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Ripples of water moved throughout rain puddles as a pair of footsteps walked nearby. The cool night sky cloudless and purple dark. Street pavements and an empty road wet with moisture shimmered off moonlight and street lights. And a tall man dressed in a brown trench coat silently walked down one of the empty streets. His shadow passing by old apartment buildings etched with graffiti. His nostrils filling in and out with the distinct fresh scent of rain. The mans brown eyes completely focused on the street ahead while his shadow seemed to deform and reform on passing buildings. It had been a long and tiring day for him. There was only thing he wanted to do now. He wanted to get home. He reached in his right jean pocket and took out a shiny gold pocket watch. The time was now 9:30pm.

A sudden disturbance broke through the night air. His ears picked up the scream of female up ahead. It was a scream that he had heard so many times before, it had become natural for him. He quickly put his golden pocket watch away and ran down the street. Time was always of the essence in these situations. There were a variety of sick and twisted things which could happen if one did not hurry. The mans short black hair rapidly blew from the rushing cool night air. His legs quickly carrying him over to the spot where he had heard the scream. He reached a dark alley between two apartment buildings. There was a wet rusted green dumpster up against the right of a red bricked wall. Behind the dumpster he could see a struggle going on.

“Stop! Please stop!” A woman shouted.

Loud metallic bangs echoed in the alley from the struggle between the woman and her assailant.

The man quickly made his way into the alley and reached behind the dumpster.

A bald headed middle aged man with a white tank top and jeans held a brunette up against the dumpster. The brunette had her blouse ripped off exposing her white bra. Tears were streaming down her face as she tried to stop the bald headed man from taking her black skirt off. A strong punch came into contact with the assailants face and was sent flying backwards. He landed with a thud and groaned. He stumbled for a moment before recovering from the blow and standing back up.

“Who the fuck are you?” The man asked as he got up, blood streaming down his nose.

There was no response. Angered, the balded headed man charged, trying to punch the man in the trench coat. The man only succeeding in getting punched again and landed into a pile of trash cans. The sound of the falling trash cans echoed in the dark alley as the man in the trench coat went over and hand cuffed the assailant.

He walked over to the sobbing woman and opened the dumpster next to her. He reached in, threw out another man hiding inside the dumpster, and hand cuffed him. The woman stood in disbelief as she watched what was happening before her. The man in the trench coat then made his way over to the woman.

“Th-thank you.” She spoke to the man.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He replied.

He took the woman by her right wrist, turned her around and hand cuffed her as well.

“What are you doing!” She protested.

“Taking you in.” He responded.

“What?! why?!” She continued.

“Cut the act. It is quite common for a woman to play in distress while two other man assault anyone who dares come and help. That’s why your other buddy was hiding in the dumpster. He was your surprise attack. In any case, no woman in there right mind would be caught in a place like this, nonetheless at night. Besides-”

The man cupped the woman’s face with his left hand and his right hand reached into his trench coat pocket. He pulled out a mini flashlight and shone it over her eyes.

“Your pupils are dilated, your high...What are you using? Meth? Crack ? Heroine?”

The man placed the flashlight back in his trench coat.

“Doesn’t really matter I suppose.... Listen up! You’re all coming with me. Unlesss...”

His right hand reached into his left waist and he took out a gun.

“You want a bullet inside of you.”

He gathered up the woman, the man in the dumpster and the supposed rapist.

“I’ll walk you to the police station. Anyone tries anything funny, I can’t guarantee I won’t shoot. Lets get going.” The man spoke in a commanding voice.

All three criminals soon started to walk down a street with the man in the trench coat walking behind them, still pointing a gun towards them.

“You can’t do this to us, just who the hell are you?!” Asked the young man who had been hiding in the dumpster as he walked the grey wet street.

“This is all within my jurisdiction. I am detective Alec Gale. Not that it would be of concern to any criminals.”

Before long they had reached the police station.

“Go on in. I’ll be watching you closely from here.” Al spoke motioning his gun.

“You can’t do this-They won’t even know what we’ve done if your not coming!” The woman exclaimed.

“There is a high probability that all three of you have past criminal records. I am also certain that the police are looking for all of you. Now go on.” Al spoke again motioning the gun.

All three criminals started to make their way up the police station stairs. Al stood back on the street as he watched them walk up the grey concrete stairs. They then started to enter the police station. Al pulled out a cell phone as he dialed the police station phone number.

“Hello, this is the district 13th police station. How can I help you?” Spoke a male voice.

“There are three criminals entering your police station as we speak. Run a background check to confirm their crimes. I ‘m sure you’ve been looking for them.”

Al quickly hung up on the call and put his cell and gun away. He continued to walk the empty wet streets, making his way home as if nothing had happened..

Rain drops gathered on flowers and green bushes reflected the florescent light of the apartment Al was entering. Unlike all the other buildings, this apartment was free of any graffiti or vandalism. The entire block was clean of any litter, even the pavement seemed new and clean. Al could already see the golden 1203 apartment number displayed on the front apartment entrance door from where he was. He approached it and took out his key. He opened the bullet proof glass entrance door and he made his way in. He passed the front security camera monitoring him in the upper left corner and opened another door.

Al finally entered the apartment lobby. The walls were painted with white and the floor was made of black marble. He walked over to the set of stairs on his right and started to make his way up. He finally reached his apartment on the 7th floor and entered it. He walked into a small white hallway, passing by his bathroom on the left before coming into the living room. His living room was big and extremely neat. Large windows with hanging red curtain were on his left. A comfortable looking leather couch was in the middle of the living room with a big flat LCD TV on Al’s right. He walked past the living room and made a turn to his right through another door. He came into his kitchen as he took off his coat and laid it on the round wooden table. He reached for the white refrigerator, rummaged through it, and took out food to eat. Hunger was the only thing he could feel. And nothing else mattered but to a stop to it.

Bright orange lights flickered in his bed room. He laid on his soft bed, relaxed. With a full stomach he thought of the case he was currently working on. He had been on it for a week now. The parents of two teenage twin girls had recovered them after being lost. Technically only one had been recovered, the other one had later run off. His job was to find that girl. But unlike all the other cases he had worked on, this was proving to be much more difficult. For one, the twin who was recovered had been admitted to a mental hospital for instability. He had interviewed her but so far none of what she had said had helped. There was no information on how they had gone missing in the first place. Nothing on what had happened to them during the time they were missing. Or even a single clue to suspect anyone. Everyone he had interviewed so far had checked out, including the girls parents.

Alec Gale had worked on many cases before. Murder, suicide, rape, pedophile’s, drug rings, illegal porn trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, sex slaves rings, insurance fraud, robberies, frames, political corruptions, the list was endless. But nothing like the case he was working on.

He continued to ponder his next move but sleep quickly took over. His head was on the brink of getting a headache. His body was tired and depleted of energy. His eyes started to get heavy and he tried to fight it. In the end he succumbed to it at last. Al convinced himself it was for the best. He hadn’t slept in the last 37 hours. Resting his mind and body would help in making his next move and solving this case. He let out a sigh and relaxed as he turned on his side. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was the digital display clock on his right lamp stand. It was exactly 11:59 PM.....

An eerie silence existed in a white room with no windows or doors. The only thing present in it was Al’s body as it stood laid out in its center. He laid there, sleeping still, unaware of his location or how he got there. Before long both his eyes opened and he awoke....

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