men received the same message at exactly the same time though they were miles and even Realms away from each other.

Koenma took a deep breath, trying to gain his composure as he said, "I'm sorry to disturb you all, but we have a problem."

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