"A Sandy Thanksgiving Festival" by Sabishii

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Well, I decided "What the heck, might as well put up on this site too!" So This is it...and I'll just stop about myself and let you guys read this horribly written fanfiction. Claps for me~

Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto...And I am glad I do not, because then I would hate myself for making Gaara so sad~
A Sandy Thanksgiving Festival

Oh, joy.

It was that time of year again.

Ya’ know, that time of year where you had an undeniable sense of courage…

…and then, by just looking at him, it squeezed out of you like that little last of the tooth-paste that is seems to be found in your almost empty tube of tooth-paste.

But not this year!

This year was different, utterly and completely.

On this important holiday, which was once used to celebrate the head of the house by giving them cake, would be the way that you would get the Kazekage to admit his undying love to you...well, you knew he’d never actually say it out loud, but he would think it!

Now, if only you could bake…that would be very helpful right now!

So there you stood, absolutely frustrated, covered in muck which you called “cake batter”; though it couldn’t really be considered that considering that the thing had just tried to eat you.

What where you doing wrong? It wasn’t that you were a horrible cook, in fact you could cook moderately tasty baked goods if you wanted to, it’s because this had to be perfect- it was for Gaara-chan after all! And an un-happy Kazekage isn’t a good Kazekage.

The fact that you kept getting distracted didn’t help much either, you were off in you own little la-la-land. Though you had told your-self many times over, you couldn’t seem to stop thinking about a certain raccoon containing red-headed tea-pot.

You took the bowl out and put it in the sink, adding to the already fairly large pile of dishes covered in muck. Maybe you should try chocolate cake instead? Yeah…or you could buy him a cake. But then it wouldn’t be special, maybe it would taste better, but it wouldn’t be as special. No, it has to be special cake for a special guy!

Gathered the ingredients together, then you had an idea, and took a rubber-band and slid it onto your left wrist. Then, continuing, you took the dry cake batter and placed it in the bowl. You took the eggs and milk next, cracking three eggs into it: so it would taste like brownie. Your mind after a little while of baking began to drift off back to those nice day-dreams, but before you could mess up this cake as well you simply pulled the rubber-band back and let it go. “Ow!” you uttered at your self-inflicted pain, maybe this technique would really work.
You prodded the cake batter with your wooden spoon, to make sure it didn’t try to eat you this time. Luckily, you managed to get it into the oven before it had a chance to respond.

But no one wants to hear about useless stuff like making a cake, and I surely don’t want to write it so…



You walked down the streets of Suna with your moderately small plate with a piece of chocolate cake in the middle of it. The cake didn’t look that great, but it tasted wonderful, perfect for your Gaara-kun.

You kept walking, daydreaming about how Gaara would thank you. You and Gaara had been friends for a long time, mostly because he had always been a strange subject to you. When he and you were younger you would stare at him from a far, not the instantly in love stare, but the “I’m curios about you, I want to poke and prod at you just for the hell of it too, but I’m too scared to” kind of stare.

But you were violently pulled away from your day dreaming by bumping into a certain familiar back that. You almost dropped the plat in the process; the plate went flying into the air, but you managed to catch it albeit clumsily. You looked up to see that you bumped into, and guess who it is?

“Baki-san!” you smiled happily up before realizing something, “Sorry Baki-san.” You bowed your head in apology. You looked back up again to find that Baki was looking at you with a scowl on his face.

“There you are!” he said, in an agitated voice.

“Huh?” was your intelligent response to his phrase.

“I’ve been looking for you, Kazekage-sama wanted to see you. For some strange reason…” he looked down again, accept this time it was more of a confused glare rather then an agitated one.

“Okay!” You said your bubbly attitude back on track. “I’ll go see him now, thanks Baki-san!” you practically screamed in happiness as you ran off.

Unbeknownst to you Baki was staring at your back with a sweat-drop, in somewhat mock confusion and/or amusement. The dear Kazekage was still a little put off from that last attack, you made everything practically burst with energy with that contagious attitude. Though sometimes, he’d even admit you had gotten on his nerves before, your continual happiness could be annoying; but just a bit.

But nobody really cares about what Baki thinks most of the time so…let’s just fast forward a little bit further shall we?

~ Front Kazekage’s Office ~

You stood there for a moment, just looking at the door. Why did it have to look so ominous on this day?

What were you afraid of? Nothing, that’s what, so you can push the door open…any minute now…couple more seconds…

With one last inhale of what little courage you had left you opened the door…

To find a not so scary room filled with cake, a lot of cake.

You jumped up and down a bit, trying to see past the big cakes covered in frosting to see if you red-headed tea-pot was at his desk; which, after several more hops, you found to be true.

“Good morning Kazekage-sama!” you yelled, hopping up a few more times and waving your hand. You’re not short, but there was a LOT of cake. Wait…

You looked down at your dinky slice of chocolate cake, maybe you should have brought him more…but if you brought more it wouldn’t have been as special

Gaara was writing, a pile of paper-work on his left. How can he deal with so much writing? He gave you a glance; you knew it was his way of greeting back without leaving his work. At least he didn’t glare at you…well you couldn’t tell if he was glaring or, considering he didn’t have eyebrows. But still, his eyes told all, even though he seemed hard to read he was actually not that good at hiding his emotion through his eyes. Most people, ninja or no, weren’t.

You trotted over to his desk, hiding your dinky little slice of cake behind your back. “And how are we today?” you asked, a bright smile gracing your face.

He steered his eyes to the pile of paper-work before uttering the word “Busy” in a monotone.

You looked at him, you wanted to laugh. Not because of him suffering, but because of the fact that he actually seemed like he didn’t want to deal with this right now was strange to you.

You remembered suddenly, hitting yourself on the head for almost forgetting what you came here to do.

Gaara looked at you strangely for a moment, waiting for what you wanted. “What?” he finally asked, in a tone that didn’t demand the answer but wouldn’t take “It’s nothing.” for an answer.

You scratched your check shyly for a moment, just looking at him. Finally, you held your cake up to him with your eyes closed from how big a smile you had on.

“It’s not as pretty as the other cakes…” you began by looking around the room, “But, it’s made with lots of love!” you said in a chipper voice, holding the cake out a little more. You looked at him straight in the eyes, he seemed a bit confused, and you yelled a little loud “I enjoy your company Gaara!” (1)

Gaara stood, taking the cake from you hands and setting it on the desk next to him. “Thank you.” He said, in a voice that was quite foreign to him, he placed his hand on your head awkwardly. Though it seemed like a hug gesture more-so.

“You’re welcome.” You said, suppressing the blush as much as you could. “Gaara…” you began asking.

He gave you a grunt, to let you know he was listening as he continued to clear though the papers on his desk.

“Would you…” you started, almost losing your courage, “Would you like to spend today with me?” you asked quickly. “For the holiday, you seem like you need a brake anyway…so.” You added on.

A ghost of a smile graced his lips, gone a fast as it came. “I’d like that…”

1 — In Harvest moon the video game there was a holiday were you gave someone you like cake. Originally it was for the head of the host hold, but now it’s generally anybody. I thought the “I enjoy your company” part would be cute so…yeah.

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