"Absolute Perfection" by Equif

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Italian part inspired by izumi_masaki's 'Dirty Talk'. ;D Get ready for a fun and misleading read.

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"Mi sei mancata..."

His tongue trailed slowly across the smooth surface, leaving a wet path in its wake. Oh, how long had it been he had not tasted that enticing tangy sweetness?

"Ti voglio...." Mukuro breathed out, his contrasting coloured eyes dancing with fiery desire and anticipation. He leaned down gently and took a deep breath, inhaling the distinct sweet smell. "Sei la mia aria...."

Letting his tongue travel down south languidly, he closed his eyes, savouring the delightful saccharine taste spread in his mouth. "Mi piaci sempre di più...."

He gave a quick, gentle lick upwards, letting his tongue rest for a moment on the edge, before dragging it along the now wet and sticky surface. "Voglio farti gridare il mio nome-"


The pineapple illusionist looked up, startled, facing a somewhat irate and blushing Tsuna, who had slammed the book down onto the table. Mukuro decided to take on the innocent act, allowing a smile to spread slowly on his face. "Yes?"

"...Mukuro. If you don't mind, there are some people in this room who can understand Italian. Can you please just eat that chocolate quietly and pay attention to the meeting?"

Mukuro gave a quick glance around the conference room, a mischievous grin evident on his face when he saw several red faces of different shades, and it included one from certain silver haired dynamite user-wait, was that a blush he saw on Hibari Kyoya's face?

Giving the chocolate a final lick by its corner, he looked at it lovingly and murmured just loud enough for everybody to hear in the conference room.

"Facciamolo di nuovo più tardi, mia perfezione assoluta."


A string of laughter escaped his mouth. Indeed, the chocolatey-goodness was really, absolute perfection. And it was even more so when it awoke the curiosity within those innocent ones...

"Hey Gokudera, what was Mukuro saying just now?"


I've missed you-Mi sei mancata ('cioccolata' is a feminine noun in Italian, so everything else should be in the feminine form)

I want you-Ti voglio.

You are my air-Sei la mia aria.

I like you more and more-Mi piaci sempre di più.

I want to make you scream my name-Voglio farti gridare il mio nome (all night tutta la notte ;D)

Let's do it again later, my absolute perfection- Facciamolo di nuovo più tardi, mia perfezione assoluta.

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