"Dancing With Prince Charming" by Ani-Chan

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Hi everyone! Here's an introduction to the story I'll be working on :)
A few months ago, I completed this mini-story in Quizilla. Then, after the site re-modeled, it ruined the format structure of all the chapters and made it difficult to fix them. So I came to Lunaescence in hope that you guys would like this re-edited version of my mini-story.

About the Story::

Title: Dancing with Prince Charming
Total Chapters: 12
Point of View: First-Person
Love Interest: Sora from Kingdom Hearts II
Rated: Young Adult [17+] -- mostly for language and mild adult situations.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fanfiction
Summary: Haruna never believed in love at first sight, that was, until she met the oh-so-charming Sora at the masquerade ball. Only one problem: Sora is a Prince and she is nothing more but a peasant girl, which is very very far from princess-ness. Now, she must hide herself from the charming prince who wants to marry her and who carries a shoe that couldn't fit her anyway... A Cinderella story like never before...


Kingdom Hearts rightfully belongs to Square Enix and Disney - that includes Sora, Kairi, Riku, and all the characters within the game. Ideas were inspired from the Cinderella Story with Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff, the All-American Girl book by Meg Corbat, and a bunch of Disney movies.

What does belong to me is the character of Haruna and the story.

Quizilla and Lunaescence are the only sites that has this story! Others are plagiarized work!

Re-edition vs Original::
The original DWPC had 10 chapters. The re-edition has 12 -- meaning two extra chapters.
The original was narrated in a second POV [you this, you that]. The re-edition is written in first POV.
The characters in the re-edition are a little older.
The length of the re-editions will be a longer than the original.
And, of course, the re-edition will be better planned out.

On that final note, I hope you all enjoy the story. It was a hit at Quizilla, and I'm hoping that the story will be just as good - hopefully better. Reviews would be appreciated ;)

Happy reading!!

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