"When There is No Day-to-Day Life" by crytalstellar

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._.; I've never actually written a sort of gory fic before. I hope it's not too bad. I'm quite bad at the action sequences... Ehehe. I tried to base it off of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, but that sorta failed too... Oh well.

It was intended to be a one-shot, but if I did it like that I couldn't really add in the poems at the beginning like I wanted to. Ehehe. I hope it seems alright as a mini-fic. Actually, I hope a lot of things for this. Oh well. Tell me how it is, alright? Like I said, I'm not used to these types of things.

Disclaimer: D.Gray-man characters and concepts are not owned by me. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni concepts are not owned be me and finally the initial idea belongs to DG... I do hope that this is dark enough for you~ *a bit more worried that it will fail completely*
So who is the culprit, you ask?
Finding that out is part of the story, right?

So who is the culprit, you ask?
Do you even know what is the culprit in the first place?

So who is the culprit?
Who is the culprit that's gonna kill me?!

-Frederica Bernkastel

When There is No Day-to-Day Life
Chapter Zero: Run

She's running, running as fast as she can. Her chest feels like it's about burst into flames. Her legs feel like sticks, liable to break at any moment. She wants to stop running, but she can't. Why is she running? Is that person still behind her? She wants to look back and see, she really does. But she can't. If she looks back, then there is no doubt in her mind about what will happen. She will die.

What did she do to deserve this? She didn’t even know. That's not something she can think about now, though. All her energy has to be devoted to a single thing. Run. She has to run so she can live. Nothing else matters right now, nothing else is important right now, all that matters to her is her own life.

And so, the girl runs, frightened, but what can she do? If she fights back, she will die. If she tries to reason her way out, she will die. If she stops running, she will die. A sound erupts from something behind her. It's a laugh, but not the light-hearted sound she's so used to hearing. It's something in the same family, but an entirely different species. The sound is a loud, high pitched cackle followed by a deep voice that the girl recognizes all to well. But the familiar voice doesn't give her relief like it normally would have. Instead, the sound strikes even more fear into the girl. Her heart almost stops, but it can't, not now, not while her life is still running.

"Why are you running!?" the voice bellows as it inches it's way closer. The girl closes her eyes and wishes it's all a dream. This can't be happening. It can't be. But the pain in her legs that shoots up with every step she takes reminds the girl; this is no dream. And, at any moment her legs will give in and throw her head first to her death.

"Come on! I want to show you something!" the voice calls again sounding even closer than before. She has to move faster, faster, faster. Her legs are moving at a rate the girl never thought possible. It's amazing. Maybe she will be able to survive. Maybe her pursuer will fall or trip or something and in that time it takes her to recover she will be so far away that she will live. Maybe her chaser will give up when they see how intent she is on living. Maybe she will survive.

Then, it happens. Disaster strikes. It's almost as if God was dangling a small thread of hope before the girl before he dropped her into the pits of hell. And that makes it all the worse. If she had not received that tiny shred of hope, then she would've been able to accept her fate more easily. But now, with that bittersweet taste of hope, she's more determined to live than ever. But she knows that in the end that will not happen. She will die here and no one will ever know. No one will ever know. The girl stumbles, but still manages to keep on her feet. However, this one little mistake is enough to give the one following the girl the edge she needs to catch up.

The hunter pushes the girl roughly, toppling the girl over. She falls with ease, and tumbles forward a few feet. Her knees are scraped and the girl is quite sure that there's an open wound on her head. But now, that's the least of her problems, especially when she's faced with the person she thought was her best friend.

For the first time, the girl gets a good look at the face of her shadow. It's not the same kind face she's used to. It's twisted to the point of being barely recognizable. Her eyes are wide and the pupils are dilated, it's almost as she has no pupils at all. There's a sadistic smile spread across the friend's face, and her hair is sticking up in all sorts of directions. The sight might've been humorous if the friend wasn't about to murder the girl. In fact, the girl still doubts if the thing she is facing is really her best friend. The person who's been there her entire life. The person who she was so close to that she insisted on being called her sister. But there's something that assures the identity of the person standing before her. And that thing happens to be a long blood red pendant that she wears around her neck. The pendant the girl bought for her from a traveling merchant long, long ago.

But that memory is long lost and unimportant in this place. All that really matters is the fact that right now the girl's life, your life is on the line. Your friend beams down at you, but the gesture is nowhere near friendly. It's a warning, it's telling you what's to come. She reaches down with one hand and gently strokes your cheek.

"Why did you run away?" she asks sweetly. "I'm not going to do anything to you."

She's lying. You know she's lying. Her finger traces your chin and she yanks it upward towards her. She ignores the whimper that escapes you. Her face moves closer to yours, so close you can feel her hot breath on your face.

"What? You don't believe me, dear little (y/n)?" This time, hints of malicious intent sink in her voice. She pulls at your chin roughly, making you whimper once more. You don't like this dream. You want to wake up, even though you know you can't. Your friend waits, seeming like she wants an answer. When she gets none she reaches out and yanks at your hair. "Hey! I asked you a question!"

You cry a little, but say nothing. You're too afraid. Too afraid of what she might do to you if you say something. The girl gives you a long drawn out sigh. Your eyes widen a bit. Perhaps she's given up, and calmed down. Maybe everything will go back to the way it was before this mess occurred. Maybe you won't die.

But that nagging little voice tells you that you're wrong, that you're dead wrong.

You ignore it though. Your friend is pulling away! You'll be okay! You'll be- Suddenly, you feel like something inside of you is trying to claw it's way out. There's a sharp pain in your stomach. What's this...? You reach down, and touch the source of the pain. It's wet. But you don't realize that. All of your attention is now focused on the pain that's centered just above your belly button. An odd, slightly metallic smell reaches your nose. You've never smelled it before, but you know what it is. Slowly, you bring your hand to your face and look at your fingers in wonder. They're coated in some odd red substance. You rub two fingers together, and feel that this liquid is thicker than water.

It hits you.

It's blood.

It's your blood.

You watch it with some sort of keen interest. It's different than you thought it would be. It's thicker... And such a bright shade of red. It's a pretty color, you note. Some odd urge in you is born, and you reach down to touch more of this odd thing. When you bring your hand up again it's entirely covered in blood. So much blood.... There's so much blood. You giggle, not particularly caring that at any moment you're bound to pass out from blood loss. It's so pretty. There's something screaming at you in the back of your mind, but you ignore it. That's not important right now. If you're going to die, then you might as well enjoy it now. You bring your hand to your face and smear the blood across your cheek. By now your giggles have evolved into laughter, crazed laughter. It's a strange sound as well, high-pitched and highly amused despite the fact that you‘re about to die. It‘s so foreign to the sound that you identify as your voice that you're not even sure if the thing you're hearing is you.

Then something interrupts you. Someone else is laughing. Your eyes narrow and you direct your attention at the other sound. It's your friend. She's holding her sides and laughing as if she doesn't have a care in the world. One of her fingers points and you, but she continues laughing. You keep watching her, eyes narrow. But she doesn't notice, she's way too busy in her own affairs.

"I did it!" she bellows insanely. "I got you! I got you!"

She got you? Is this some sort of joke? Her laughter stops as suddenly as it started and she reaches down to grab the knife lodged in you, but you back away, still watching her intently as if you‘re a hunter ready to pounce on your next meal. Your friend straightens herself, but she's not exactly standing straight. It's some sort of odd curve. She sort of looks as if she's possessed, but you're more focused on other things. "You're going to resist? Idiot."

She sways forward, making another go for the knife, but you pull it out before she can. You don't feel the pain from the sudden removal of the object, despite the fountain of blood that spurts from you as you remove it. In fact, the pain sends you on a sort of high, and you start laughing again, your voice louder and more crazed than before. Your friend snorts and rushes at you.

Then. You're not sure what happened next.

The knife, the very knife she stabbed you with, the knife that is still dripping with your blood finds it's way to her face and stabs her in the eye. Instantly she recoils, screeching in pain. Her blood splatters on your face and you slowly reach up to touch it. It's like your own blood, but different. It's not the same. It's not the same because it's her blood. Hesitantly, you pull your hand away, now it's slowly dripping down your face. The frown on your face slowly changes into a dark grin and you begin to laugh once more.

Your once best friend is still howling, but only you can hear her. No one else knows right now... No one else cares right now. You don't even care right now, she's been your friend for as long as you remember and you don't even care. Almost joyfully, you stride over to her and pluck the knife from her face like it's a stray hair. The action increases the intensity of her screams, which makes you laugh even harder. Blood erupts from her left eye and spurts out like there's no end. She reaches up and covers it, screaming still. Your sick amusement grows as she glares at you with her good eye.

"You bitch!" she roars as she lunges at you, but you dodge with ease, and she falls to the ground. You turn back to her, twirling the knife in your hand. Now the tables are turned. She begins to back away, her expression slowly becoming unsure. It's changing back to that face you knew and loved. You don't know that though. All you can see is red. She opens her mouth to say something, but you don't give her the chance. You make a feral leap on top of her stomach and stab her, just like she did to you. She recoils, and hits her head on the ground, and struggles to get free, screaming all the while.

"Shut up!" you hiss darkly, turning the knife in her stomach as if it's a key in a keyhole. Your friend screams even louder and struggles more. This only results in you stabbing her again, this time going for her right arm. Blood flies out, just like it had when you stabbed her eye. You cackle yet again and go for the other arm, where it just comes out like a sprinkler. The crimson rain pours around you and you laugh manically, not noticing that some of the humanity has returned to her.

"Please...." she begs. "Please, (y/n)..."

You look down at her, an almost annoyed look on your face. "Please what?"

"Please..." she repeats. It's all she can seem to say.

"What?" you grin darkly and extract your knife from her arm, fingering it lovingly. "Please end your life?"

There are tears welling up in her eyes now, "Please..."

"What? You want to die so badly?" the grin turns sadistic. "My pleasure."

You aim the knife right above her neck, and she's full out crying now. Her eyes are begging for something, but you can't understand her plea. At least not in this state. You mutter a final farewell before you thrust the object down. Blood spurts out and covers your whole face, you begin to cackle again.

Your friend summons all her strength to reach up and touch your cheek. You twitch and look down at her face. She's crying still, she's begging for something still. "Please..."

"What is it?"

"Please....stop this....(y/n)...." she mumbles, her hand slowly dropping away from you. Those few words are enough to make you sane again, and you stare at your friend's body in amazement.

You’re covered in blood.

It's her blood that you're coated in.

She’s dead.

And you killed her.

You grasp at her pendant, the one you bought her, it's still sparkling brightly at you. Now you feel the tears well up in you eyes and you start to scream. Wildly, you pull the pendant from her and put it on. It's yours now. But still...she's dead. You're the one who killed her. The only person you loved and cared for in the entire world is gone, and it's all your fault. You bring your hands to your face to cover your eyes, but they're bloodstained too. It’s her blood. It reminds you that she’s dead, and you killed her. You try to let out a scream, but your throat makes no sound.


This can't be happening.

You jump up and start to run, run back to town. You can't stay here. You've killed someone. If they find out then they'll kill you, they'll punish you. As you run you stare at your hands. What came over you? Where had this bloodlust come from? What will happen now? What will you do? Closer and closer you get to the town and suddenly you feel sleepy. It's not just that your legs hurt. Tentatively, you reach down, and touch you're stomach. It's wet. You're bleeding, too. You'll pass out at any moment, but you have to keep going, you can't stop. If you stop, you’ll be found, and if you’re found, you will die. Slowly, you stumble into town, one hand over your stomach. The streets are empty. It's late at night. Of course no one is out.

You'll pass out at any moment. You have to do something. And there's only one thing you can do. You close your eyes and bring forth all the strength and energy you have, putting it all into one scream. Your body obeys command now, and a loud, pained sound erupts from you. It continues on and on and you’re quite sure that people will hear it. After what seems like eternity, your breath runs out and you’re forced to stop. Suddenly, it feels like you’re falling, falling to where you don’t know. You close your eyes, sleep sounds so good right now. You wonder if everything will be alright when you wake up from this dream. Everything will be fine, and it all would have been just a horrible nightmare.

All of that was just a bad dream, and everything would be fine when you opened your eyes… Right?

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