"Christmas Beauty" by Ria

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Ria: Hello, hello, and welcome! I’m Ria, as you all know, and I’ve finally gotten some fanfiction out! And it’s something Christmas related! YAY! Although it turned out to be short and weird. >_> But I have two other (long) Christmas one-shots in the works… although I’m sure they won’t be out by Christmas. *nervous laugh*

Anyway, this came after rereading a bunch of my favorite Squffie fics the other day. …why do all of the great authors on have to stop writing? T_T So very sad…

Also, this has not been betaed yet; I wanted to get it up for Christmas. ^^

Enjoy~! And Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters. This is for amusement purposes only.
~*~ Christmas Beauty ~*~

“Squall, Squall, look! It’s snowing!”

Grunt. “What?”

“It’s snowing! Wake up, you dolt!”

Yuffie Kisaragi shook the shoulder of the man named Squall Leonhart anxiously. It was midnight, yet the teen obviously didn’t care. White flurries of pristine snow danced outside the window, alighting on the street and actually sticking. The room in the Hotel was a chilly temperature, thanks to the winter cold and the Hotel manager’s ability to keep absolutely everything broken down.

Squall, commonly known as Leon except to a certain annoyance, turned over on his back to peer at Yuffie sleepily, obviously more than a bit peeved. “What the hell are you yammering about?”

“Yammering about? Well now that’s–whatever.” Yuffie couldn’t keep a smile off her face. “Your cruel jabs mean nothing to me today because it’s snowing! Get up!”

Now, Squall was usually pretty quick to pick up on things. However, he resented being woken up in the middle of the night when he was at his slowest. And he definitely resented Yuffie’s cheery voice chattering away in his ear about snow, of all things. “I’m not getting up,” he growled, turning back on his side and yanking the covers up to his chin. “Especially not just because it’s snowing,” he added.

There was a shocked silence before Yuffie jumped on his bed. Squall grunted and tried to ignore the pest of a ninja. That task became much more difficult, however, when she straddled him and planted her face a few mere inches from his own. Her breath misted over his cheek, and Squall gave an irritable sigh.

“How much time will it take to persuade you to go away and leave me alone?” he asked.

“Mm… I’d say about an hour at the minimum.”

Knowing that a certain portion of his sleep would be lost no matter what, Squall pushed Yuffie away roughly, earning a squeak of surprise, and sat up. He rubbed his eyes, glancing out the window uninterestedly. He had never been particularly fond of winter, much less snow, but Yuffie… well, she was too excitable anyway. Still, he couldn’t deny that her grinning face was completely useless on him. Well, okay, he would deny it, and loudly, especially when Cid or Sora or Aerith, the traitor, decided to tease him, but that was beside the point.

Squall hauled himself out of bed, ignoring Yuffie’s cheer of victory. He grabbed his jacket — long-sleeved, for once, because he had finally realized this winter that freezing one’s ass off for some silly little tradition of always wearing a short-sleeved jacket was just plain ridiculous. Shoving his feet into his boots, Squall tried to ignore the prancing girl waiting oh-so patiently. She was already dressed, a hat shoved on her head with ear flaps and little white pom-pom balls dangling from the ends. She was exceedingly dorky, and didn’t care one bit. There was something to be admired about that, but Squall would never say such a thing aloud.

Humming some silly little tune that would probably go through his head for the rest of the night, Yuffie skipped out of the room they shared. The Hotel was kind enough to let them live there, on the condition that they helped out around the place when needed as well as pay rent. The two of them often got raised eyebrows when people learned they shared a room, but Squall was so used it the looks no longer fazed him. It wasn’t like he was involved with Yuffie anyway. They were just roommates for the sake of convenience. The innkeeper had only one room available for rent when they first came, and Aerith had even been living with them during that time. She later moved out when another room became available, and, while she invited Yuffie to live with her, the ninja had stayed for reasons Squall could only guess. Whatever the reason, he couldn’t say he resented the living arrangements. In fact, no matter how annoying Yuffie could get, he would much rather have her than the oppressing loneliness.

The Hotel was still and completely silent, as if the falling snow blanketed it in calmness. The two made their way noiselessly down the hall and stairs, across the foyer, and finally through the door that led to the outside world.

A blast of icy air hit Squall in the face, and he instinctively winced, hunching his shoulders slightly. He shot a glare at Yuffie, but the girl was too enamored by the falling snow to pay much attention to him. With a yelp of pure joy, she bounded out of the doorway and into the already-piled heaps of snow, laughing loudly as she twirled amidst the falling flakes. For a moment, Squall found himself completely unable to move. He could only stare at Yuffie, at her delighted face and spinning form.

Then she paused, turned to him, and grinned broadly. “Isn’t it glorious?” she breathed, excitement dancing in her eyes. “And on Christmas Eve too! I’ve always wanted a white Christmas.” She sighed dreamily.

Squall couldn’t help it. He smiled slightly, leaning against the side of the Hotel with crossed arms. He wouldn’t gallivant through the snow like Yuffie was; he was more content to watch her do it.

“You can’t say it isn’t pretty,” Yuffie said, somewhat defensively. Snow was stuck to her eyelashes. She had lost her hat somehow, and white sprinkled her ebony hair.

Squall gave in. “No, I certainly can’t say that.”

And, although he didn’t want to admit it, he was rather glad Yuffie woke him up in the middle of the night. Cold air be damned; the snow was beautiful.

That is, he was glad until Yuffie started throwing snowballs. Cold snow in one’s face and down one’s shirt could get rid of a good mood disgustingly fast.


When morning came, the snow was still on the ground. The people of Traverse Town were out and about, exclaiming happily over the snow. Kids were already starting to play in it, creating footprints in the otherwise pristine blanket. The weak sun gave off no warmth, but shone brilliantly on the white diamonds upon the land and roofs.

In a certain room of a certain Hotel, a certain ninja was snoring loudly away, exhausted after her midnight romp in the snow.

Squall stared down at Yuffie for a minute, hands on his hips and one pocket of his jacket bulging slightly. She looked like an angel when sleeping… which drastically contrasted the stark reality. No angel would try to shove snow down someone’s pants.

In one smooth movement, Squall bent down and scooped Yuffie into his arms. She was heavier than she looked, but it didn’t slow the man down. Yuffie, moaning at the disturbance, shifted in his arms and peered up at him through bleary, sleepy eyes.

“Squall? What’re you doing…?”

The man didn’t reply as he opened the Hotel’s door and stepped out into the Christmas snow. Ignoring Yuffie’s protests and struggles, he walked over to the largest snow pile he could find and unceremoniously dumped the less-than-warmly-clad girl into it. There was a loud shriek of protest as Yuffie struggled to free herself from the snow. When she finally stood, thigh-deep in the snow, to glare accusingly at Squall, he merely raised a single eyebrow.

“That’s for last night,” he told her, somewhat gruffly.

Then, reaching into his pocket, he took out the small gift he had gotten her. He was getting too sentimental, actually going so far as to get a gift for Yuffie this year. She always got him something, but this was the first year he had decided to return the favor. “And that’s for today,” he said, shoving it into her hands. His cheeks felt strangely warm, but it was probably just because of the contrast of the winter air and his body heat. It definitely wasn’t because he was blushing; Squall Leonhart, after all, did not blush.

“Merry Christmas, Yuffie.”

The snow truly was beautiful as it lay over Traverse Town. It was the perfect Christmas setting.

The only question was which was prettier: the snow, or the girl in it.

To Squall, it was no question at all.


Ria: Mm. Not quite sure how I like it. It seems a bit stilted in some places… Maybe it was because I’m used to writing from Yuffie’s perspective, not Squall’s — he just kinda took over. Like, demanded to be the center of attention. Attention-stealing whore… :P I think I made him too squishy and nice (well, inwardly at least). He’s woefully out of character. Ah well. I hope you guys enjoyed it nonetheless! Reviews would be much appreciated! I hope you all have a happy holiday season and a merry Christmas! *blows kisses* Ja!

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