"Mirror Image" by Crys-chan

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Crys: This is for Tsula. She loves Nataku. Na~ta~ku~.

Goku: She doesn't own the reader or any of us!

Crys: Thanks.

Goku: MEATBUNS! *gone*

Opening song: Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
Mirror Image
... The Image in the Mirror

You didn't know what had compelled you to do this, but it didn't matter.

What mattered was that you had decided to turn down all of the lights in your home. In order to perform this ritual to see the face of your future husband.

You stood at the bottom of the staircase, back facing toward the stairs. You let out a long breath you hadn't realized you were holding. You had a hand mirror in one hand and a candle in the other. Would this work? Maybe it was just folklore, as you have read it.

That didn't deter you from trying it, however. Besides, if it did work...

Who would you see?

So, you started to ascend the stairs, backwards of course. That was what you read after all. Slowly making your way up, you kept your gaze locked into the mirror. You had careful footing as you didn't want to slip and tumble down the stairs, with a candle no less. Nothing reflected into the mirror. As you reached the top of the stairs, something appeared in the mirror. Your heart caught in your throat as you stared in shock and horror.

The skull-face of the Grim Reaper.

That... that meant-- it couldn't be, could it? Your heart raced, faster and faster. This was all just too much to take in.

Should one see the face of the Reaper, destiny has chosen your death before marriage.

Something tapped your shoulder and you screeched, rather loudly in fact, and turned quickly coming face to face with what you saw in the mirror. Your face whitened as everything stopped. With your heart pounding in your ears, you could only do one thing.


"Why would I kill you?" Came a familiar voice. You blinked and stared as a hand reached up and yanked the mask off, revealing the face of Nataku. He watched you with an arched brow, wondering what gave you the idea.

You stared and stared and stared.

"I didn't think it'd scare you that much."

That little bastard. He was trying... trying to trick you! Oh, oh damn him! Jerk. Stupid God! The nerve of him to take advantage of an unsuspecting girl walking up the stairs backwards in the dark! ... That sounded so stupid.

"Why were you doing this, anyway?"

"Sh-Shut up..." With that, you shoved past him and ran to your room, careful not to kill yourself along the way. He stared after you with raised brows, wondering what had gotten into you. He had noticed the blush that had adorned your face but he couldn't figure out what caused it. With a shrug, he slipped the mask back on and left.

"... Humans are so strange."
Ending song: Memories- Maki Ohtsuki

Crys: Goku ate all the meatbuns.

Sanzo: Damn monkey.

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