"Reconfiguration" by Byakko-chan

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Very Loooooong one-shot! Just like my Vegeta one! Enjoy!

Meh. 17 needs some love, so here it is! Come on, 17’s sexy! You gotta agree with me on that. Even if he’s not your preference he’s still a hottie.

It seems like I’m doing all the under appreciated characters here… Er… Well, that’s technically all of them since the only reader-insert I’ve seen in here is Dragon Fly’s Trunks story. Hell, I may even do a cute Krillin One-Shot!

And yup, I will probably even do a Piccolo one. What? He may be green but he’s so cool…

Anyways! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it.

Part 1

It was a stressful day from the very start. On the radio you’d heard that the destruction was headed your way. However, unlike the majority or the people you were unable to leave.

First, you had no transportation, and being 17 you didn’t have a license (much less a permit). Also, and the biggest one…

Your brother.

Your brother has been sickly all of his life and with the stop in the growth of medical knowledge; no one knew what it was. Every day was a fight for survival for him. He truly lived up to his name. Kenichi, which meant strong one.

However, you had to face the facts. If the devastation hit your city, then those monsters’d do you both in.

‘Oh well, it’s better than having Kenichi die and leaving me alone.’ You thought bitterly as you paid and bagged your own groceries. Despite the fact that a majority of the city had actually already taken off, there was still quite a lively crowd. It just went to show how big the city was. But still you had to recognize the impending doom, and that you were…


You were afraid to die.

Stepping out through the electronic door and out into the crowded main street you headed toward your little home where you’d have to shower and get ready for one of your three jobs. Having no parents or relatives made the living situation difficult, especially with Kenichi’s special care and the ever-rising inflation.

You gasped, your body suddenly slamming high into the wall of the building behind you. Intense pain surged through your body as you collapsed limply onto the ground, a strangled cry tearing from your lips. It took a few moments to collect yourself and when you did an explosion echoed from far away, shaking the ground ferociously. You forced yourself up onto your struggling hands and stared up at the smoke billowing up into the air from far away.

Your heart gave a painful, cold squeeze before stopping altogether. You sucked in breath and held it. Fear snaked its was through your body as peoples screams resounded through the air, followed by another explosion that made your stomach clench. The people around you that who were conscious and able scrambled to their feet and away, screaming as they scurried for hopeless safety.

“It’s them! It’s them!”

Your mind reeled and you finally released your breath, which left you lightheaded. Taking another and releasing it you wobbled onto your knees. Your body ached and your head burned in pain. But you had to get up! You had to move!

‘Kenichi!’ Forcing your nearly unresponsive body to move you staggered to your feet and limped quickly in the direction opposite everyone else ran. A few people screamed at you not to go that way and you felt a few tugs but you shook them off. Your home was in that direction! Kenichi was in that direction! You would not abandon him!

He was your little brother.

‘Kenichi! I-I promised you I’d protect you.’ Your breath came out in ragged puffs as you trudged on into the now vacant streets. Even if you couldn’t save him, you could die with him. At least then neither of you would be alone. You wouldn’t be alone. He was all you had. You feared being alone without your cute little brother more than death.

You finally made it to the round dome of your home and sighed in momentary reprieve. The street was absent of life but apparently the two villainous people hadn’t come here yet. Everything was still in tact.

At least for now.

Your chest filled with a glimmer of hope. Everything, including your brother’s bed had wheels, his equipment and even the generator for the said equipment. Maybe you could get you both out of here before they showed up! Together!

“Well, this is a sight to behold. A straggler perhaps?” Your chest went ice cold and locked up in terror, your mouth open in a silence scream, eyes wide. You just knew… This voice… It belonged to one of them. The man if you weren’t mistaken.


You forced yourself to spin around, if anything you had the instinct to hold your arms out to act as if to act as a human shield.

Like that would do anything.

You faced your doom. Standing on top of a street lamp and smirking down at you, narrowed blue eyes framed by shoulder length black hair bore into yours. No remorse. No guilt at all… In fact, he looked like he was your age. Like maybe he was just looking for a good time. Like one of those punks that would break into cars and take them for joyrides.

But you knew about him. You’d seen him on the T.V. The black short sleeved shirt with the red initials ‘RR’ over the white long sleeved shirt. The orange bandanna loosely tied around his neck and the baggy blue jeans… Just like then, when he blew up the reporter and the last thing you heard was laughter…

“What’s the matter human?” He teased, his voice sadistic, eyes dancing with cruel mirth. “Cat got your tongue?” You swallowed thickly and worked up what little courage you had. You shifted your feet firmly, an indication to show you were not going to yield to him, not run away screaming. 17 quirked a raven brow from where he stood with his arms loosely crossed over his stomach. Apparently, the blonde woman, 18 wasn’t with him right now.

“Why are you doing this?” He smirked and lowered his arms to his sides as he floated down to the street so that he stood a few feet from you.

“You know, you’re not the first to ask that same exact question. Word for word.” You felt your anger flare. Any normal person would be too terrified to speak but you felt adrenaline pump through your veins.


It may be useless but you had to try to protect.

Like a mother cradling her baby to her bosom.

“Well then, I can guess your answer!” He looked amused now.

“Yeah?” He quirked his brow again.

“Yeah. It’s because you have nothing better to do. Without destroying something you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself!” You hissed, your fear miraculously gone in the face of your anger.

“You serve no purpose!” His surprise instantly became anger and you gasped when he appeared in front of you, your nose just touching his chest.

You tried to stagger back when he grabbed your wrist with one hand and pulled you close to him as he leaned down so that your noses almost touched. You could see that your last comment made him livid. His breath fanned your face as he spoke, his tone biting.

“You pathetic human! You know nothing! You’re such hypocrites! You only act civil so as to avoid judgment! In essence you are no different from me!” His grip tightened on your wrist and you gasped in pain. “At least I’m honest. I don’t hide behind masks and lies. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.”

For some reason… You smiled. A bitter, sad smile when a thought struck you. He grew angrier at this and his blue eyes narrowed into slits. You gasped again, tears blurring your eyes and a short cry echoed from your lips when you both heard an identifiable crack. No doubt he was breaking your wrist.

At the knowledge of the sound 17’s anger alleviated a little and he smirked again. However, it faded when your smile returned and a bitter laugh complimented it. He tightened his grip more but you hardly felt it anymore, your whole arm was going numb.

“I feel sorry for you.” You rasped and his face registered shock. “You don’t understand humans very well.”

Now his face became smug and he smirked again. It seemed like smirking was his favorite thing to do. Or his best programmed. You didn’t think he knew what sadness or happiness felt like. Probably on purpose.

“Oh? How so?”

“Technically, human are honest. Very few in the actual overall ratio of humanity are dishonest, maliciously stealing and murdering… It really is a small percent compared to the vast majority. And furthermore, research and study shows that humans do not have a biological propensity for either peace or war.” His smirk grew.

“World civilization, ninth edition, volume one. Quoting texts now are we?” You laughed.

“You caught me. I read a lot.” His eyes grew lighter, amused once again.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met a human being like you before.” You didn’t know if he meant it as a compliment or an insult, but you decided to take it as the earlier.

“Thanks.” To your surprise he smirked and released your wrist, which you pulled to your chest and gently cradled the broken extremity. You knew you’d never have proper use of that hand again; you could count yourself lucky it wasn’t you dominant hand. Well, you could count yourself lucky if you could miraculously survive this. But for some reason, you weren’t afraid anymore. The atmosphere around him that had instilled terror into you had dissipated with that little conversation.

Maybe it was because he wasn’t some mindless monster like you had, for whatever reason, pictured him to be. He was still a monster, but… You inwardly sighed. There was no way to describe it. He was just more… Normal seeming than you thought. He watched your reaction, studying you and he came to a conclusion.

You were strange. Abnormal. Earlier you were scared of him, terrified even. As you should be, as any normal human being would be. But now, it was gone. It was pretty much as soon as he broke your wrist. Any normal person would have been even more panicked and terrified. Instead, you were calm, even your vitals were steady. Maybe it was because you accepted your death?

‘Man, she’s no fun.’

“You’re weird.” He almost sounded pouty as he stood with the backs of his hands on his slim hips. For some reason, his reaction was almost cute.

Of course, leave it to you to loose your mind in the face of death.

‘I must be insane. This guy’s killed billions, blown up whole cities, whipping out countries in play. And he surely is going to kill me too. He really is a monster.’ He removed his hands form his hips and walked over to you with a heavy sigh. You gasped when he reached out and seized the arm of your broken wrist.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” He grumbled. You gasped and instinctively tried to jerk your hand free when a glowing golden light emanated from his free hand he hovered over your wrist. You recognized that light as the light that always came before something exploded. His grip on your arm became bruising and he glared up at you.

“Don’t move.” He ordered firmly and slowly, you felt a warmth sink into your skin, it felt so good, almost soothing.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You sputtered and he glared up at you again before looking back down at his work.

“What do you think? I’m healing. *” You gasped. The light faded and he quickly let your hand drop before turning his back to you, almost as if your hand was contaminated or something.

”I won’t kill you right now. But you’d better not tell anyone about this.” He glared over his shoulder at you. “Got it?” You nodded dumbly.

So you were going to live?

He smirked when a wind gathered at his feet, your (L h/c) hair fluttering wildly as he raised a hand in farewell before blasting off into the air, leaving you staring up into the sky-stunned.

It took a few moments…

The few moments became a few minutes.

Your legs trembled.

Your body quivered.

Your heart raced.

And your knees buckled out from under you.

Collapsed on your knees you heaved for breath as hot tears spilled relentlessly down your cheeks.

Your fear had caught up with you…

You were so close to dying! It was miraculous that he’d spared you!

Your heart clenched as you fell forward onto your hands, your tears splattering the asphalt.

Staring at the blurry ground you wailed.

There, in the desolate street you wailed until your fear was no more.

Part 2

(Two Months Later)

“Aiming at the unstoppable future
And embracing the unyielding wish,”

You were hanging the laundry outside in the wind to dry, enjoying the warm sun on your face as you went about your chore; humming softly to yourself as you followed the beat of the song you had playing in the background.

You were now the only occupant in this whole destroyed city, which was surprisingly lonely at first, but after a few weeks you fell into the new beat. You now often played music in the background to make up for the lack of noise you were used to. And of course, as if to lighten the mood it was always happy songs, songs that you even considered to be a bit inspiring, that would bring a smile to your face.

“The sea colors are being colored crimson, floating. As it is, I want to be swept away by the wind!” You sang happily.

Despite having to illegally drive to the next town to work and shop for groceries, you were relatively happy. You felt a whole new appreciation for life after your encounter with the infamous 17. You knew it was cliché and before you would have laughed at the absurdity of it, but it was true.

“Always an un-jumpable hurdle, with a undefeatable feeling! We have been clearing it! But…” You lowered your voice before raising it again with the singer in perfect unison. “The hidden potential, whose fault is it that we can't uncover it?”

Yup, you were so glad to be alive.

Sometimes you wondered if 17 still remembered you or not, or even cared. You were just one insignificant person. You highly doubted he would just go out of his way to come back and kill you. Though, if for whatever reason he revisited the area you were sure he would kill you then. However, you didn’t have too much time to be wondering over it since you had your hands full taking care of your brother.

“Aiming at the unstoppable future and embracing the unyielding wish! The unfading colors of my heart's map, I'll hold it up to the light.”

You gasped when a person’s shadow fell over you and you froze. A person appearing on your balcony? Hesitantly you raised your eyes from the shirt you were pinning up, your heart hammering…

And to your horror he stood there…


However, you noticed something. His eyes… They didn’t look the same. They were… Different. They were… Lonely? Sad?

He stepped down from the railing on your balcony with his arms crossed loosely across his stomach like usual, though his usual smirk was absent. His sky blue eyes bore into yours. You two stood and stared, not saying anything for a long few moments.

17’s lips parted and Kenichi’s heart alarm went off. 17 looked through the large double sliding glass doors. You gasped and your body jerked backwards toward Kenichi instinctually to run and help him as 17 looked back at you.

“Go to him.” As soon as the words processed you rushed to your brothers side, not even letting the actual meaning of the words time to sink in.

You let out a tired, pained sigh as you sat down in a chair next to Kenichi’s bed where he now peacefully rested in the living room. He liked being out in the large open space with the big windows to look outside.

You didn’t know how much longer you could take this. You felt like you were falling apart. His disease was getting worse and his heart attacks were coming more frequently. You and Kenichi both knew… He was dying, which was slowly killing you inside. Every day you lied to him, telling him that everything was going to be okay, and it only made you feel even worse, because he knew you were lying too.


You grit your teeth, your head in your hands as you felt your eyes heat up. You couldn’t do this without him!

17, whom you’d completely forgotten was even there (smart), stood leaning against a wall in the living room, eyes narrowed and arms crossed over his chest as he studied the room.

He actually wasn’t sure how he got here, or why for that matter. His fists tightened and he glared, teeth grit. This was the third time!

He kept waking up and he’d be flying in what he now guessed was the direction of your house. He kept flying east.

At that moment 17 entertained the idea of killing you but squashed it. That could very possibly have a negative affect considering all the unknown factors. In fact, he was 92% certain of it. What the hell was wrong with him?

As if just remembering he was there you looked up at him, trying to wipe the tears away. 17 snorted in irritation. He couldn’t help but notice how tired and worn you looked. Your brother’s dangling life was wearing you down.

You watched 17 walk to the balcony doors and fly off, leaving you to stare after him in confusion.

‘His eyes were normal again. Cold and angry.’ You thought as you stood.

‘Why did he come anyway if he wasn’t going to kill me?’

Well, that whole confrontation was weird.

(2 Weeks Later)

You were lying down on the couch in the dark living room, getting ready for sleep. You had abandoned your bed to sleep in the living room to be with your brother in case he needed it despite his weak protests.

It was dark inside, and silent aside from the low humming and the steady beeping of Kenichi’s heart monitor.

You were almost asleep, drifting in and out in a daze. In your dreams fingers stroke down your bare arms you folded over your stomach, the touch was light, almost tickling. Shifting you were fighting a battle of consciousness, not wanting to wake up even though some part of your mind screamed for you to do so. Like you were in some sort of danger.

‘A monster! It’s going to eat you!’ Your brain told yourself and you frowned. The stroking felt so good.

Then, as if to snarl at you, your imagination conjured up a distorted monsters face looming over yours, face millimeters from your own. You gasped in fear, and now in the reverse of before, tried to wake up.

It was so close! It was going to bite into your face! You couldn’t move your arms to shield yourself even though you were trying! It’s mouth opened, breath fanning over your face as you tried to scream but to no avail. Your mouth refused to open.

With a gasp and a jerk you stared up at the lightly lit up ceiling from the moon shining in, wide-awake. Your body was tingling from the jerk to consciousness and you were all sweaty. You blinked slowly and then you felt it. The fingers stroking down your arms.

Your heart jumped and this time, you did scream, jumping around and struggling with the apparent body on top of you.

You felt your wrists get caught up with one hand and another cover your mouth. You squirmed.

“Quiet! You’ll wake up your brother!” A strangely familiar voice whispered harshly against your hear and as if under a spell you instantly froze, your heart hammering and breathing hard through your nose. You were hot under the blankets.

“If I let you go, will you promise not to scream or fight?” You nodded. The voice was vaguely familiar but you didn’t know anyone who knew where you lived. And you didn’t know anyone with such a kind tone in their voice.

Kind? Okay, your brain was officially broken. You were released and brought to sit up. You squinted into the darkness but couldn’t see anything.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but just so you know, it’s me. 17.” You blinked and gasped.

What the hell?!

Did his brain break like yours too or something? (Whoo… Look how close you are!) This was not the 17 you knew.

“Wh-why are you here?” You felt him shift around, feeling him move closer to you on the couch. You gasped when he lifted your legs and placed them over his lap as he continued to slide closer. For some reason, your face heated up.

“I wanted to see you. I tried to tell you when I came last time but I think I forgot.” He whispered and now you were dumbfounded. Was 17 really okay? Was this the terrifying mass murderer who had terrified you so much that day?

“Why?” You couldn’t think of anything else to say other than, ‘Are you okay?’

He started to massage your calves and you were taken by surprise with the sensual gesture.

“I missed you.” You gaped into the darkness. You could tell his voice was nothing but pure honesty.

“Are you okay?” You finally asked and tensed a little when you felt his finger idly brush down your cheek. Again, affectionately, sensually while his other hand still massaged your calf.

“I’m fine. In fact, I’ve never felt better.” At this your mind went blank. You couldn’t think of anything at all. He chuckled and lifted your legs effortlessly as he moved in closer. You gasped when you felt his body close to yours, and his hand sensuously began massaging your upper outer thigh and his other hand return to your cheek. You flushed; this was weird coming from 17, not to mention you weren’t used to this kind of attention. His breath ghosted over your lips and you gasped.

You were at a total loss. What was happening? Were you dreaming? He whispered your name and chills raced up your spine. Not in fear, but in… excitement?

He hummed your name seductively, which was your only warning before you felt his cool lips press to yours.

“I’ve wanted to see you for so long. Wanted… To be like this.” He whispered against your lips as both his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer. You gasped and he took advantage of the opening, sliding his tongue into your mouth as he angled his head and slid in passed your teeth. He groaned when your tongues met and your head suddenly became fully alert when a tingling sensation from your tongue shot into your brain.

Instinctively enjoying the contact you wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you to straddle his lap. You gasped when he crushed you against him, close enough to feel the erection in his pants. * He groaned when the contact was achieved and his kiss became more passionate as his fingers played down your back in a rhythmic stroking.

Suddenly Kenichi’s alarm went off and you scrambled off of his lap, surprise freezing you at Kenichi’s bedside when you saw 17’s vague outline in the moonlight standing on the opposite. You switched the light on, finally getting a good look at the black haired warrior as he placed his two hands over one another, hovering them over Kenichi’s chest.

A familiar golden light emanated from them and seemed to spread out and soak into Kenichi’s body. You were frozen in awe as Kenichi’s heart rate calmed down and the disturbed Kenichi relaxed back into a peaceful sleep.

It was amazing!

Maybe there were two 17’s? Not only was this one apparently interested in you, but you could see from his expression and eyes that he was generally worried about your brother.

If this was the same 17, what and when did this transition occur? Surely it wasn’t just now. But then again, he had said he came and saw you once before.

Did he mean two weeks ago? When he looked so sad?

This was confusing.

Just what was going on?

Part 3

Surprisingly, 17 stuck around for a while, and today it was a full seven day week cycle. You had a mind to think that the 17 with you was really a double, but as if to prove you otherwise you heard on the radio that the male android 17 was missing from his female counterpart 18. It appeared only 18 was now doing the catastrophic damage alone. All kinds of rumors were circulating about the absence of 17 and he was always in interest to listen to them. He found the rumors of perhaps 18 killing him ridiculous.

~ Right, like 18 could best me. ~ You raised a brow from where you stood on front of the stove on the island 17 currently was sitting down at in front of the radio, leaning on his arms.

~Oh? Why not? ~

~We’re called 17 and 18 for a reason. 18 was completed before me. But you could say that by the time I was completed I’d been perfected, boosted up in power. ~ Your nodded with your mouth open in a slice ‘Oh…’ He smirked at you.

Either way, none of them even in their wildest dreams could have guessed that he was currently living with a girl. A girl he had at first interaction intended to kill.

Nope, the situation was quite the opposite now.

In fact, he took every chance he got to hold you.

At first you were weary, wondering if it was some cruel trick to catch you off guard and terrorize you, but as time went by, he never did anything.

Well, nothing life threatening anyway.

He would often stand behind you as you did small tasks, his hands loosely wrapped around your waist or on your hips.

He healed Kenichi every time the teen’s health declined, and when Kenichi was awake he made small talk until Kenichi got to really liking him. Of course, he neglected to mention exactly who he was.

When you sat down to read he would always sit with you, usually bringing you into his lap and reading over your shoulder. He once told you he liked your choice in texts. Why? You read history. Yup, history. You had a feeling he was mocking you since he made it clear that he hated humans when you first met. But then, what did that make you?

And like a scanner he absorbed everything on the pages so quickly he always had to wait for you to catch up. You noticed this but he never said anything. Funny, he didn’t hit you as patient. When you’d finally asked him about it casually, he had been so damn cliché, cheesy even, to say that if it was you, he was okay with it. And you let him know what you thought of it by rolling your eyes. He only smirked.

In addition to reading over your shoulder he would usually idly stroke or massage you in some way, which was so relaxing you’d usually end up falling asleep on him, book forgotten.

He also proved (like a computer) to know all sorts of recipes, so after a long day of hard work, he always picked you up and brought you home to a delicious dinner. Wow, it was such a shock the first time h brought you home.

At one point he made you let him feed you, which was so embarrassing, and you knew he knew it. You were certain he did it to torment you a little. Well, looks like he still has to have his daily terrorizing, doesn’t he? Just now you were the only victim.

At night he would always lay next to you on the bed he brought out into the living room and pushed into a corner. He insisted you needed proper rest. And then he would usually stroke you like he almost always seemed to do, and twice, he even held you.

All in all, he was nothing like the monster you grew up and knew him to be. In fact, you were aware of your warming up to his affections. It was already almost like you two were lovers. You just hadn’t had sex, of course, that wasn’t to say he didn’t try to casually talk to you about it.

He even made sure to kiss you frequently, though not always on the lips. More often then not it was a harmless kiss to the forehead or maybe even to your chin. It seemed he appeared to avoid the kiss on the cheek. He seemed to deem it childish and too innocent for his feelings. He had explained it was more of a friendly greeting one would give a best friend, not someone who you were much more interested in. Of course, you got all uncomfortable by his obvious intent (since he was much ‘more interested’ in you) and you noticed he was smirking.

It may have only been a week but you were really happy. You really liked 17 this way, especially since he wasn’t destroying the planet or killing people.

God help you, you were falling in love with him.

If this was a trick (which would make it too elaborate), you were going to helplessly fall into it.

You didn’t like to think about it so you avoided the topic in your mind as best as you could.

You got off work and went to the usual place he waited to pick you up, which was an alley down a rarely used side street. You smiled when you saw part of his shoulder jutting out from around the corner of the building. Walking over to him you stopped short in surprise when cold, angry blue eyes glared over at you. You suddenly felt your whole body grow cold as you stood there. Something was wrong, but what? Why did he look… Look so much like…

Like before?

When you first met?

“Tell me, what am I doing here?” His cold voice cut into your heart and a deep frown set into your features.

It looked like the other 17 was back.

“Um… To pick me up?” He glared harder at you, arms crossed angrily over his chest.

“Why?” His voice was an angry growl.

“I don’t know. You just started doing it.” His eyes widened in surprise for a second. He growled again, his face hardening in annoyed anger.

“I don’t remember.” Your heard dropped and your face lowered.

“I …See…” You voice cracked. Why was it so painful for him to be so cold? Would he kill you this time? For real?

But… What else could you say? You loved the affection and attention he gave you. It made you feel happy, wanted. It was almost like a drug and already you wanted more doses of the other 17.

You wanted your 17 back.

The one with those soft, almost warm eyes. * The one you were sure you loved.

The one you loved.

Turning your back you forced yourself to walk away, not noticing the group of thugs that had started to come out of an alley and pause when they saw you. Exchanging nods and smirks they slunk back in to wait...

You may not have noticed, but 17 did, and he wrinkled his nose in disgust.

You didn’t know how the hell you were going to be able to walk back to your city. Since 17 kept flying you to and from places you had stopped using the car.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You paused when his cold voice cut through you again.

“Home.” You heard an annoyed sigh and gasped when an arm snaked around your waist and you were pulled against his body. You two lifted off and you stared at 17 in shock.

The way home was wordless and silent, and as soon as he dropped you off he left without a word…

He was pissed, confused and he didn’t know why.

It was a week this time. And again, there you were. 17 was seriously beginning to rethink he should kill you again. He should have done you in when he saw you that day. He never should have spoken. But he wanted to see the terror in your face, to torture you before killing you.

He laughed bitterly.

‘Like a cat playing with its food. But it looks like the food has gotten the better of the cat this time.’ 17 snarled internally and with a blast of energy shot himself faster through the air. How could this be happening?! Why was it?! He hated this! It made him out of control…. And weak…

17 was not weak!

Part 4

The sounds of explosions, smoke and ruins were the only things 17 needed to locate 18. Slowing down 17 descended into the clouds of smoke. Upon breaking through he was greeted by the sight of 18 glaring up at him, hands on her hips.

”Where were you? You were gone for seven whole days.” 18 glowered as 17 touched down on the ground.

”Nowhere important.” 17 responded nonchalantly, his hands sliding into his jeans back pockets. 18 raised a delicate golden brow.

“Oh? No where important huh?” 17 sighed in irritation when your face entered his mind.

“Not now. I feel like taking an edge off.” 18 smirked. Count on 17 to always be in the mood despite whatever happens. Although, he did seem unusually disturbed.

‘Something’s under his skin.’ 18 mused to herself.

“Something up?” 18 questioned as they readied to take flight. There was hardly a pause but 17’s voice was a bite.

“No. Now let it go.” 18 sighed. Why was 17 such a kid?

(1 Week later)

You listened to the radio in horror. Somehow, a part of you hoped, wished that he wouldn’t go back to his old ways. But as the announcer broadcasted…

The destructive duo had returned.

Your heart…


(6 Months Later)

Smoke billowed into the sky from the ruins that once were a prosperous city. The blonde android, 18, walked along on the side of a red car that lay on its side from being totaled sometime during the chaos of explosions and mayhem. Jumping off and landing on her feet, her hands habitually going back to her hips she smirked at 17 who stood with his hand leaning against a beaten column.

“Hey, ready to go?” 18 had noticed that 17 hadn’t disappeared in a while, which was a good thing. It was frustrating that whenever he disappeared that he’d come back all pissed off and disturbed. She was sick and tired of having 17 snap at her when he was like that.

Glancing back at his counterpart 17 smirked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Removing his hand and walking away he didn’t pay any mind as the column crumbled away as if it were made of sand.

“Good, this place is getting boring.” 17 sighed irritatedly as he walked by the blonde woman.

“You’re getting harder and harder to please, you know that?” Both began to leave the general area, unaware of the visitor they were about to receive.

“Yeah, so?” 18 shot back when they felt an energy up in the sky, and then a shadow descend behind them.

“How about experiencing your own death, androids?!” Both looked over and spotted a new face glaring them down, pure undeterred hatred burning in his green eyes. He growled through clenched teeth, hands fisted in front of him, trembling in his rage. He even had a sword strapped to his back. Whoever this guy was must have hated them a lot. (^__^ Trunks! But for the sake of this story I’m going to write him as an anonymous warrior.)

“Does that thrill you?! This will be your last joyride!” Both knew he seemed vaguely familiar from somewhere but they couldn’t care less to try and remember. Just another hero wannabe.

“Us die?” 18 mocked as she tucked some blonde hair behind her ear. “How funny. But! This won’t be!” 18 glared and lifted just off the ground, disappearing in a flash of speed and appearing in front of the warrior, throwing a punch into his jaw that threw him backwards into a destroyed building.

Both androids watched as the building collapsed on itself, but just as the debris started to tumble a blast of golden light pierced through the air. 18 dodged the blast as she charged through the air and the golden fighter* met up with her, throwing a fist into her rip cage that she caught with both hands.

“You wouldn’t hit a lady, would you?” 18 grunted as the warrior watched her push his fist back. Having enough with this the fighter suddenly unsheathed a sword he had strapped to his back and swung he blade across in front of him, forcing 18 to jump.

Landing on the tip of the sword 18 crossed her arms and smirked.

“That’s not fair. I’m unarmed you know.” In another surge of anger the warrior pulled his sword back and swung again quickly as 18 fell to the ground in surprise, only just cutting her hair shorter on one side.

“Hey! That doesn’t grow back you punk!” The warrior smirked as he lifted his sword to strike downward on 18.

“Allow me to even it out.” Growling 18 called for her counterpart.

“17!” Almost heroic it was when 17 charged in and intercepted the strike, allowing 18 to jump away. The warrior slashed wildly down at 17’s head.

“17! Look out!” 17 dodged with ease and when the next hit came he put a stop to the golden fighter’s movements by grabbing the end of the blade. 17 smirked.

“I see your… Point.”

With a wild cry of rage the golden fighter jumped back and flew up into the air where 18 and 17 simultaneously blasted him together. Both looked on in surprise when after the smoke from the blast faded the golden haired one was still standing.

‘This guy’s tougher than anyone we’ve fought in the past.’ They watched in fascination more than anything else when he smirked and made rapid signs, drawing out more and more energy before bombarding them with golden balls of energy.

However, to 17’s surprise when one struck him in the head, which wasn’t new, he saw his whole world go black. 17 stumbled, the blasts still smashing into the ground around him.

‘What the hell?! These shouldn’t have any affect on me! They’re too weak!’ When the blasts stopped 17 was staring at the ground, his sight returning to him. Grabbing the side of his head he growled, not noticing the dismay of the fighter facing off against them.

Suddenly intense pain exploded in his head and it took 17 everything he had not to double over or cry out. The pain burned and pounded relentlessly, and in an attempt to bare with the pain 17 fisted his hands tightly, teeth clenched.

Then he saw your face…

A realization dawned on him…

(6 Hours Later)

It was unbearable… The quiet. It wasn’t the same…

It was…


You felt your eyes heat up as the lonely ache in your heart grew.

Kenichi didn’t make it.

He died just the day before his sixteenth birthday; you still had his present wrapped up in your closet.

You’d been alone for two months now. But it only felt like yesterday that he was right next to you, sleeping, and then talking… You even missed the humming and beeping of his machinery. Sometimes you’d think you could hear it and you’d go out into the living room, but nothing was there. It only made your heart hollow out more.

The man that you loved was terrorizing the planet, killing innocent people and your little brother you tried so hard to protect, to keep alive, was dead.

You were utterly alone.

Eating a dinner that consisted of a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water had become standard. You couldn’t bare to cook an actual meal, even if it was just for yourself. It was just too painful.

Out of love for your brother you’d always made his favorites, and when it came to cooking you’d always be faced with those choices that always sounded good. At least you liked peanut butter a lot.

Washing and drying the lone plate and cup you put it away and got ready for bed. Stripping off your clothes you slipped into a pair of dark blue pajamas but stopped when you thought you heard something. You paused in the process of brushing your hair, listening.

You didn’t hear it again and went back to brushing.

It was silent for a moment.

You gasped when you heard what sounded like a hard tap on something, maybe glass?

Fear sprung forth in your chest and sank into your stomach. The city was desolate, abandoned. You were a girl living alone. Who would come here? There were no lights on except in your bedroom. No on should know anyone lived here.

Cautiously you walked to the doorway of your bedroom where the tapping grew louder and your hearted started to race, your eyes wide. It was coming from the back sliding glass door.

Whether it was because of the stress building and building, or because you were generally afraid of a murderer or rapist, you began to panic. Your breathing came quicker and you thought of 17. Did he come back?

To finish you off?

Your body started trembling uncontrollably as you tried to force yourself to move toward the door, afraid to go anywhere near it. In fact, you had a mind to run back into your room, shut the door and lock it. Maybe escape through your window if the assailant forced his way in. Then the unthinkable happened.

A hand smashed through the glass.

Your throat tightened, a scream stuck as your knees buckled and you fell down, you couldn’t force yourself to get up. You couldn’t force yourself to scream passed the constriction of your throat even though the pressure of the scream was there. The figure tore its way through the glass and pushed its way through the curtains.

You stared in horror.


17 walked into your living room, his blue eyes almost scolding. He saw you on the floor, paralyzed with fear and raised a delicate raven brow. You could tell by the eyes, this was not your 17.

Bu then…

Those eyes glanced around the room, and when they came back to you…

They softened, became lighter.

Almost like your 17’s but… Not quite.

“Where’s Kenichi? I didn’t feel his energy when I was coming here.” You gasped, that voice… It was deeper, rougher than the sweet tongue of the 17 who lived with you for a week but at the same time… It held a softness to it, maybe just slightly covered with sugar rather than saturated with honey.

Your felt your eyes heat up as that same question repeated in your mind. He walked over toward you and knelt down in front of you, staring into your eyes softly. Your lips trembled and you let out a wail.

17 was taken by surprise when the lamented cry left your lips and you hurled yourself into his chest, nearly knocking him off balance. When he regained himself he looked down at you, one arm wrapping around your shaking shoulders lightly while his free hand ran down your head softly. Stroking like always.

“_______?” He uttered your name softly.

“H-he’s gone!” You cried and 17’s eyes widened. So… Your brother had finally met his end. 17 was pretty sure he would die eventually but he hadn’t thought it would be this soon. He looked down at you and pulled you closer to his chest, sitting down on the floor and pulling you into his lap.

He sat there and let you wail in his arms, his hand still stroking down your head and back before raising and starting again from the top.

After a while you calmed down and just sat in his arms, trembling from the overexcitement that had drained so much of your energy. Silence enveloped you two even longer still, before 17 finally spoke. But not of your brother, he knew better than that.

“I remember everything now.” You looked up at him with confused, tired eyes. “I still don’t really understand how it happened but at least I understand one thing.” You were confused. He smiled, the smile so soft and warm, caring it seemed out of place on his face. But as you stared into his molten eyes, so full, you were sucked in.

“I understand that I love you.” You gawked and he chuckled. “I’m not sure how it happened but it seems I had some weird glitch, a malfunction. And for whatever reason my memory banks were filled with my impressions and whatnot of you, and for some reason… I fell in love. Tch, me talking about love. How laughable.” You smiled. That’s what it was.

A conversion of the two.

“So basically, you’re saying there’s no two 17’s anymore?” He looked down at you and nodded.

“I was in a fight and a ki blast I guess did the trick. Scrambled everything around, and it was a weak blast too, it’s hurtful of my pride.” You laughed lightly at his pout and he smiled at you again, eyes lighting up. He liked it when you were in a better mood. “Anyway, with the damage my self-repair system activated. And when it repaired the scrambling caused by the blast it also fixed my malfunction.” 17 explained. “So yeah, I guess you could say we became one. We were Reconfigured.” You weren’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad, but at least he loved you again.

Now if only he would stop killing people and destroying cities.

Maybe if you hit him hard enough over the head with a frying pan…

Well, it worked in movies.

You felt a yawn coming on and tried to stifle it, but it failed in the end. 17 chuckled and placed a kiss to your forehead before taking you in his arms and standing up. He walked into your bedroom and gently laid you on your bed.

You smiled up at him tiredly from where you lay on your back and wrapped your arms around his neck while he tried to lay you down. 17 paused and smirked, however, it faded when your eyes glassed over. He could tell you were going to cry again. Pressing his forehead to yours he sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, his torso leaned over you.

“I-I’m so glad.” You whispered but 17, of course, caught it.

”Of what?” He replied nonchalantly, his hands moving and wrapping around your torso to be more comfortable.

“That you’re here.” 17 smiled, though it was different from any smile he’d shown before. It was almost… Sad. He knew why you were acting like this. He didn’t know how long ago Kenichi passed away, but he knew you’d been alone, stuck in this house, in this abandoned city all by yourself.

You must have been incredibly lonely.

“Shhhh…. I’m here now.” 17 soothed, his voice sounding like velvet as he shifted, your hands limply falling from his neck and got on the bed, lying on his side by you. Instinctually you turned onto your side and allowed 17 to rewrap his arms around your wais and pull you against his body, affectively spooning you.

“Thank you.” You breathed, calming down now that you could feel his body protectively wrapped around your own. You were getting drowsy now.



“Will you stay with me this time? I… Don’t want to be alone anymore.” 17 pulled you closer. Maybe if 17 really loved you like he said; if he promised to live with you like before…. Then he wouldn’t destroy anymore too.

“Sure.” Was his careless sounding response, but you knew it was basically his form of ‘yes.’

When you woke up you dazedly gazed around while the remnants of sleep wore off. Sitting up you looked to your right where 17 had been and saw the spot empty. Your heart quivered.

‘Was it a dream?’ You frowned but decided to have a look around the house to see if you could find him anywhere. Standing up and stalking out of the room you searched, and to your dismay-your home was empty.

You felt your heart plummet into you stomach and you sank to your knees. So, you’d imagined it all. You felt your eyes warm with pressure and stared down at the floor, not even bothering to try and stop the tears.

You were alone.


“What’s wrong?” You could almost picture his voice asking, as if he could see you sitting on the floor in tears. You put your face in your hands and curled in on yourself when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

You gasped and jumped, jerking your head behind you and up into worried narrow blue eyes. Your mouth opened but nothing came out. The worry faded and 17 sighed, wrapping an arm around your waist and straightening up, easily lifting you in the process.

When you were up you put your feet on the ground, spun around and threw yourself into him, arms wrapping securely around his waist. 17 smiled and gently wrapped both arms around your upper back.

“I-I thought last night was a dream!” You were crying again. Great. You’d been crying a lot lately. But who can blame you? As if reading your mind, 17 chuckled.

“Since when did you cry so much?” You burrowed your face deeper into his chest.

“Since Kenichi died. Since you made me fall in love with you.” 17 gently grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back from him so that your eyes could meet. His face was… Surprised.

“Say that again?” He said it like a question but it felt more like a command, or maybe… If you squinted: a plead.

“I’m in love with you.” It was surprisingly easy to say, not difficult at all like you would have thought. You weren’t stammering, blushing, or freaking out. You weren’t nervous or scared. You just felt your chest warm and you smiled.

He grabbed your arms firmer and leaned down quickly; smashing his lips into yours so suddenly you were confused. 17’s eyes slid closed and when the confusion quickly cleared, you decided to do the same, wrapping your arms around his neck while he pulled you closer.

You felt his tongue, wet and warm slide into the crevice of your lips, making them tingle as you opened your mouth. 17 heaved a sigh as his tongue moved into your mouth and met yours. Massaging and sliding against one another you both tried to hug each other tighter when 17 pulled you off the ground and to his chest.

Wrapping your legs around his waist you earned a low groan into the kiss from 17 who blindly, with eyes closed, found his way into your bedroom.

You were in a daze, feeling almost high. So much so you barely noticed the discard of clothes, or that you were being moved around. You came back to reality when your back hit the bed, jolting you, and 17 hovered over you. You smiled at him and he smiled back. Putting his right hand in your left he stared down at you, eyes warm and molten.

“I’ll only ask you once, which is about the best generosity you’ll ever get from me. Regarding this situation.” He spoke lowly, his voice husky, heavy with lust. You stared up into his eyes, listening to him over the pounding of your heart.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” He posed the ultimate question and you grinned.

“Wow, that is generous.”

“I just don’t want you to regret this when you come down from this emotional high your having. I don’t want to deal with it.” You laughed lightly, he really sounded like a jerk there, but at least he was being honest.

“No way. Do it. If I regret it, then we’ll do it again.” 17 quirked a brow.

“That’s a strange proposition.” You laughed, totally unaware of your childish behavior, you were just too excited.

“Well, in normal, healthy relationships, the people have sex a lot, right?”

“Yes. It means their attraction for each other hasn’t died down.” You smiled.

“I want to be like that. Like this. Hopelessly in love for as long as I can get away with.” He chuckled.

“I really think you are high now. What does that have to do with your earlier statement?” You made a sound almost akin to a giggle.

“Just humor me.” A smile drifted across his lips, and as you found yourself staring at them, they lowered and pressed to your own.

“Okay. I’ll do that.” He whispered against your lips.

He situated himself between your legs and pressed up into you. You gasped, back arching in response. It was uncomfortable, but not all that painful. It bit at your nerves a bit as you took in deep deliberate breaths to try and calm down and relax. 17 paused, hand leaving your own so that he could use both to cup your face and take possession your kiss-swollen lips.

You kissed him back fervently, trying to snatch his lips as he pulled away playfully. You scowled at him and he chuckled before coming back and kissing you, tongue plunging into the mouth you opened immediately into the kiss. He explored and played with your tongue in an erotic dance as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

You felt it now only slightly; distracted by the passionate lip lock you were currently in. 17 was good all right. He knew how to distract you from the uncomfortable sensation with a pleasurable one. He groaned into the kiss, feeling his nerves screaming at him in pleasure. You gasped when he pulled away, breath slightly labored and sat up on his hands, body firmly pressed against your own. You panted as you stared up into his face, his eyes swirling with all sorts of things, none of which you could properly name since your brain was so fogged.

Slowly he gave his hips an experimental roll and you gasped, arching again and he gave a low gasp in pleasure. Slowly he started to rock his hips, adjusting you to the motion. Slowly you felt a heat build up in your body, making you gasp again as it spread into your abdomen and struck a cord in you. You gasped sharply and your hips jerked against his, earning a mix between a moan and a hiss from 17.

“Don’t do that!” 17 growled and rocked his hips a little faster, goaded on by your over enthusiastic response. That little jerk he hadn’t expected had almost pushed him over the edge. He wasn’t ready for the experience to be over yet.

You moaned when the pleasure grew and grew, becoming hotter and hotter. With every thrust you felt the pleasure explode into a new height, sliding ferociously along a wall of sensitive pleasure nerves before striking you into ecstasy.

You wrapped your legs around him, your arms loosing heir grip on his neck and settling on his shoulders. Your fingers flexed as you tried to make a conscious effort not to dig your nails into his skin, but your mind was being ripped away from you.

Faster and harder he moved; his thrusts filled with a passion that equally met your own as you desperately moved against him, driven by instinct. He struck you again, the pleasure that had been building reaching its peak and exploding over as you screamed his name. 17 took in a sharp gasp when your muscles tightened around him, squeezing him to completion. With a loud guttural groan he released, exploding into your quivering body that was trying to come down from the orgasm you just experienced.

After a moment of you both panting, your mouths met sloppily in a tongue-tied kiss that fell around everywhere. 17 let himself sink down till he rested comfortably on top of you, where the kiss calmed down and your lips stayed glued together as tongues roved around each other. Pulling back from the kiss for more air you both stared into each other’s eyes. 17 smirked, his eyes looking lazy and warm, glowing from the height of the experience. Rolling off of you 17 slid an arm under your back, turned you over and pulled you to his chest, lifting his knees behind yours to force them to mimic him. Curling around you protectively he held you in his tight embrace.

You sighed when your breathing returned to normal and snuggled your back into him more, sinking into the feeling of the soft warm mattress under you and 17’s body.

“So, do you regret it? Now that you’ve come off your high?” 17 chuckled, already pretty much knowing your answer. You laughed yourself and found his hand, bringing it to your lips and kissing it.

“Wow. It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.” You mocked and 17 chuckled again. “I wouldn’t mind making it again in the near future though.” You felt his nose in your hair and he breathed in deeply, letting out a content sigh.

“Sure.” You smiled.

You were pretty damn happy.

You couldn’t imagine anything else better.

You couldn’t think of the future.

You couldn’t think of the past.

You couldn’t even think about the world outside your bedroom.

You could only think about this place, and the feelings you were experiencing…

At this moment.

Part 5

It felt great.

You felt great.

You’d never felt better.

You snuggled into your blankets and curled slightly when you felt the body behind you also move in closer, pulling you more comfortably to his chest. You grinned, your eyes still closed as the remnants of sleep started to ebb.

Slowly, your eyes opened and you were greeted with a bright golden light bathing you room from the blinds you realized you’d left open last night. Oh well, it’s not like anyone could see, since there was no one else left in this city but little ol’ you, and now 17.

17 shifted and you looked behind you, slightly surprised to see his blue eyes wide-awake and watching you with a smile on his face. That soft smile that a year ago you would never have thought possible. You smiled in return.

“Good morning.” He hummed and placed a tender kiss on your lips. You kissed back when your lips met before shifting and trying to stretch when 17 pulled away. 17 chuckled.

“You slept like a baby last night.” You blinked.

“What do you mean?” He smirked.

“I was watching you sleep.” Your cheeks heated up and an embarrassed smile made its way to your face. “Before when I was here you slept like the dead. No expression or movement, but last night you seemed pretty happy.” Your blush grew ten shades of red and 17 chuckled again.

“You’re cute when you do that.” Hew hummed as he kissed your forehead and you whined.

“Stop teasing me!” He laughed a little before getting out of bed and standing up.

“Does the baby want some breakfast?” Your stomach growled but you pouted.

“Stop teasing me.” You grumbled and 17 chuckled as he grabbed his boxers and jeans and slid them on. You couldn’t help but marvel at his gorgeous, well-muscled body as you watched him, and when a smirk upturned the profile of his lips and your eyes met… You squealed and fell back into the covers and covered your face. Crap. You hadn’t meant for 17 to catch you ogling.

“Glad you like what you see.” 17 teased and you could have sworn your face was going to explode from the heat. He was teasing you way too much this morning! You felt the bed sink in and so you held the covers tightly over your head. You felt them being pulled on and you held them more stubbornly. 17 chuckled again; my, he’d been doing that a lot. 17 must have been in just as good a mood as you were.

Despite the teasing.

“Come on, I need to see the baby’s face.” He was STILL teasing you!

You pouted, bottom lip jutting out like a little kid. If he could see your expression right now he really would have been laughing, and you weren’t going to give him the pleasure of doing so. You were finally able to force your face into a glare and you let him pull the covers back.

He still laughed.

“Have I upset her highness?” You crossed your arms over your chest sternly and he chuckled as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss to your forehead again.

“All right. All right. I won’t tease you anymore this morning.” You smiled and 17 smiled back. Funny, he looked so sweet when he was smiling. His other more popular expression (which you hadn’t seen directed to you but more then a couple of times) was the terrifying expression of a mass murderer.

You felt your chest warm and swell when you remembered his promise last night.

He was going to live with you…

So he would stop killing too?


The rest of the morning was the perfect copy of a young married couples home after their first night of consummation. 17 was with you wherever you went, you’d called in sick just for this happy day and you two basically flirted all day long, with frequent trips to the bedroom as the result.

You were sitting at home, watching a chic-flick by yourself.


You needed food for dinner.

Why hadn’t you gone?

Well, that’s obvious.

17 did.

And you were worried.

He wasn’t exactly a celebrity but his face was well known.

You tried to reason with him but he stubbornly told you it’d be all right, grabbed your list and took off before you could do anything.

You were also worried about him in general.

He wasn’t going to do anything bad…

Was he?

You got your answer quickly enough. A loud explosion and the whole house shook. You cried out and jumped up from the sofa when another explosion stabbed at your eardrums and things started toppling to the floor and breaking with sudden high pitched shrieks. The front door tore open and you were vaguely able to tell it was 17 due to the speed at which he moved.

“Get out!” It wasn’t until the ceiling caved that the words processed, but as you watched the rubble fall-you were unable to move.

And then your world plunged into darkness.

Feeling came back slowly and your eyes, you hadn’t realized were squeezed shut, opened. Your head hurt really bad, and your legs too…

Your eyes heated up.

You were in pain all over.

What had happened?

You gasped and looked up when you heard a grunt above you, but it was too dark to see. However, you knew who it was.



“Don’t! Move!” He cut off in a hissing grunt. He had at least four tons of steel and cement on his back and it was not exactly the lightest thing in the world. It would be a lot easier to just stand up out of it, but he had to throw it away since you were under him.

Can’t have you getting crushed now.

“I-I’m sorry.” You mumbled and heard him give a short laugh.

”Don’t worry. It’s not your fault.” Finally he was able to shift the weight around and use his left hand to throw some of the debris off of him, and using his back to toss the other off. You were bathed in the bright rays of the sun, finally able to see the life of the world again.

You looked over to17 and gasped. He wasn’t hurt really, other than a few scratches on his face, but his clothes were torn up and he was covered in dirt.

“17 what-“

“17!” Suddenly you were slammed against 17’s chest and shot off into the air when rays of light smashed into what was left of your home and exploding. You watched from the sky, arms around 17’s neck with his arms wrapped around your waist. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left.

You just then realized; you had heard someone else’s voice. A woman’s voice call out 17’s name. You looked around in the air and facing you both, stood the blonde android. Her beautiful blue eyes were cold, bitter and narrowed in hatred and anger, her fists tightened into balls of rage.

“17! What’s the meaning of this?! What the hell are you doing with this human?” 18 snarled and 17 smirked.

“How is it any of your damn business?” 18 growled and put her hands together. Instantly 17 took off when another blast of light shot through where you two had been not even seconds before. 17 took off at a frighteningly fast speed, trying to elude 18 who now chased after you two as you clutched to his chest, eyes squeezed shut.

“Once I get the chance I need you to get as far from here as possible.” He whispered in your ear and you nodded. “This is going to get ugly.” He explained and suddenly, spinning around (which made your head swim) 17 shot a powerful blast at 18 who hadn’t the time to dodge the great speed, crying out when she was hit and falling from the sky.

“Like a fly.” 17 joked and quickly spun back around, and shooting off to somewhere to land. Your stomach was doing flip-flops and you were pretty sure you were going to pass out or puke. You weren’t sure which.

17 landed and released you, which you stumbled down onto your hands and knees, taking in deep breaths. You felt his hand on your shoulder and looked back at him, your vision spinning. He gave you a mix between the special smile he always gave you and the cocky battle smirk he always wore and kissed your lips before flying off quickly in another direction to lead 18 away from your current location.

You forced yourself to your stumbling feet that felt like jelly and started to walk. You remembered what 17 had told you and you were going to do it.

However, not all went well.

All you did was take in a sharp breath.

Your eyes widened when pain shot from your shoulder.

Your legs crippled and you fell.

“No!” You couldn’t hear anything, not even 17’s cry, your ears were ringing and you were in so much pain…

It hurt so much…

You were unaware of 17 and 18 duking it out with lightning fast punches and kicks with the occasional ki blast.

“What’s the matter? Angry about your girlfriend?” 18 taunted but unlucky for her, the taunt earned her a good kick to the face that threw her into some already ruined buildings.

17 made it back to you and gently rolled you over only to see you were silently crying.

“Don’t worry.” He whispered into your ear and you reached out with your bloody left hand, which you had held to your shoulder. He placed his palms over your right shoulder that had been shot. You touched his face and drew in a shaky breath, leaving a bloody mark on his cheek.

“I-I’m sorry.” 17 snarled, something he hadn’t done since you first met.

“Don’t give me that crap right now!” The warmth encompassed your shoulder, fading out the pain. When the warmth faded, you lost consciousness, your hand dropping and leaving a crimson smear down 17’s cheek. 17’s head was down, black hair obscuring his face as he pulled his hands back where they tightened into such tight balls that they shook.

“Oh? Oops? She dead?” 17 grit his teeth; his shoulders shook with tension. So far, he’d been trying to do this without killing his sister, which was why he attained the few injuries he had.

He stood, head still down, the atmosphere around him tense and ominous.

“That’s what happens when you get close to a weak human.” She laughed and 17’s rage reached a height it never had before.

No more…

He wouldn’t be sparing with 18 anymore.

He raised his head and glared up into 18’s eyes.

“Oh? Mad now are we? What’s wrong with you? You must be malfunctioning. Why not come back and we’ll take a look?” 18 tried civilly and 17’schest burned…

His heart flared…

“No.” Was his simple answer and 18 glared again. “I’ve been reconfigured. There is nothing…” His voice was calm but he was having to force his words out.

“There is nothing wrong with me.” The atmosphere suddenly became violent, blood thirst. His voice was murder-intent.

He didn’t want to talk.

He wanted to destroy.

He wanted to kill.

He wanted to purge.

Purge his enemy from existence.

His enemy-18.

Suddenly a golden light flashed through the area and both 17 and 18 paused. Both looked over when they saw a familiar face with spiked golden hair and a sword strapped to his back. He spun around, eyes hard in a glare and fists tensed in front of him. *

”Haven’t you two had enough?!” 17 glared.

“I don’t have time to deal with you.” The golden fighter, known as Trunks paused when he heard 17’s comment and pointedly looked at the raven-haired android. Something dawned on 17’s face and he looked back at Trunks.

“Hey. You care about humans, right?” The fighter didn’t know what he was getting at, but cautiously nodded.

“Then take _____ and get out of here.” He pointed to your crumbled form on the ground and Trunks gasped. He quickly flew over toward you. Gently lifting your head he stared into your unconscious face before checking your vital signs. You were alive. Trunks’ teeth crushed together in an attempt to control his anger.

”Why do you guys keep doing this?!”

“Just get her out of here!” Trunks paused, shock striking his features and instantaneously calming his anger. Then 17’s words registered.

Android 17? Wanting to get a human out of danger? Wanting to save a human? And further more, why did it look like 17 and 18 were about to face off?

17 looked down at Trunks with cold blue eyes, but when they rested on the girl in his arms Trunks saw….

He could have sworn…

There was softness there…

Gathering your limp body up in his arms Trunks gave a stern nod before lifting into the air.

”Why are you doing this?” 17 made no response, just glared back at 18. “This… Why do you care about this girl?” 17 gave a short laugh and smirked.

”That’s a good one. I haven’t figured that out yet.” He glanced at Trunks. “I just do. It’s totally irrational. Not to mention illogical.” He looked back at 18 as he spoke.

“Anyway, just get her somewhere safe. Otherwise when I’m done here I’ll have to hunt you down to the ends of the earth.” Trunks smirked.

“Gotcha.” The energy around Trunks spiked and he shot off in the direction toward his home.

“Oh no you don’t!” 18 lunged and threw a ki blast at the warrior’s retreating form. Trunks gasped when the ball of light approached and prepared to shield you with his body when 17 suddenly appeared and single-handedly smacked the energy ball away, changing its path into the already abandoned city that cried out in the explosion when it hit.

“Just go!” Nodding Trunks quickly took off.

‘What’s going on?!’

Trunks didn’t really understand anything that just happened. He had expected them to be destroying yet another city, and for both to fight him and try to kill him. But instead 17 was protecting a human girl that he apparently cared about.

Since when did 17 have a heart? Or care for others for that matter?

‘None of this makes any sense!’ He speeded up to reach his destination.

“Trunks! You’re back so soon!” A blue-ish, green haired woman came out of a medium sized dome home with a smile on her aged face. Relieved that her son was all right. However, the smile dropped and she gasped when she saw the girl in Trunks’ arms.

“Trunks! What happened! Never mind that! Bring her in!” Trunks quickly ran inside and the door was slid shut.

Trunks waited outside the room, seeing as how you were a girl he couldn’t be in there while his Mom examined you. He was still running over all sorts of questions and scenarios in his head, trying to figure out the new 17. He was hoping that when you woke up you’d be able to give him some answers.

Bulma came out of the room with a smile on her face and looked at her son lovingly. He stood up quickly.

“Is she okay?!”

“Calm down, honey. She’s fine. I found a good deal of blood and a hole in the shoulder of her shirt but there was no injury. Other than a bunch of bruises and cuts she’s totally fine.” Trunks heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

“Come on, you can tell me all about how you found her. For now, let’s let her sleep.” Trunks nodded and followed his Mom away from your room. Where unknown to them, you stirred, and whimpered in your nightmare.

“What?! Seriously!” Bulma cried and Trunks nodded, arms folded over the table. He stared down into his reflection in the black coffee in front of him. Bulma fell back into her chair she had jumped forward out of.

“Wow. I can’t believe it. 17 actually fell in love with a human girl.” Trunks looked up quickly.

“We don’t know that. We just know he cares about her.” Bulma laughed and wagged her finger in front of her face.

“Don’t underestimate a woman’s intuition Trunks. It’s obvious if he went to all that trouble. He’s gotta be in love with her.” Trunks stared at his Mom, at a loss for words.

Could she be right?

Is 17 in love with a human?

Could 17 even love?

He’s a machine, right?

A cry alerted them both and they jumped up from their seats. They instantly knew it came from you since there were no other people in their home and quickly made it to your room. Trunks quickly opened the door and there you were, awake, on the bed, curled up.

Cautiously Trunks walked into the room, and when your glittering, tearful eyes met his, his heart dropped slightly. It was obvious that you were terrified.

“Hello. My name’s Trunks, and this is my Mom.” You looked behind him and saw an older woman who smiled welcomingly and gave a small wave. You shrunk back, confused. So, he helped you? He seemed kind of tense though.

“17 told me to bring you here.” He answered after a short pause; this would be the ultimate test. This would tell Trunks all he needed to know about your relationship, and if his Mom was right.

“17! He told you to bring me here?!” You stood up on the bed and stumbled over to the floor; lucky for you Trunks caught you before you actually fell and hit the floor. You hung on him and grabbed the sleeves of his jacket.

“Please! Help him!” Trunks felt this world stop. Everything around him went black and his heart froze, his mind went blank for a moment.



Help 17?

A long dragged out moment of silence followed.

“What’s… Going on?” Trunks forced out finally and you gasped, realizing how insane you just sounded.

“All my life I’ve hated them, tried to beat them… They’ve killed so many people without a second thought…” Trunks forced through his grit teeth. “So why now? What made him change? What’s… Happening?”

You were silent a moment, not knowing how in the world to explain the fantastical event of 17 changing. Not without sounding unbelievable anyway,

“He-he’s different now!” You cried. “I was really confused to when it first started but he’s been reconfigured. He won’t hurt people anymore! He loves me! He promised…” Your voice grew quiet and you looked down as you finally stood on your own feet instead of hanging on Trunks. “He promised to live with me… Peacefully.” You whispered and Trunks froze.

“Did he… Really promise you that?” You looked up at him.

“I know it sounds crazy but... Yes. He promised. He said he would never leave me alone.”


“So please! Help him! If he destroys 18 he’ll regret it!”


“He told me once that he was a lot stronger than 18, and that she could never hurt him. The fact that I think it’s dragging out like this is because he’s trying not to destroy her. I think… He wants to change her too.”

You turned around, not wanting to look into their faces as you tried to solidify your own renegade thoughts.

“If he destroys her, she’ll never have gotten a second chance! I’m certain, he wants to give her the same chance he got with me.”

“And what if she doesn’t change? What then?” Trunks asked, voice hard and stern.

“I… I’m not sure.” Trunks sighed after a moment.

“What if 17 betrays us? You?” You spun around and glared, your chest flaring with anger at the accusation.

“Never! 17 would never do that to me!” You glared and after a moment…

Trunks smiled.

A sad, bitter smile.

He didn’t necessarily like the idea of helping his long time enemy but…

If it truly is the way it appears…

Then 17 was no longer an enemy…

But an ally.

You sat in the kitchen, drinking tea silently with the woman you’d learned to be called Bulma. She was Trunks’-the boy who brought you to safety-Mom. She was really nice although a bit curious. She asked you all sorts of questions about you and how you met 17, how your relationship became what it was. You were happy to tell her everything. She didn’t have that same intense atmosphere as Trunks.

“Wow. All that because of a malfunction and one lucky hit, huh? Just goes to show you, fate is an accidental thing.” You both smiled and laughed at her remark when the front door opened. You both stood, tense and eager, and maybe even a little afraid.

Jeans and short black hair came into view and then, warm blue eyes matching a warm smile were directed to you. You hurried over to 17 and through yourself into him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him as fiercely as you could. Lucky for you 17 wasn’t sporting any major injuries other than the fact that he looked terribly beat up.

17 hugged you back gently when Trunks came in from behind him, 18 unconscious in his arms. You gasped when you saw her and you and 17 both watched Trunks put her on the couch in the room connected to the kitchen.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve got a tough road ahead of us if we’re going to reform 18. Not to mention, it’s not exactly relaxing to have her in my house.” 17 released you and walked into the living room.

“I know.” He answered and Bulma hesitantly walked over to the former enemy of earth.

You watched the two, awed by the atmosphere around them. Trunks wasn’t tense or angry and 17 was being so casual. It made you wonder what happened when Trunks went to help 17.

“Hey.” Bulma called gently and 17 looked at her and nodded.

Bulma and Trunks both saw that his eyes weren’t as warm when they were on you, but they weren’t the eyes of a killer.

They were the eyes of a person.

The eyes of someone they could trust.

“I just wanted to say, you chose a good girl to fall in love with.” Your face flushed and you looked to the floor when 17 glanced over at you and smirked.

“I know.” Your face got even redder.

“Well, I’m not sure exactly how to go on from here, but what exactly are we to do now?” Trunks brought out into the open and it was silent for a long moment.

“I know!” Bulma cried, making everyone jump slightly as she ran out of the room, and a few seconds later returned with a poster sized paper and a blue marker. She quickly wrote something down and the picked up the paper, holding it in front of her.

~Project Hope! *~

“Mom?” She laughed.

“Well, since you two nearly destroyed everything on earth don’t you think it’s logical we try to rebuild?” 17’s face became surprised a moment but then relaxed back into his usual cocky smirk.

“Won’t exactly be easy. Especially for me since my face is so well known.” Bulma nodded.

“Yeah, I agree. But, don’t you think you could do a little redemption?” 17 glanced at you and noticed how fondly you were looking at the poster. He looked back and nodded.

“Yeah. I can do that.”

“Great! We should make preparations! Project Hope!”

You walked over to Bulma.

“Can I draw something on it?” Bulma smiled and set the poster down.

“Just a sec.” She quickly disappeared and came back with a box full of markers. “I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we all draw something?”

“You’re kidding.” 17 laughed and Bulma shook her head.

“Nope! You’re drawing too!”

You dug around and found a red marker and drew a bunch of red hearts around the poster. You turned around and faced 17.

“Come on!” You were so happy and excited. You couldn’t wait! And you wanted 17 to be there every moment.

17 smiled and took the marker before bending over the low table to draw something. But as you all quickly realized, he didn’t draw anything, he wrote words.

Words that each of you found oddly powerful coming from the man who once struck terror into the hearts of earth’s people.

Love, Destiny, Strength, Character, Heart.

“Wow 17. I didn’t know you knew how to be so sweet.” Bulma teased and 17 smirked.

“I didn’t.” He glanced at you and all eyes were on you again.

“What?” You blushed and everyone in the room laughed.

Trunks was next, and he drew a large heart with two swords crossing over it.

“A strong heart will be necessary.” He smiled, and that’s when you were hit with inspiration.

“Oh!” You quickly grabbed an unusually thick black marker. At the bottom, in big, elegant cursive, bold letters you wrote one word. And that one word, more than the rest, held in it a magic greater than any other.


Yes!!!!!!!!!! All done! 17 is complete!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the ride! It was fun doing this! Also, does anyone want an aftermath, or you could call it an epilogue. But does anyone want on? So far only one person has actually said they want one!

* I know. Let’s just pretend shall we? I highly doubt he can actually heal since it’s the opposite of his purpose. -__-*

*Okay, just as a note here since everyone seems to keep asking about how certain parts of 17 works.

If you remember, 18 marries Krillin and even has a kid, where Krillin reveals that she was once human, that Dr. Gero remodeled her.

Also, Androids, 19, 20 ect. Couldn’t use their own energy. They had to absorb it. I figure; this is because machines can’t produce their own energy.

See where I’m getting at?

Basically, since 17 can use his own energy without absorbing, and given 18’s background, I’m going to say they’re about the same in that respect.

So 17 used to be human and was remodeled like 18.

Okay! My explanation is done!

*Hahaha! I wrote that and I remembered Gohan and his perils in High School. It just made me laugh when I wrote it.

*Since this is AU where this could have been one of the possible futures, it’s safe to say there may have been a future where the time machine hadn’t gotten to be built. So Trunks didn’t go back in time. Just for this story.

*Hah! If any of you remember, this was what Bulma wrote on the time machine when she sent Trunks back to help Goku and inform everyone of the androids. You could say this is the big thing that happens in this future. Rather than going back in time to save that time, they are able to mend their current time.

Anyways! I hope you guys enjoyed this work! Please review and tell me whatcha think! I think the actual very ending of this one is good. It was really sweet.

Okay! Piccolo one here I come!

Bye bye!

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