"The Distance of Forever" by Isis san

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So, I'm thinking my new stories are pretty predictable. But what can I say? I adore Bleach and my imagination runs wild when Ichigo is involved.

So, I decided to take up this challenge.

When I say that these take place in the No Right universe, I mean the story called No Right. You know, my first ever Bleach fic, which I'm in a love/hate relationship with? It would help you to read that first (no this is not a subtle advertisment), but whatever you feel like doing.

Let's begin shall we?

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1. Introduction

“Hey! You actually came!” Inoue Orihime’s voice echoed in your ears.

You nodded timidly, looking around to see if Rangiku was there as well. She and Inoue were the only people you knew decently so far. The only ones you didn’t know-even on an acknowledging level-seemed to be the boy with bright orange hair and the short girl with dark hair.

Inoue dragged you over to them and they looked at you questioningly. You were silent as she introduced you to her companions.

“And this, King-chan, is Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia!” Inoue beamed.

Kuchiki immediately curtsied in front of you.

“Why hello~ King-chan~! It’s wonderful to meet you~!” She exclaimed almost too cheerfully. You thought you noticed Kurosaki grimace at her behavior, but you put it out of your mind.

“Oh! I’m pleased to meet you as well!” You immediately curtsied back, smiling a bit too wide for your comfort. You really didn’t like faking happiness. Then you turned to the boy.

“Pleased to meet you.” You extended your hand, waiting. He merely stared at your hand. You looked at it, then drew it back.

“Oh sorry! The Japanese usually bow when they greet each other right? Sorry!” You bowed slightly, ready for all of them to laugh at you.

“You know. It’s ok.” You looked up. Kurosaki had bowed as well, but straightened. You did the same, never taking your eyes off of him.

“You’re foreign aren’t you?” You stared, almost in awe, as you watched him reach out his hand.

“I’m sorry. I’m usually never good at introductions.” He murmured.

You looked up at him.

“Pleased to meet you.”

Almost cautiously, you reached out your hand again, grasping it firmly in his own. His fingers were warm, gently tickling your wrist as he shook your hand. You looked back up at him, smiling softly.

“Pleased to meet you.”


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