"Yuletide Wishes" by LatonaSelene

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Thank you Kremlin_Dusk, KitsunenoTama, and PlaidShorts4ever for editing this. ^^;;

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I would like you, dear reader(s), to know that I detest this piece with my very being. When I wrote this it was in a rush and not very good, quite honestly there are other fictions that have done this 'scenario' before much better than I did. I wrote this in December of '06. I have learned a lot since then, I wish I never wrote it, but I have and I said that nearly all of my YYH pieces will be up here, so here it is.

:/ Any criticism will be handled maturely and you will not be 'bitched' at, however I do know where everything fails in this fiction, so what I'm not really sure what you can say that I haven't slammed my head into the desk for even placing it on the document. ^^;;

Looking at Hecate Minamino, one could scarcely believe that she was the twin sister of Shuuichi Minamino. For one thing, at a quick glance, they looked nothing alike except for green eyes that were different in hue.

However, if you took a long hard look at them you'd notice that they had they had the same facial structure, eye color, and both were tall and spare. Though Shuuichi obviously was more masculine than Hecate, he was often mistaken for a girl.

This was because a little over seventeen years ago, Shiori was pregnant with what would have been identical twin girls; however, when Youko Kurama's soul entered the body of one of the twins, he changed the body to better fit him by turning it into a male instead of a female.

Since Hecate shared the same womb and blood supply with the body Youko Kurama inhabited, it seemed she, too, had... kitsune traits.

Hecate had no true powers of her own, though she could sometimes talk to plants. Hecate was very self-assured and playful, in every sense of the word.

When Shuuichi was old enough to notice his sister's obvious kitsune behavior, he figured out they were identical twins instead of fraternal. He theorized that the blood they shared in the womb had Youko's ki in it; and, when it went into Hecate, it turned her hair white and gave her the mindset of a fox.

And there was the problem for the dark fire demon from the Makai. Hecate Minamino was neither human nor demon; she was vixen in every right. Though she had no tail or furry ears-- Hiei could do without those anyway-- she was Kurama's sister.

This meant that Hecate was unattainable; and what one cannot have, they develop an unquenchable thirst after.

Though most knew Shuuichi as the calm, collected, straight 'A' and caring student, the boys who pestered Hecate for a date knew him as the protective and down right scary brother of hers.

The whole reason Hiei allied with Shuuichi was so he would never have to fight against him; taking an interest in his twin sister was just begging for a fight.

That said, Hiei couldn't keep away from the vixen either, which was why he was in a crowded human mall, barely a week away from Christmas, needing to see her.

Hiei was rewarded with seeing Hecate replace some perfume or some other god awful human made item that was on a high shelf. Though she could reach it, it gave Hiei a nice view of her backside.

It didn't take long for Hecate to finish her task. Once she did, she noticed a presence that made her turn around-- finding Hiei pretending to look around for some sort of demon in the mass of humans.

Hecate jumped down and walked over to him, separated only by a glass counter filled with frivolous, expensive gifts.

"Why, Hiei, what are you doing here of all places?" She asked, folding her arms and resting them on the counter waiting for his answer.

"I could ask you that same question." Hiei replied with false indifference.

"I'm working, I need money for a gift." She leaned her body over the counter to talk to him in a more intimate space, this also gave Hiei a glimpse down her shirt.

"You see, it's for this guy, 'Mr. Dark and Handsome'. The gift was rather expensive, so I have to work in order to get it." Hecate tapped Hiei's nose with her index finger then giggled; though she was tired from having to deal with last minute Christmas shoppers she still managed to have a playful attitude.

"Of course, the main reason I'm getting him a present is so that he can give me something in return; bad I know, but I can't help it." She winked at him. Slowly but surely, Hiei felt the one thing he thought he never had crumble to bits.

"Though I must admit, it was an additional bonus that the men come here for gifts for their girlfriends and end up in a pile of goo!" Hecate burst into a fit of giggles, feeling absolutely devious.

Each snicker that left her lips was a direct blow to his heart; it fragmented and splintered into such a degree that it was a wonder the pieces were once whole to begin with. "Do you love him?"

Hecate was taken aback by the tone of his question, but she quickly recovered, giving him a warm and truly blissful smile. "Yes, I love him very much."

"Oh, Miss! Can I please see this watch here?"

A customer brought their conversation to an end. Hecate excused herself to help the patron while Hiei was left there to wallow in his misery.

'You know it is better for her to have a human lover... it's better for her....' He mentally reasoned with himself as he slowly sank away into the crowd, away from the woman who created this ache in his heart.

"You look lovely, imouto." Shuuichi complimented, he placed a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

It was late Christmas night. The Minamino family had already had dinner then opened their presents; Shiori and Masuyo were enjoying some alone time downstairs while their children were upstairs.

Hecate was getting ready to go over to 'Mr. Dark and Handsome's house to give him his present, and Shuuichi was there to make sure she'd carry out what she wanted to do.

"What if he doesn't like his present?" Hecate bit her thumbnail while glancing at Shuuichi with sad eyes. Nearly everyone saw Hecate as the temptress, but only Shuuichi saw the girl who was afraid of getting her heart broken.

"Then... I will talk some sense into him." Shuuichi stood behind Hecate looking at his sister's image the mirror.

She glanced around her room when the plants she kept started to quiver in their containers. "I don't want you to scare him into liking me, ani." She pouted at his reflection while her brother just smiled warmly at her.

"I won't, imouto. I will tell him that you love him and that he has my blessing." Shuuichi gave her a small kiss on the cheek to quell her nerves.

Hecate 'hmm'ed, smoothing out her clothes. She wore a tight white shirt that had a v-cut so it showed some cleavage, short black shorts one could barely see because of the length of the shirt with black stockings that were mid thigh.

Her love's favorite outfit.

"I told you, you look exquisite. Now go! You don't want to keep him waiting, do you?" Shuuichi gave Hecate a little push towards the door; she smiled at her ani, blowing a kiss his way before leaving the room.

Shuuichi grinned, knowing that the man she was going to visit was going to adore his sister's present. Shuuichi approved of whom his sister loved; the problem with the other men who vied for Hecate attention was that she did not like them, and they did not catch the hint.

But with "Mr. Dark and Handsome-- as Hecate liked to call him-- he didn't try to push her into a relationship. He checked her out from time-to-time, but would always keep at arm's length.

Tonight, hopefully, Hecate would get her love to make the one push that could start their relationship.

"What are you doing here?" Hiei watched as Hecate walked over to his bed where he was situated.

She had a little swish in her step, and he could swear that for the briefest second he saw a kitsune tail follow the movements of her hips.

"It's Christmas night my dear, I'm here to give you your present." Hecate sat down in front of him with her legs folded to the side. The shirt had hitched up so it showed that she was wearing those black shorts that he loved oh so much. Hiei could not stop himself from wondering if all she wore were those shorts. He quickly had to shove those thoughts away since his blood was already reacting to such provoking musings... "Didn't Mr. Dark and Handsome like the one you gave him?"

His growl reverberated in Hecate's ribcage, most people would have been scared or put off by the cruel and dour demeanor, but Hecate liked it. It exuded power and dominance; though it was bit embarrassing, it also turned her on.

Hecate batted her eyelashes innocently at him "Don't tell me you forgot Hiei, I told you I was buying you something..."

Hiei frowned, his mind was instantly covered in thick fog when he first caught whiff of her sickly sweet arousal. Though he was in a slight daze, he definitely knew that Hecate never said that she was buying him a gift, she only told him about--

"Hiei I'm disappointed. Remember, that's why I got the job...?" Hecate sighed placing her hand on her cheek.

Hiei's eyes widened; he was Mr. Dark and Handsome?!

He was the one she loved?!

He was the one she loved.

"I swear, why was that men never listen when a woman talks?" She let out a dramatic sigh, her eyes glittering like precious gemstones at him. "Would you still like your present?" she whispered as if she were about to divulge to him a dire secret.

All Hiei could do was nod like, as much as Hiei would hate to admit it, like Kuwabara. He had been fantasizing about having Hecate as his own for about two years. Now that she was more or less confessing her feelings for him and was going to give him a present, he thought what any hot-blooded man would.


"It's more sentimental than useful, I'm afraid; I saw it one day and it instantly reminded me of you."

Hiei's brows knitted together as he watched Hecate pull from her pocket a necklace. How he failed to notice she was carrying it was beyond him, but his eyes widened when he saw exactly what the jewelry was. The one he'd lost many years ago.

His mother's hiruiseki gemstone necklace.

Hecate did not know the story about how his mother shed two gemstones when he and his sister were born. That he was thrown from the ice village in the sky, and joined a murderous group of thieves when he was only a babe, or anything else of his dark and miserable past.

The only events Hecate were aware of are the ones that happened since he came to the Ningenkai, and one day she found this necklace, and she worked at a god-awful mall so she could give him this one little treasure....

"Do you like it?" The slight tremble in her voice revealed that she was nervous; a necklace wasn't exactly the best type of present to give someone like Hiei, but when Hecate first saw it, she knew he had to have it.

Hiei snapped out of his gazing at his mother's memento to the wonderful woman before him. How could he even know such a person after what he had done in his life? "Yes, I do." And Hecate was treated to a very rare treat: Hiei's smile.

As Hiei secured the gift around his neck, he remembered that he had lost it in the Makai. There was no possible way for Hecate to have survived going there, much less find the hiruiseki necklace. "Where did you find this?"

Hecate shrugged, "I was in the Touhin district looking for trinkets and I was just drawn to it."

Hiei frowned. The Touhin district was a seedy and unfit part of town; it was known to sell items from the Makai that lower level demons brought over. An incredibly dangerous place for a woman such as Hecate to go to.

"Don't you ever go there again." Hiei did not want to find her body dead and defiled because she ventured into the Touhin district.

"I won't." She gave him a smile that made her eyes to sparkle; Hiei's body swiftly reminded him of the special effect that only Hecate could create in him.

"What present did you want?" Hiei remembered that one of the reasons for this gift was so she could get something in return as well. He couldn't help but become curious as to what she desired.

Hecate grinned that Cheshire cat smile. "Ah, what I wanted?" With a feline grace no one could imitate, Hecate stood up and straddled Hiei's lap, pressing their bodies so close together they were almost one entity. "Was Mr. Dark and Handsome going to give it to me?" she asked kittenishly.

Hiei groaned, his mind racing with stimulating images on how he was going to 'give it to her'. With Hecate so close to him, nearly drowning him in her enticing scent, it made the mental play even more real and inviting. "Perhaps; what did you wish for this Christmas?"

Hecate grinned, and Hiei could have sworn he saw fangs, but it could have also been a trick of the light. "I wanted..." Her index finger began tracing his jaw line, then to his rough but delectable lips.

As Hecate thought about her present-- and how close she was to getting it-- she suddenly became afraid. This was an emotion Hiei saw for the first time in her eyes. Hecate was afraid he would reject her Christmas wish.

She knew all about what demons thought of humans, and what she wanted could very well disgust him. "What I want is..." Her tongue seemed like dead weight in her mouth; she couldn't pronounce two little words.

Hiei sensed that she was distressed, so he wrapped his arms around Hecate's waist, hoping it would calm her so she can tell him. The act gave Hecate enough confidence to tell him a slightly truncated version of what she wanted. She was already out on a limb as it was, and she didn't want to jump off the tree just yet, not knowing how hard the fall will be..

"A kiss." Hecate murmured, a blush gracing her cheeks.

"A kiss...?" Surely it couldn't be something that simple she was afraid to ask of him.

Hecate nodded, and slowly-- with the poise of a succubus-- she gave a small butterfly soft lick on his rather delicious bottom lip. Finding no objection to it, she melded her lips against his, applying the gentlest of pressure.

The kiss was leisurely and hesitant, but once Hiei was sure this wasn't another dream, the kiss became ardent. Hiei felt Hecate's nails dig into his shoulders as the kiss grew in intensity. Her scent and his escalating heartbeat made his mind whirl; who did he please that he had Hecate on his lap Christmas night?

Hiei didn't know, but he was in heaven when Hecate slipped her tongue into his mouth-- not deep-- just enough as an invitation for Hiei to taste her. Hiei ravenously accepted. His tongue slid against hers, savoring the tantalizing nutmeg and mint taste. His grip on her waist tightened when a small mewl escaped her from how talented he was with his muscled organ.

Hecate pulled away-- just barely so; with her face flushed, lips puffy, and her heartbeat erratic, she gazed into the crimson eyes of the man she loved.

Sure it wasn't exactly what Hecate wanted, but god, that was just as good...

"Thank you Hiei." Hecate smiled, but it wavered when she saw something flash in his eyes and his grip tighten so that she hovered just above his growing need. "Hiei?"

"That wasn't what you wanted, my vixen." Hiei growled, his fangs glittering at the corners of his mouth, his ruby eyes gleaming in delight, knowing the truth. While they kissed, he had somehow gotten through the barriers in her mind, and was shown exactly what Hecate wanted for Christmas, and for how long she dreamt of it.

Hecate's eyes widened when he used the possessive term, "What are you talking about?" A yelp escaped her being when she was suddenly in the opposite position; Hecate was flat on the bed with Hiei straddling her waist.

Hecate could barely hear anything over the rapid percussion of her heart. She groaned when he nibbled on her neck while his crafty hands worked their way under and up her tight shirt.

"You wanted a kiss, but not on the lips..." Hiei's voice echoed in Hecate's head, she had never talked to him through telepathy before; she had no idea how possessive and erotic it was. Just the very prospect of him inside her, even if it was mentally, made her body feel heated-- anxious. Hecate's body arched and writhed against the demon, needing him to ease this feeling. She held her breath when Hiei grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped it down the middle so it revealed her bare breasts and abdomen.

"You wanted them all over; and that was just what I am going to give my Hecate." He made sure his woman-- his vixen-- heard him loud and clear before placing opened mouth kisses on the newly revealed flesh.

This Christmas, Hecate finally got what she wanted since she first saw him nearly three years ago; her Hiei.


Imouto: little sister
Aniki: older brother.

Though twins Hecate considers Shuuichi the oldest. The reason I used nutmeg and mint to describe Hecate is because those seemed like Christmas flavors, plus I believe cinnamon and sugar are overused as what a woman taste like. :|

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