"Digital Destinies" by GuardianAngel07

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Meh, I've decided to rewrite this story.
"Finally!" Izzy happily exited the bus with you at his heels. Strapping his precious laptop onto his backpack, Izzy slung it over his shoulder and inhaled deeply, breathing in the fresh air. "Ah! How delightful. Don't you agree, [Name]?" Izzy peered over his shoulder and shot you a grin. Stepping off of the last set of steps on the bus, you shielded your eyes from the sun's rays. "…Yeah. Delightful," you agreed halfheartedly, glancing around at your new surroundings.

"Ah! If it isn't Izzy Izumi! And who is this that you brought with you?"

Izzy and you both turned around to find a middle aged man smiling at the two of you with his hands on his hips. He had short brown hair and was wearing a giant pair of spectacles. He was dressed like some kind of elementary school teacher, so your guessing Izzy's one of his students.

"Mr. Fujiyama!" Izzy looked surprised. "I didn't know you were one of the chaperones."

Izzy's teacher laughed, waving his right hand back and forth. "You didn't expect me to stay home for the summer and knit with my wife, now did you? Someone's gotta keep an eye on you rambunctious kids!" Mr. Fujiyama turned his attention back to you. "Now, are you gonna tell me who your friend is, Izzy?"

'This dude knits? Creepy…' your right brow twitched in annoyance, finding it rather unusual for a man to knit. Then again…there probably are men who enjoy doing such, so you probably shouldn't judge. Everyone has their own weird hobby, anyway.

"[Name]," Izzy called your name, instantly drawing you out of your thoughts.

"Eh?" you turned your attention towards your friend to notice that he was staring at you along with Mr. Fujiyama. "Uh, I was telling Mr. Fujiyama about your heritage." Izzy informed you, shooting you a questioning look. You sweatdropped, wondering how you could have possibly missed the conversation held between the two.

"So, you're American, huh? Fascinating!" Mr. Fujiyama grabbed your hand and began to shake it excitedly. "We don't get many transfer students in our class, so meeting children with different nationality really amazes me!"

"Ah, erm…" you cast a nervous glance towards your companion, silently sending him a look that screamed 'save me!'

Izzy seemed to have caught your silent call of distress. "Well, if you'll excuse us, [Name] and I have to find our cabin now," Izzy took a hold of your hand and led me away from the riled up elementary teacher. "…Is he always that hyper?" you asked your friend, glancing over your shoulder to eye the man warily. Izzy released a puff of air, "Affirmative. You should see how energetic he is during a surprise exam."

"By the way, you two! You guys are sharing cabin #7 with six other kids!"

Mr. Fujiyama's voice echoed after us, causing you and Izzy to have sweatdrops. "Dang. He's loud," you commented, trailing after Izzy as he led you over to your cabin. "You have no idea…" Izzy chuckled to himself. You arched a brow, wondering if you should ask your friend what he had meant by that, but decided against it. "I don't even wanna know." you sighed, shaking your head at the mere thought.

"Remember, we're sharing a cabin with six others–so I'm pretty sure you'll probably want your own space, and knowing you, you'll wander off. Just don't leave the camp grounds," Izzy laid down the rules, amusing you somewhat that he was acting like your mother. "Oh! And make sure you have your cell phone with you at all times."

You huffed silently and playfully rolled your eyes. "Yes, mother."

"And another thing…" Izzy continued, apparently not finished with his little 'speech'.

Of course, you weren't able to hear what your friend was mentioning since you were suddenly taken down by a blur of blue. Izzy blinked in surprise when he caught sight of the collision. "Well, that was unexpected…" He commented, glancing down. "Hm, I'm pretty sure your mother packed us a first aid kit in here somewhere." Your friend began to dig through the giant white duffle bag that your mother had sent you both off with.

"Ow…" you slowly cracked an eye open to see someone else's brown eyes staring right back. "Gah!" Panicking slightly from such close contact, you shoved the person off of yourself, causing them to fall to the ground with a loud, audible 'thud'. After regaining your composer, you peered over towards the boy you had shoved. He had wild brown hair and matching brown eyes. His t-shirt was blue with orange stars on the sleeves, his shorts were brown, and he was wearing white gloves — but what really stood out was the pair of goggles placed atop of his head.

The boy sat up, rubbing his head with his right hand. "Dang! Who knew girls could be so rough?"

"You had it coming, really," Izzy piped up, gaining both yours and the boy's attention. "Say what?" the boy asked, shooting the red-haired boy a quizzical look. "[Name] isn't too fond of people getting into her personal space. So, typically if you're invading her personal bubble–she'll knock your block off." Izzy explained, shrugging innocently.

"Yeah. I kinda learned that the hard way." The brunette muttered, getting to his feet and dusting himself off.

Slowly getting to your feet as well, you shot the boy a wary look before dusting the dirt off of your clothes. Lifting your head up a moment later, you blinked a few times, soaking in the fact that the boy was now right in your face, apparently examining you.

"You're not from around here, are you?" he asked knowingly, leaning back a bit to give you some space. Not bothering to answer the boy's question, you merely stared at him with an odd expression on your face. This seemed to have amused him, making him laugh. "Not the type for talking, eh?" he joked with a grin, his eyes sparkling with interest.

"Don't take it personally. [Name] doesn't really like to socialize with others." Izzy spoke up.

The boy seemed rather surprised by this sudden information. "Eh? Why not?"

Izzy shrugged innocently, not wanting to give away too much knowing full well that you wouldn't like that. "She just prefers to be by herself."

The boy arched a brow, shooting Izzy a 'there-has-GOT-to-be-more-to-it-than-that' look.

"Think what you like, but that's all there is to it," Izzy replied while turning around and heading off, ending the conversation. "Come on, [Name]. Let's go."

You moved to follow after your friend, but found yourself being held back by the boy. "Not so fast," a devious grin formed on his lips. "You're pretty interesting. And you still haven't told me your name, or where you're from. That kid says you don't like to socialize, but apparently you'll socialize with him so I know for a fact you're not mute. Now come on and spill!"

'What the-' your right eye twitched in annoyance as you stared at the strange boy.

"Looks like you're not gonna break, huh? Well then, fine. I'll introduce myself first," the boy released his hold on your arm and jabbed his thumb towards his chest, a wide grin spreading across his face in the process. "My name's Tai Kamiya. It's a pleasure to meet you."

You stared warily at his outstretched hand, causing Tai to raise a brow. "What? Don't tell me you don't know how to shake hands," he teased you with a smirk, leaning in a bit to rub it in your face. His commented earned a quiet scoff from you as a result, which didn't seem to go unnoticed either. "Ah, you reacted. So apparently you're acknowledging this conversation, no?" Tai's smirk widened.

Growing a tad bit annoyed, you quickly held your hand out and gently swatted the boy's hand. Tai blinked in surprise, staring at his hand for moment before lifting his head and turning his gaze towards you. You remained silent, simply staring back at the boy in response.

"You sure have a weird way of acknowledging people," Tai chuckled, allowing his arm to fall back to his side. He then turned his attention to your arms. "Anyway, what's up with that jacket of yours? Aren't you hot?"

You flinched at his realization of your oddness for being the only kid at summer camp who wore a jacket, so you instantly became defensive. "No!"

'Ah, damn it…' you silently began to berate yourself for having spoken out.

"Ah ha! You DO talk! I knew it!" Tai cheered, pumping his fist into the air triumphantly. After doing his weird little 'victory dance', Tai appeared in front of you with a giant grin plastered across his face. "Now tell me your name!"


Tai arched a brow at your silence, his brown eyes scanning you for a moment before he picked up on your uneasiness. "Ah," Tai blinked in realization and took a few steps back to give you your space. "Sorry about that. I guess I was kinda rushing things, huh?" He smiled sincerely at you. Your tense figure relaxed slightly while you stared at the boy with a rather curious expression. Tai laughed suddenly, catching you by surprise as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Mom always said I was rather…impulsive."

All right, you'll admit it. Tai Kamiya seems like a sweet kid. His intentions are good and he seems to know how to lighten the moment. The only other kid you've ever socialized with is Izzy. So talking to new kids is rather unsettling for you--but this boy…

"[Name]," you muttered.

"Huh, did you say something?" Tai asked, his hand falling to his side.

You released a somewhat strained sigh before mustering up what little courage you had to introduce yourself. "I said…my name is [Name]. [Name] Brooks," you repeated yourself, averting your gaze to the ground. You weren't used to introducing yourself to others so this felt rather…odd.

Tai blinked in surprise, remaining silent for moment. A few seconds passed before he suddenly began to laugh, catching you off guard. "Haha! See! That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Tai walked up to your side and gave your shoulder a pat. "You seem rather uptight around others…and I'm guessing you don't normally introduce yourself like that–so I'll take this as a great honor!" Tai grinned, suddenly giving your back a small smack.

"Now that we've introduced ourselves - how's about I show you around?" Tai offered.

"…But, Izzy-" you trailed off, glancing towards the spot where your friend had left. Tai shot you a quizzical look, "Izzy? Oh, you mean that red-headed kid? Don't worry about it! I'm sure he's just crashing in the cabin. Besides, I'll take you to see him once we're done, anyway," Tai reassured you, taking a hold of your hand. You were unable to respond considering the fact that the moment Tai finished his sentence he immediately began to drag you off.


"Come on, [Name]!" Tai called down to you while waving his hand.

"…" you stared up at the boy, wondering how on earth he was able to have done such a thing and have made it look so dang easy! Your eyes drifted down to the bark in front of you. How is this material even climbable? Sure, you've seen others doing it, but having to try it out for yourself…well, let's just say it ain't gonna happen. You've seen it all a million times. Kid climbs up, kid falls down, kid dies. It's as simple as that.

"Don't tell me you've never climbed a tree before." Tai mused, staring down at you with his brown eyes twinkling.

"Oh, shut up!" you retorted with an irk mark. Taking a deep breath to calm yourself down, you turned your attention back towards the tree in front of you. "It's just never been on my list of things 'To-do'."

"Well then you'd better jot it down and get on up here already!" Tai urged, finding this whole situation rather amusing. He never knew that there were other children who have never climbed a tree before--well, until now that is.

"…I can't believe I'm doing this," you muttered to yourself, glancing nervously at the tree one last time before slowly taking a few steps forward and beginning your first attempt ever at climbing a tree. You were only able to make it up a little bit before suddenly losing your grip and falling flat on your back. Reluctantly sitting up, you rubbed your sore back. "Ow…"

Tai laughed at your incident, completely unashamed of his outburst. "And here I thought girls were supposed to be 'graceful'."

"Stupid tree of death!" you grumbled bitterly while getting to your feet. "Try not to kill yourself, now!" Tai called down to you before bursting into another fit of laughter. "Stupid boy!" you hissed, determined to show him that you could climb a tree without killing yourself in the process. Hence, you began your second attempt at climbing the dang tree. Somehow managing to make the journey halfway, you thought all was going pretty well until your right foot suddenly slipped, causing you to slide down a bit before you had managed to regain a firm grip on the bark. You found yourself rather startled by your sudden slip up, but Tai's laughter soon brought you out of your worried thoughts.

"Don't tell me you're already thinking of giving up?" Tai mocked.

'Ugh! I'll show him!' you shot the boy a heated glare only to amuse the boy even more. "Men…" you hissed; starting your journey towards the branch Tai was perched atop of once again.

"I can't believe I made it," you breathed in relief, just a small reach away from your goal. "Yeah, me either," Tai teased playfully, earning an annoyed glare from you. Deciding to just let it slide, you began to push yourself up with your right foot, reaching out for the branch Tai was on. Ironically, just as you were about to grab hold of the branch, your right foot suddenly slipped, causing you to lose your balance and fall back.

"[Name]!!" Tai yelped, quickly reaching out to grab a hold of your hand.

The boy pulled you up onto the branch only to have you cling to him as if your life depended on it. "Ah~!" a blush was slowly beginning to paint across his face much to his embarrassment. "I-it's all right now, [Name]." Tai reassured you.

Once your heart had finally settled down after its recent scare, you slowly opened your eyes to find yourself staring at blue fabric. It was then you realized that you were clinging to Tai like there was no tomorrow. "Gah!" you jerked back in surprise, once again managing to lose your balance and fall back. "H-hey!" Tai panicked, quickly reaching out to grab a hold of you and help assist you in regaining your balance. "Take it easy! We don't need you killing yourself on your first day at summer camp," Tai scolded you. Your only response was your action of clinging on to him.

"Ah~!" Tai could feel his blush returning. Quickly reaching into his pocket, Tai pulled out a mini telescope. "H-here," Tai gently took a hold of your left hand that was tightly gripping his shirt and pulled it off, placing his mini telescope in your palm. "Wha-" you glanced up at the boy for help, wondering what it was that he wanted you to do with it. "You don't like to socialize with other's right?" Tai questioned. You nodded your head in response. "Well, I thought I'd just show you the other kids that you're sharing a cabin with instead of having to introduce you to them," Tai informed you. You blinked in surprise. That was awfully considerate of him.

"Go on. Look over there." Tai gently urged you, gesturing towards an area where five kids were hanging out.

You hesitated a moment, a little nervous of making any sudden movement that might make you lose your balance again. Tai seemed to notice and caught you by surprise as he wrapped his arm around your waist and held you close by his side. You glanced at the boy with a curious expression on your face, wondering what he was doing. "Don't worry. I won't let you fall." Tai reassured you with a smile.

Even though you were still pretty scared, a small part of you couldn't help but believe in him.

Still keeping a firm grip on Tai with your right hand, you peered through his mini telescope to see a girl around my age with short orange hair and brown eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow shirt. Placed atop of her head was a rather cute blue hat.

"That's Sora Takenouchi," Tai informed you. "She's ok…for a girl."

Your gaze then fell upon a boy with spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. The most interesting part though, was that he nowhere near the other children. Wonder why?

"And Matt Ishida…" Tai trailed off, chuckling to himself. "Matt's just too cool--just look at that haircut."

It was then that you noticed Izzy sitting on the porch of our cabin, typing away on his laptop without a care in the world. "Izzy!"

"Izzy, huh? He should've just gone to computer camp." Tai mused, taking notice of Izzy's obsession with his laptop.

Your attention was suddenly drawn to a girl dressed in nothing but pink. She was wearing a pink dress with a pink shawl and a matching pink hat. Whoa…that's a lot of pink.

"That's Mimi Tachikawa," Tai enlightened you. "I bet you can guess her favorite color on the first try!"

The next child was the smallest out of all of them. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes, just like Matt. He was dressed in green sweater with brown shorts. Atop of his head was an adorable green hat which seemed to match him perfectly.

"T.K. is Matt's dopey little brother." Tai said, watching the small boy play.

Last but not least, your gaze fell onto a boy who looked to be about a year older than your group. He had navy blue hair with matching eyes to go along with it. His attire? Well, it looks something like a nerd would wear. No offense. He even had a pair of spectacles to boot!

"Oh, and this is Joe Kido," Tai told you. "But don't ever scare him. He'd probably wet his pants," you snickered quietly at Tai's last comment, but from the looks of Joe…you think he may be pretty accurate.

Handing Tai back his mini telescope, you watched the boy place it back in his pocket. "Come on. I'll race ya back–huh?" Tai stopped in midsentence, blinking in surprise when a snowflake suddenly landed on his nose. "Snow…?" you asked in disbelief, turning your attention towards the sky along with Tai. "How can it be snowing? It's the middle of July!" Tai argued, finding the current weather rather unbelievable as well. The snowfall started out gentle, but soon began to morph into a blizzard.

"We'd better head over to our cabin before we turn into Otter Pops!" Tai advised, releasing his hold on you. You turned around and watched Tai climb down the tree with ease. Once he reached the ground, he looked up and waved at you, telling you to come down. "Easy for you! Just how do you propose I get down?" you retorted. "Jump!" Tai suggested. "Are you NUTS?!" you argued, completely against the idea. However, the weather didn't seem to kind with your decision. A giant gust of wind nearly blew you right out of the tree, not to mention scare you out of your wits!

"Come on, [Name]! Jump! I'll catch you!" Tai shouted, trying his best to reassure you that everything would be all right. However, you were still against the whole idea. "I promise [Name]! Trust me!"

Trust; how many times have you heard that word only to realize that–

"[Name]!!" Tai shouted your name, drawing you out of your thoughts.

"Ugh! I can't believe I'm doing this…" you muttered to yourself, clamping your eyes shut before taking a deep breath and doing just as he wanted. "Gotcha!" Tai's voice breathed in your ear once you felt yourself land in his arms. Your eyes slowly opened to find yourself staring into Tai's brown orbs. "See? I told you that I'd catch ya," Tai gloated. You simply rolled your eyes at the boy and told him to put you down.

The weather took a turn for the worse, resulting in the chaperons yelling at the kids to get into their cabins and tents.

Tai grabbed your hand and began to drag you over to your cabin. "Let's get outta here, [Name]!"


Your first day of summer camp was spent indoors thanks to the unexpected blizzard. It's summer. How could there possibly be a blizzard in the summer?! Izzy seemed quite as baffled with this whole ordeal. He was trying his best to regain internet access, but thanks to the storm it was a no go. Poor Izzy, he seems really distressed about that…

"Dude, your fingers are gonna fall off if you continue to type like that…" Tai pointed out, joining you by your side as the two of you watched Izzy's fingers dance wildly across his keyboard. How he's even able to do that–you will never know. It always amazed you that he could have a reply typed up almost instantly after the mere second you hit the 'send' button to give him your own message. That was your way of communicating with one another when the two of you were younger. And he's still the computer genius now as he was then.

"Of all the rotten…" Izzy grumbled bitterly to himself, typing in all sorts of codes to try and reactivate his internet connection.

"Like I said earlier–he should've gone to computer camp." Tai sighed while placing his hands behind his head.

Izzy glanced towards the two of you for a moment before directing his attention back to his precious laptop. "So I take it you two are getting along. I must say I'm surprised. I didn't think [Name] would actually tell you her name," Izzy commented, entering another code only to have his computer beep loudly with the bold red letters reading 'Access Denied' across his screen. "Ugh! One of these days…"

Tai grinned, rather pleased that Izzy had noticed your somewhat…unusual friendship. "Well she didn't seem all too pleased with me in the first place, but after a while she warmed up to me," his brown eyes peered over to you, taking notice of your silence. "Weird thing is, she hasn't said a word since we came back to the cabin…" it was then Tai began to pout, "And here I thought we were getting along great."

Izzy chuckled, shaking his head after hearing Tai's words. "Like I said, don't take it personally. [Name]'s pretty tough to befriend. She may have told you her name, but that doesn't mean she's instantly going to warm up to you. That kinda thing takes some time."

"You're telling me…" Tai huffed, puffing his cheeks out a bit while shooting you a mock offended look.

Catching Tai's gaze, you blinked innocently, acting as though you had no clue as to why he was staring at you with such an adorable pout adorning his features. Tai stared at you for a moment, a thoughtful expression replacing his pout, earning a rather odd look from you in process. It was then you noticed a devious grin appearing on the boy's lips, causing you to shudder inwardly. Whatever Tai was up to, you were positive it would be your undoing…

"Oooooh, Izzy~!" Tai chirped, instantly gaining said boy's attention.

"…Should I be concerned?" Izzy asked warily.

Tai merely laughed in reply. "Nah, no need!" the brunette reassured with a grin. "I just thought you should know that [Name] sucks at climbing trees."

The moment he finished his sentence, Tai's eyes swept towards your direction. His brown orbs seemed to be dancing with a challenge. One that literally screamed 'come-on-and-argue-I-DARE-you-!' Oh, he's asking for it…!!

"Hey! It was your fault for making me climb the damn thing in the first place! It can't be helped that I've never climbed a tree before, knucklehead!!" you snapped irritably, shooting your newfound friend a rather heated glare. The action itself seemed to cause Tai to burst into a fit of laughter. Apparently he had been expecting that kind of reaction from you due to his taunting.

Growing tired of the boy's nonstop laughter, you swiped Izzy's pillow off of his bed and chucked it with all of your might at the goggle-headed boy. Needless to say, you hit your target head on. A grin instantly placed itself on your face when you noticed that Tai had stopped laughing the moment Izzy's pillow had made contact with his face. You watched on in glee as the pillow slowly slipped off of his face and hit the ground with a small 'thud', revealing Tai's surprised expression from your rather unexpected attack.

"Well," Tai mused, eyeing you with mirth, "I gotta say I wasn't expecting that."

You childishly stuck your tongue out at the brunette in reply, earning a chuckle from him in response. Tai bent down and snatched the pillow up off of the floor, standing straight while tossing the item up and down in his right hand. "You shouldn't play with fire, [Name]," Tai advised, a devious grin appearing on his lips. "You'll only get burned."

With that said; Tai threw the pillow at you, causing you to squeal in surprise and duck, just narrowly avoiding the attack. However, the person behind you wasn't so lucky…





You slowly stood up, directing your attention to the blonde boy behind you. If your memory serves you right, you remember Tai informing you that that boy was Matt Ishida.

Tai flinched after realizing just who it was he had hit. "Oh boy…"

Silence filled the room as both you and Tai watched the pillow slowly slip off of Matt's face and fall to the ground. Said boy was now glaring daggers at the goggle-headed boy by your side. Feeling the murderous intent directed at your companion, you slowly began to etch away from Tai, wanting nothing to do with the wrath that boy was soon going to have to face.


"I swear I didn't mean to hit you!! It's [Name]'s fault for dodging it in the first place!"

"Don't blame this on me, Kamiya! You started it!"

Izzy watched on in amusement, momentarily distracted from his computer. Apparently he wasn't the only one interested in the current argument — the other four kids were also highly appealed with the entertainment being put on for them.

"[Name], apologize to Matt for your unruliness," Tai scolded you, grabbing your arm and pushing you forward so that he could cower behind you. You, however, were not going to just suck up and admit defeat when you hadn't even done anything wrong in the first place. Digging your heels into the ground so that Tai could no longer shove you forward, you twisted your body around and pushed Tai ahead.
"Nuh-uh! You started this, you END this." You retorted with an irk mark.

"Me?! You're the one that~"





"Haha! He got you good~" you chuckled, gesturing towards your fallen friend who had mercilessly been mauled by Izzy's pillow as Matt's response to 'who-started-it-all'.

"Shut up, [Name]…"


"Freedom! Sweet, swee~eet freedom!" Tai cheered, slamming the door to the cabin wide open.

You watched the rambunctious boy trample outside with Matt's little brother at his heels. Matt rushed after the young child while calling his name and telling him to be careful. Sora followed next, rubbing her arms frantically in an attempt to try and warm herself up. Joe cautiously peered outside, adjusting his glasses in the process while scanning the area. It was then Mimi shoved her way past Joe, her eyes shimmering at the sight of the newly fallen snow.

"Ugh, it's still not working." Izzy complained aloud, easily gaining your attention.

You noticed that besides you, he was the only one who hadn't bothered to leave the cabin. Plopping yourself down besides your childhood friend, you watched the boy glance at a small device in his hand with a glare — probably something that was in charge of connecting his internet to the satellite wirelessly. "Bummer. This storm's making a mess of my info-red internet connection." Izzy informed you with a pout, earning a chuckle in response.

"Hey, [Name]!!"

"Eh?" turning your head towards the door, you were unable to do anything more when a snowball suddenly made contact with your face.

Izzy watched you swipe the frozen water off of your face, chuckling nervously to himself when he heard you release a low growl. Neither one of you had to guess who it was that had thrown the snowball. You both had a pretty good hunch — and right now he had just officially added himself to your list of 'doom'.

"Try not to kill him, [Name]." Izzy advised, remaining put on his bed as you stomped your way out the door.

Tai's laughter reached your ears the moment you set foot outside. Narrowing your eyes at the rambunctious boy, you bent down and scooped some snow into your hands, vigorously shaping it into a ball. Once that was done, you locked your eyes on your target, then chucked your snowball with all the force you had at the unsuspecting boy who was still too busy laughing to notice what was going on. Too little, too late for him. HA! You watched on in satisfaction as the snowball hit him smack dab in the middle of his face, efficiently shutting the boy up.

Wiping the snow off of his face, Tai narrowed his eyes into a playful glare. "You do realize that this means 'war', right?"

Staring defiantly into the boy's eyes, you stood your ground. "Bring it on, Kamiya."

And so it began…

You and Tai ran around, dodging the chunks of ice that you two pelted at one another while trying your best not to hit anyone else in the process. Everything was going pretty well for you, considering the fact that you had hit Tai five times with your snowballs. Yup. Everything was good — until Tai tackled you to the ground that is. Your face was met with a blanket of white the moment you hit the ground. Shooting up after the cold contact, you hastily wiped the frozen water off of your face. Tai's laughter could be heard behind you, so without further ado, you shot your hand back and placed it behind Tai's head, pushing the boy's face into the blanket of snow below. Success~!

Pure delight was clearly etched on your features as you watched Tai shoot up and sputter incoherent words aloud while trying his best to wipe the freezing substance off of his face. "Ack! Cold! This stuff is freezing COLD!"

Childishly sticking your tongue out at the hysterical boy before you, you relished in your current victory. "Serves you right, Kamiya~"

Narrowing his eyes into a playful glare, Tai swiped off the last of the snow from his face. "Oh, real mature, [Name]."

Before you were even able to retaliate, Tai had tackled you yet again, resulting in you falling flat on your back with the boy straddling your hips. Your eyes widened in shock when you realized that Tai was holding a small pile of snow in his arms, leveling it over your face with a devious grin plastered to his face. You yelped, your arms instantly forming an 'x' in front of your face to protect you from the attack Tai was about launch. Yet, instead of feeling a rush of frozen ice being dumped upon your small form, you slowly opened your eyes which had snapped shut moments before to see that Tai remained above you, still holding an armful of snow above your face — however, his attention was apparently directed at the sky.

"Wha~" you turned your gaze towards the sky, your eyes widening in disbelief at the luminous atmospheric phenomenon displayed up above. The beautiful streams of light were absolutely breathtaking, something you thought you'd never be able to witness, yet here you were at summer camp…experiencing a stunning aurora.

"Wo~ow!" Tai dumped the snow aside, rolling off of you so that you could join him as he stood up.

"Izzy!" you called, eyes still locked on the unbelievable sight above. "Izzy, get out here! You've gotta see this!"

Moments later, Izzy came stumbling out of the cabin like an obedient dog upon hearing your call. Taking a cautious first step into the snow to see how deep it was, Izzy bounded over to your side, curious to find out why you had summoned him.

"Look, Izzy, look!" you exclaimed, gesturing wildly to the sky.

The other kids gathered around your little group, directing their attention to the stunning sight as well. Izzy seemed to have a hard time believing that the sight displaying itself above was actually real. There was just no logical way to explain why this was happening — and that fact itself irked the young boy to no end. "How is this even possible?"

Mimi clasped her hands together, her eyes shimmering in admiration at the wondrous streams of light. "It's beautiful. Magical even~"

"Ye~ah!" Tai agreed with a grin.

"Yeah…" Izzy drawled, crossing his arms over his chest, "but what is it?"

"Maybe…an aurora?" Sora suggested, her eyes still glued to the sky.

Izzy tore his gaze away from the main attraction, shooting Sora an odd look. "You mean an aurora borealis, the northern lights? That's impossible! You see, that's in Alaska. We're way too far south."

"Tell that to the snow." Sora retorted.

Joe seemed to be the only kid present who wasn't entranced by the light display. "I really think we outta get back inside before we all come down with ammonia!"

Matt didn't seem to agree with Joe. "And miss this? The sky is like — short circuiting!"

"I definitely don't remember reading about seeing auroras in the brochure," you commented, focusing your attention back to the show above. "You'd think they'd want to advertise this sorta thing…"

It was then a green vortex made itself known, appearing in the middle of the aurora and stunning everyone to silence. Well, everyone expect Tai that is…

"Hey, what's that?"

…He just had to ask.

No sooner had those words been uttered from your newly found friend, eight beams of light shot out from the vortex, hurling themselves towards the group of children gathered below. It came as to no surprise to you when everyone instantly went into panic mode. What had caught you by surprise was the fact that Tai grabbed your wrist and yanked you towards him, his body molding with yours as he shielded you from the oncoming threat. The best way to describe what happened next? Well, it was like a meteor shower, really. Everyone's screams filled the air, somehow going unnoticed by the rest of the campers and the chaperons.

You hesitantly allowed your eyes to crack open once the dangerous rain of beams had come to a halt. There were small craters in the ground — probably from whatever it was that had shot out of that vortex earlier. Blinking in surprise, you noticed that you had somehow ended up on the ground. Your curiosity was answered when you suddenly felt someone's arm wrapped securely around your waist. Turning your head to your right, your eyes were met with brown ones. It had been Tai who had dragged you to the ground with him to avoid being mauled by the miniature meteors hurled your way.

"Hey, are you all right?" Tai asked you, concern evident in his voice.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine," you replied, pushing yourself up off the ground with Tai mimicking your movements.

"Everyone, are you all right?!" Sora asked the group, having been one of the first to recover.

"We're still here." Matt replied in a dry tone, helping his younger brother get to feet.

Mimi clutched her hat, her eyes darting back and forth anxiously. "That was scary!"

Joe instantly panicked. "W-what was THAT?!"

Izzy crawled over to the nearest crater, peering down with extreme caution. "Meteors?" he questioned aloud. However, before anyone else could make a response, small beams of light shot out of the eight craters that had been created in the snow. What was odd, though…was the fact that beams of light slowly faded away to reveal some kind of small, weird handheld devices. "Okay, so it's NOT meteors…" Izzy deducted, standing up and watching the device hover before him.

There were seven other devices just like the one Izzy found, hovering in front of each kid. Everyone seemed rather hesitant about touching these objects, so no one made any move, everyone simply stared at them — well, at least until Tai had enough guts to actually reach out and grasp the small device hovering in front of him. After watching Tai grab his device without suddenly bursting into flames or having anything out of the ordinary happen to him, you hesitantly reached your hand out, faltering for a moment before finally swallowing your worries and snatching the device in your hand. Pulling your hand back towards your body, you opened your clenched fist to peer down at the small object lying in your palm. It was white, not a dull white, but a beautiful bright white device with black buttons.

Sora was the first to speak up out of the whole group. "What…are these?"

Izzy gazed at his own little device, curiously poking it with his finger to see if he could get any kind of reaction from the electronic. "My guess is some sort of miniature remote digital apparatus."

"No instructions?" Joe complained, giving his device a small shake to see if that would jumpstart it somehow — but so far no dice.

"Oh, come on!" Tai shouted, gaining your attention as you turned your head to gaze at the boy. "Forget the instructions. Surf's up!"

"Eh?" your confusion was soon answered when a giant wave suddenly appeared out of nowhere —NOWHERE — how is that even possible?!!

…So far your summer vacation has turned out to be anything BUT ordinary.

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