"The Sexy Jutsu" by Miri_Ryu

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It was a girl's night over at Sakura's house. But this turned out to be a coed party because Naruto was there. Why? Because they needed a man to liven things up.

" Okay, it's your turn, TenTen! Truth or Dare?" Ino cried. The chinese kunoichi thought about it.

" Truth!" TenTen cried. Ino had the perfect question to ask her.

" Did you ever had feelings for Lee-kun?" Ino smirked. Tenten was quite shocked at this because she thought that Ino would question her about Neji, not Lee.

" I... I uh..." Tenten thought. Naruto looked over at Tenten.

' It shouldn't be that hard to answer. I mean, we're talking about bushy-brow here!' Naruto thought, he was confused. That's why he could never understand girls.

" Um... yeah. But, it was only once, I swear!" Tenten cried. The girls were giggling and Tenten was blushing like mad.

" Okay, Tenten. Spin the bottle." Ino replied. Tenten spun the bottle and it landed on the pouting, orange shinobi.

" Eh!" Naruto was completely surprised. " No way! I'm not playing!" Naruto cried, waving his hands in front of his face. Sakura and Temari who sat to either side of him, pulled him to the circle.

" You have to!" Sakura cried. Hinata and the other girls nodded.

" How did I get myself into this?" Naruto groaned.


" Hey, Sakura. Where are you and the girls heading to?" Naruto asked as they passed by the Ramen Bar. Sakura smirked,

" My house for a sleepover. Wanna come?" Sakura asked.

" Naw, I'm just going to finish my ramen here and go home." Naruto replied. Sakura pouted.

" Oh okay. Enjoy your ramen then." Sakura said as they all headed to her house.

" I will!" Naruto cried and he scarfed down the bowl, wanting more. That is, until a piercing scream was heard.

' That's Sakura's voice! She's in trouble!' Naruto thought as he left the money on the table and rushed out into the night to find the pink haired kunoichi and her group of friends. He found them just a few blocks down where he was.

" Sakura! Are you alright?" Naruto cried to where the shaking kunoichi was.

" There was a bug on me!!" Sakura whined. The other girls sighed inwardly. Naruto was slightly annoyed.

" Was that all?" Naruto wondered. Sakura nodded.

" Man, Sakura! Talk about a scaredy cat." Naruto grumbled. " I thought you were hurt or something."

" Y-You were worried about me?" Sakura stuttered, finally letting Naruto fall into her trap.

" Uh... yeah. Sakura. Hey! How about I watch over you guys. You know, like a bodyguard. That sort of thing?" Naruto offered. The other girls beamed. Yes, Naruto had fallen right into their trap.

" No going back now." Sakura replied. Naruto nodded.

" Wait, what?" Naruto cried.

" Nope! No going back now, Naruto! You're ours for the night." Ino snickered.

" Your planned worked, Sakura!" Temari praised.

" Thanks." Sakura smirked. Caught; hook, line and sinker!

End Of Flashback

" So which will it be, Naruto? Truth or Dare?" Tenten asked. Naruto groaned. He couldn't take it if he chose Truth. So he chose Dare instead.

" Dare!" Naruto cried. Tenten smirked.

" Okay, I dare you to use your Sexy Jutsu and stay that way until Sasuke Uchiha finally realizes that you are Naruto. I can't wait to see the look on the Uchiha's face. It'll be priceless." The other girls had a big smile on their faces that they liked the dare too. Naruto was horror struck.

" No way, in hell am I going to do that! And why to Sasuke anyways!" Naruto cried.

" Because. It's like I said, I want to see the look on Sasuke's face. That's all. Plus, you are the only one who could use the Sexy Jutsu perfectly and.... Sasuke has yet to see it performed by you. So he doesn't know that it's you. Get it now, Naruto? It's a one in a lifetime chance to see Sasuke so priceless!!" Tenten explained. Naruto thought about it. He would like to see the priceless look on the Uchiha's face. He smirked.

" Okay! I'll do it!" Naruto cried and created a hand sign, " Sexy Jutsu!" A poof and Naruto was replaced by a naked form of a blond girl with whiskers on her cheeks and parts of her body were covered by clouds. The girls were shocked at Naruto's transformation.

" Okay! Put some clothes on, please Naruto!" Temari cried.

" But how will I find some clothes for me to wear?" The female Naruto replied, a finger to her lips in a cute way. Sakura got up from her seat.

" Follow me. I'll find some clothes for you to wear." The female Naruto walked upstairs after Sakura and into her room. Then she turned around to look at the half naked female naruto. " Hmm... you have a slim figure... i envy you Naruto." Sakura growled out the last part. Naruto gulped,

" Uh.. thanks, Sakura. I guess..?" the female Naruto replied. Sakura was busily looking through her outfits to find some that would fit Naruto's figure and brought out a couple.

" Go try those out." Sakura replied handing some tshirts and jeans, also a couple of dresses too. Naruto eyes those article of clothing curiously.

" I think they're a bit too small for me, Sakura-chan." Naruto replied earnestly.

" No they aren't. They should fit you just fine. Just try them out, Naruto." Sakura cried, pushing the naked shinobi into her bathroom and closed the door.


Downstairs in the living room, the rest of the girls were chattering about how they were going to get everything on film.

" We could always take turns stalking the Uchiha with Naruto." Hinata suggested. The others nodded at that idea.

" Yeah, we could totally do that. But one problem." Temari replied.

" What problem would that be, Temari?" Ino asked.

" The Uchiha can sense our chakra. How are we going to stay secluded?" Temari wondered.

" Oh, that is a problem." Tenten replied. The girls thought about it. Sakura finally came back downstairs.

" Ladies and shinobi's!" Sakura exclaimed. All of the girls looked over at the pink haired kunoichi. " Presenting.... Naruto!" Naruto grumbled as he made his way down the stairs in a white spaghetti strap shirt and jeans that hugged his curves nicely. The girls were definately strucked.

" No way! Why weren't you born as a girl, Naruto? You could've have all these boys going for you!" Tenten cried. Naruto blushed as the girls started to form around him, checking him out.

" So, you can only hold this form in the sight of Sasuke only. Oh and the other people too. Just not around us, to save your chakra from running out too fast." Sakura replied. Naruto nodded.

" No problem. As long as pervy sage isn't around, then I'm fine. Don't worry about me girls." Naruto promised.

" Okay! You can... stay like this, right Naruto? Or do you want to change back and wait for tomorrow?" Ino asked.

" I'll change back." Naruto replied, and a poof he was back to normal and Sakura's clothes in one hand.

" Let's go to sleep everyone! We have a whole day ahead of us tomorrow!" Sakura cried. Everyone else nodded and went to sleep on the couches available while Sakura went upstairs to her room and slept there.

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