"Christmas' Wish" by Megumi

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Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Song: Last Christmas [reduced]

Note: I post it now, because it's technically Christmas. I hope you will enjoy this, because Heero is hot and all mine. He is my future husband, get it?


Happy Christmas~! And Enjoy! [May have some OOC-ness]
Warning : In the story, I put the night before Christmas (24th) as Christmas, like we did in France. But, technically, Christmas is the day after (25th), therefore, it can be confusing.

Christmas Wish.

†~Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Heero Yuy gazed lazily over Relena Peacecraft, trying to fulfill his duty as a bodyguard perfectly. His Prussian eyes were emotionless like always, but inside, it was tearing him apart. To be forced to protect that woman he had once loved, and he still loved, was breaking his fragile and small heart, because, time to time, he would see her happy while he was still suffering. It wasn't really jealousy he was feeling, but simply pain. His hand turned into a tight fist by his side, he shouldn’t look, he shouldn’t try to understand, but he couldn’t help. He couldn’t help but feel betrayed.

His mind was screaming, telling him to stop this torturous life and run away from all of this, but he wouldn’t. He was just a soldier and he was ordered to protect this minister, thus, he would. He wouldn’t fail this mission like always, and would let his emotion bottle inside. Closing his eyes, he didn’t say anything and simply appreciate the peaceful discussion of the meeting. Once again, Relena and other ministers were speaking together, apparently about the money they were going to give to each project. His hand slowly loosened and he felt his mind calm down. Not because he was hearing Relena’s soft voice, but because he was trying to suppress his feelings once again.

He could hear that voice inside of him, telling him it wasn’t right, that emotions weren’t bad, but he just silently replied, ‘but they are for my duty,’ to that, it snapped back, ~but she is here!~

He resisted against his urge to smile and simply shut up. His consciousness was humming a serene song, happy to remember she was here and he wouldn’t suffer again. He would never suffer again if she accepted him, truthfully, without any lie. She was pretty, gentle, truthful and yet, though she lost her family to war, she managed to remain innocent and naive to the world. She was so plain, and yet, she was so special. Compared to anybody, she didn’t stand out particularly, but her kindness and tenderness made all the difference. No matter how people could find resemblance between her and other people, she was just special. While people would complain about the misery brought by the war, she would just smile and say, “At least, the future generation won’t suffer as we have, and that’s all matter, right?”

Nodding, Heero found his heart warm in happiness and shook his head to refrain himself from smiling. He remembered what you had said last year when he was in the park alone. You had gently sat beside him, with a cup of hot cocoa and handed it to him, not saying anything. That night, instead of moping, he had felt a warm sheet wrapped around him, like a protecting shield around his heart under the Christmas snow. Gently, he had shared the blanket with you, resting his head against your shoulder to remember he wasn’t alone. You had smiled gently, whispering in a soft voice, like you always did to orphans, “I’m going to ask a mend heart for you to Santa Claus. Now, if he succeeds or not, it’s up to you. After all, the Christmas Father can’t do everything alone.”

He had snorted, murmuring that he didn’t believe in him, but you had simply laughed sweetly, replying, “When I was in the Colonies, I had asked the Christmas Father to stop the war. A few months later, I learnt there were the Gundam Pilots, so, the next Christmas, I asked him to protect them… and guess what? You are alive, Heero, and your friends are too. If you stop believing now, you are losing against the dark torment of life. You will fail your mission as a human, your duty of living happily.”

He had never failed on a mission, and he never would. With those single words, you had brought strength throughout his sad and pained soul, giving him a reason to hold onto his feelings. To regain his abilities to feel what his heart was saying and obey, now, he knew what his heart wanted.

His heart wanted you.

†~Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye
Tell me baby, do you recognize me?
Well, it's been a year
It doesn't surprise me

“Heh?” Relena muttered, giving the soldier a worried glance, “Are you alright?”

The said boy nodded in response, following her, as they walked out of the room. A nagging voice was just yelling, ‘see, she doesn’t even call you by your name!’ He ignored it, like always, and focused on your smoothing voice, muttering gently, “It’s okay, we are all humans, and we feel to complete our life with happiness and pain.”

He felt warmth spread throughout his body, a light but unnoticed smirk touching his feature. He could try to forget her, or he could try to accept this other feeling that made him happier and more pleased than any man. No one could help him more than you, his friends, even Relena, couldn’t ease the pain he felt. Only you, your kindness and your warm embrace could help him from this dreadful routine: mornings, waking up to protect that woman who didn’t even seem to remember his name, and nights, being ‘taken care’ by Duo, before he could let himself rest in a peaceful and yet, dreamless slumber.

Yet, his daily schedule had been disturbed by a single you. You would come to his house, time to time, with that bright smile and dragged him to the orphanage where you went once a week. You would speak with that soft and tender voice to them, before reading them a fairytale with Heero, where you would take the princess’ voice and he, the prince’s one. The children had frequently asked when and where both of you would marry, gently but with a tingle of sadness, you would reply he wasn’t your boyfriend.

But this year, that may become a project for your future. Together.

“I’m going to go with Quatre to the Christmas party, you can do whatever you want,” Relena said, before stepping into the limo, and closed the door.

When did it become so easy to get him away? His blue eyes looked at the limo’s direction as it drove away, his mind asking, “How?”

How did she draw herself away from him so quickly?

He shook his head, trying to warm his heart once again, and walked to his car, driving away. He had never been really fond in relationship, but when he had tried to have one with Relena, it had been broken before it even really began. His blue eyes narrowed when he recognized the girl’s limo, not driving to Quatre’s mansion, nor to her house, but to another destination. He shrugged it off, she was a fully-grown woman, and she knew what she was doing.

†~Happy Christmas
I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I love you" I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now
I know you'd fool me again

He continued his path to reach the mall and walked to a shop. A few women smiled to him, but he ignored, focusing to the choice of presents for you. He looked at the jewels, raising a questioning brow to himself. Yes, that might be a little too much to begin with. Not to mention, he offered a silver necklace to Relena the year before with a small note with the three single words to voice out his feeling, and he didn’t want to give you the same kind of gift. A little voice in his head told him that you would even scold him to use that much money on you. You would be already happy if he gave you something for Christmas, since it would be the first time. Moreover, there would be something else than a single paper…

His lips twitched again when he saw a teddy-bear, with a Christmas hat and a heart in his paws. It was cute, simple and yet, like your presence by his side, meaningful. Let’s say the message on it was really subtle. He bought it and when he headed toward the door, he dumped into you.

You smiled, “Heero,” you muttered with a slight nod, “You’re Christmas shopping?” pointing at the small bag he had in his hand.

He nodded, before asking, “And you?”

You took out an envelope and grinned, “Quatre gave me some money to buy presents for the orphans! Someone is going to disguise as Santa Claus to give the gifts to the children! So, I’m here to buy them their wishes!” immediately, you handed him a folder full of letters, “I didn’t really read them all, but I have a lot of toys to buy and such. I still have some problem about how I’m going to take those to my home and wrapped them and all…” you continued, holding your chin as you pondered about that question.

“I have my car,” he replied, silently asking you if you needed a hand, and walked by your side.

“Thanks~♥” you sing-songed, before grabbing him by his forearm into the nearest toy shop, “Let’s buy everything we can~!!!”

Heero’s lips twitched again when you stood before the shelf in awe, muttering something about “lucky kids who can get those precious and superb toys while when I was small, I had to play with a stick and a worm in the garden.” He barely suppressed his chuckle at the sound of it, and helped you to reach the ‘Super Water gun X-2000’. He couldn’t remember how long it took to find most of the toys, but he sure did notice your incredible look for some wishes.

‘I wonder what it is,’ he thought before closing his car’s door, and looked at you from the corner of his eyes.

†~Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

“Heero?” you asked when he began to drive, he grunted in response, “Can you drive me to my house? I have to wrap those,” you began, smiling sweetly, and grabbed him on his forearm, to look into his Prussian eyes, “You’re coming with me to the orphanage, right? Kids seem to love when we read them a story.”

“Yes,” he whispered softly, his heart skipping a beat at the softness and affection in your voice, “I want to see Santa Claus.”

At the statement, you laughed, “I thought you didn’t believe in him, huh? But I think, this year, my Christmas wish isn’t going to be granted,” you said, still smiling, “After all, not every wish can be granted… though I think I need to check on those orphans’ sanities,” at his questioning look, you grinned and put a finger onto your lips, “Not telling, I don’t want you to get uncomfortable. I still need a ride to come home tomorrow~!”

“Hn,” he couldn’t help but feel curious. What was the meaning of all of this?

So, when you were occupied in taking a few bags from the car, he took the folder, hiding it with his soldier skills {that means I absolutely don’t know where xD}. Then, he began to help you, taking most of the shopping, and walked into your house. He mentally noted that you were staring at him more often than usual and your smile was stiffer too, but he didn’t ask, knowing well it was just the stress and tiredness.

“Heero?” you questioned again, “What are you going to ask to Santa Claus, this year?”

He gave you a look, saying clearly, “what the heck are you talking about? I am not asking anything, I don’t need anything, I am perfectly fine with myself and what I have already.”

“Geez, Duo must be right when he says you need to get laid,” you muttered under your breath, receiving a dangerous glare, “Want something to drink before we wrap the presents and go to the orphanage?” you inquired, smiling once again.


You grinned, before walking to the fridge, and threw him a bottle, knowing well he would grab it before it hit his head. Too bad, you just got yourself a broken lamp here. Yes, you didn’t expect him to dodge a bottle of cold water… Really didn’t. You groaned, taking out another bottle, and handed it to Heero, who was giving you the look “you shouldn’t have done that”.

You giggled at the look and began, “I’m going to change myself, I had promised the kids I was going to wear that dress they offered me yesterday ♥”

He nodded and once you were away, he began to look at the folder he had snatched.

†~Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

“Heero-kun~! [Name]-chan~! You look great~!” children chirped when both of you walked in. All of them bounced from their seats and began to glomp each of you, a big smile on their faces. Heero stiffened in their embraces, but didn’t complain, knowing well it would hurt them.

You grinned, poking your favorite twins, Yuko and Kyo, on their foreheads, “You haven’t done anything bad this week, have you? Because if you have, your Christmas’ wishes won’t be granted! You wouldn’t want that, would you?” A big shake of their heads made your smile widened, “okay, then, I guess I can tell Santa Claus to come tonight to give you all presents, huh?”

“Yes~!” the twins chirped in synch, before they tackled you laughing, “You’re the best~!”

You winced when you fell onto your butt, but couldn’t help from smiling slightly to their naivety when they ran off to tell their friends Santa Claus was coming. Before you, Heero held out his hand, looking at you with the same annoyed but slightly happy tingles in his eyes. It was his way to say, “Are you okay?”. You just stuck out your tongue and tried to pull him down, unfortunately, everybody know your chance of success was around 0.00000000…001%.

He just pulled you up, annoyed, and walked into the hall. You grinned, following him, and bounced onto his back, snaking your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, “Piggy ride for the poor little girl who just get dumped by her friend?”

He shook his head, hiding his smirk, and walked you to the chimney, where he let you slip. You sat down with Heero onto the couch and took a book from the corner, beginning to read it with him, “Once there was a gentleman who married, for his second wife, the proudest and most haughty woman that was ever seen…” You smiled slightly at the sight of children who were listening like angels, interested by the sound of your voices. It didn’t take a while for Heero to end the tale with, “Cinderella, who was no less good than beautiful, gave her two sisters lodgings in the palace.

You smiled, “Did you enjoy the story?”

“Yes!” they chorused, before Kyo voiced out their thoughts, “but when will the Christmas Father come?”

You put a finger on your chin, looking like you were thinking, “I don’t really know, I guess he may just be in the chimney trying to get out with the big bag?”

A muffled sound made the little kids look into the chimney to effectively see the poor guy you had trapped in all of this, but you guessed you would just pay a little extra for that! You laughed slightly at the pointed look from Heero and whispered, “Hey, it’s the magic of Christmas~!”

“So, who is Heero Yuy?” the said Santa Claus asked, taking out a package, “The little guy must have been a good guy to get such a big present, hmm?”

With a raised brow, the said ‘little guy’ walked to take his present and unwrapped it. He just… deadpanned, looking at you, and put the ‘Super Water gun X-2000’ down before you. You just grinned, and showed him the same present you got from the Christmas Father, “Water fight with Duo in Summer~!”

†~Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Heero looked at the little orphans, who were asleep, before walking toward you. You, you were sitting on the couch, drinking a hot cocoa, and gazed lazily over the chimney, checking the fire. He took out a package from his bag, before handing it before you, a light blush on his face. Of course, as it was dark, you couldn’t see it, but that didn’t stop the authoress from saying it, right?

You smiled, pointing to yourself, “For me?” you asked. He nodded in response, and you beamed, “Thanks ♥” Immediately, you took it, beginning to unwrap it, and squealed, glomping the plush, “Heero! It’s so kawai! I love it!”

He let out a slight, but sincere, smile, and patted your head gently, sitting by your side, “What have you asked for Christmas?”

“Hm,” you mumbled, blushing slightly, “something I can’t really have, I guess the children have rubbed off on me. I kinda,” you looked away awkwardly, “write the same as some of them have.”

“This one?” he inquired, holding out the paper he had snatched in the folder, and smirked slightly at your gasp.

“Hey! You are not allowed to–” his hand covered your mouth before you could continue.

“Shh, you want to wake them up?” he whispered, checking if they were asleep by the corners of his eyes, “I’m gonna take my hand off if you shut up, okay?”

You nodded, inhaling sharply, and continued, “You’re not supposed to see those!”

His lips quirked and before you knew, his lips covered yours, gently. The paper slipped from his hand, but went unnoticed to you, Heero and the children who were hidden behind the door.


“I wish [Name]-hime and Heero-oji live happily ever after with a lot of children ♥” — Kyo.

“I wish [Name] find a boyfriend!” — Yuko.


In the plush heart was written in golden letters: "I need you."


Megumi: -bows- I am sorry, it’s crappish, but I just decided to write this… like… 25hours ago. Heero needs more love~!

Heero: Hn.

Megumi: Review and try to give me some advice~! I just don’t know how to write with Heero… -sighs- he is… so… complex… -dreamy eyes-

Grand Finale: People can act like they don't care, but they can't deny their real feelings really long. ~Megumi

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