"When There's No In-Between" by crazydominodragongirl

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A/N: You saw it coming. Wherever DG goes, there In-Between goes as well. XD;; This fic doesn’t need any re-writing like MC does, but it does need to be re-HTMLed… enjoy.

NOTE: For any new readers (the few, if any, that will exist...), there is a point in the story where the storyline splits, depending on whether you want to be paired with Kira or Athrun. In other words, there are two (or more...) possible endings.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam SEED. I haven’t even seen all of Destiny… *coughNEARLYHALFOFIT,YES,BUTNOTALLcough*
When There’s No In-Between: Prologue

“Get him!”

You duck around a corner, running as fast as you can while clutching the small amount of food you have in your hands. Cursing under your breath, you listen to the advancing footsteps and the yells of the people chasing you, and you chance a quick look over your shoulder to see at least five people hot on your trail. You wince and speed up as much as you can, panting slightly from the exertion, and take a quick right. Well, if nothing else, at least you’ve learned the layout of the Archangel during your little stay here. Of course, you aren’t exactly supposed to be here — you’re a stowaway, which is the reason you’re stealing food in the first place, but this is the first time you’ve even been remotely close to being caught.

Sometimes you wonder how dense the people on this ship can get. You’ve been here for a few weeks, since before the destruction of Heliopolis, and they’ve never really noticed the food stores dropping as you steal from them. It’s not like you’re a heavy eater, anyway, but still…

You could’ve tried to convince them that you were from Heliopolis in the first place, but that wouldn’t have worked. They took down the names of the people who boarded the ship, and there was no way you were letting them know who you are. And besides, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out that no one here knows you, and then it would only take a simple check for them to find out that you aren’t really from Heliopolis. From there, they could figure out that you were a stowaway, and then… well, you don’t really want to think about that. The reason you snuck onboard was because you were pretty much tired of life on the PLANT where you lived before and shunned because you’d lost your little apartment after you could no longer pay rent. Well, that was what came from being a war orphan, the result of your father’s death during the Bloody Valentine and your mother’s death as one of the civilian casualties during another one of the little skirmishes that took place too often for your liking. You’d hoped that you would be able to come to Heliopolis and start a new life there, but that hadn’t lasted long, had it? Not only that, but with so many people on board now, you have more of a chance of being caught, and less places where you can lie down and take a quick nap. Why did ZAFT have to go and mess your plans up?

Going back to the situation at hand, you dart around another corner and notice a row of doors. Cross-checking it with your mental map of the ship, you figure out that you’re in the residential part of the Archangel, and the last time you checked, that room down there was empty… so, making up your mind quickly, you put on an extra burst of speed, open the door quickly, and dash inside, closing it behind you and leaning against it as you catch your breath.

It’s only then that you notice that someone is already there, a girl with long pink hair and blue eyes. She’s playing with a little ball-like robot and laughing slightly, but she looks up as you enter and smiles. “Oh my, I didn’t expect anyone to be coming to see me anytime soon. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“My pleasure!” the robot adds, rolling around.

You stare at them and blink for a few seconds before you decide on something to say. “Who’re you?”

“I’m Lacus Clyne, and this is Haro.” she says, indicating the little robot. “And what’s your name, Mister?”

A scathing remark automatically comes to mind, but you bite it back quickly as you realize that she thinks you’re a boy. Well, you can’t really blame her; that’s the impression you were going for when you chose these clothes. You’re wearing a loose T-shirt, baggy black jeans, and sneakers, and your hair’s tied in a low ponytail and covered with a baseball cap. All in all, you don’t really want anyone to figure out that you’re a girl, since it would lead to a bunch of difficult questions if you’re ever caught. Apparently, female stowaways are regarded with more suspicion then males… but back to Lacus’ question. Searching your brain frantically, you answer, “My name’s Nick. It’s nice to meet you, Lacus.”

She gives you another smile. “The same to you. But what are you doing here, anyway?” she asks, her eyes on the food in your arms.

“Oh… well, if you’ll believe me, I’m not supposed to be here.” You hesitate before continuing, then decide that you can trust her and add, “I’m a stowaway.” You move to sit down on the bed next to her. “I was planning to get off as soon as possible, but that didn’t really turn out to be an option.” You break off a piece of bread and chew it thoughtfully, then hand another piece to her. “Want some?”

Lacus takes a little bit and eats it, watching you the whole time. You just sit there for a moment, thinking, when voices outside catch your attention. “He couldn’t have gone far… He must be here somewhere. Maybe…” the voice trails off.

You realize they’re talking about you and jump up, running over to the desk and hiding under it. Lacus eyes you questioningly, and you whisper, “Cover for me!” She nods, obviously not really understanding what you’re doing, but at that moment the door swings open and one of the men that was chasing you comes in.

“Excuse me, miss, but did a boy come in here? About this tall?” he asks, and proceeds to describe you. Lacus watches him with polite interest, then shoots a quick glance towards you. You shake your head fervently, and she turns back to him and smiles sweetly.

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen anyone like that,” she says, and Haro repeats about half of her sentence. The man watches her thoughtfully for a moment, then nods and turns to leave.

“Okay. Thank you, Miss Clyne.” The door closes shut behind him, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Lacus turns to you and giggles quietly as she notices that you’re still under the desk. “You can come out now, you know,” she tells you, and, grinning sheepishly, you do.

“Thanks a lot for that,” you smile. “I don’t like to think about what would happen if I got caught.”

“You’re welcome,” she answers before pausing. “Does this happen a lot?”

You grin and shake your head. “Nope. Usually I’m too good to get caught. But… um…” you hesitate. “You don’t mind if I stay here, do you? It’s really hard to find someplace safe to sleep, and you’re about the only person who knows I’m here… well, other than them, and I don’t really want to ask them if I can share a room.”

Lacus nods. “Sure, if you want to. You’ll just have to be careful, that’s all.”

You lounge back on the bed, yawning slightly. “Yeah, yeah. I’m always careful. Just one thing… if I ever get caught, you never knew me. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of something I did. Promise?”

She watches you for a moment. “I promise.”

Haro rolls around on the floor a bit. “Promise! I promise. Lacus promise.” You smile as you watch him, and Lacus does the same. The two of you share a look and start laughing, and you’re glad that you finally have someone you can trust on the Archangel.

It’s the beginning of a long friendship.


You eye Lacus curiously. “So you’re a Coordinator? Well, what’re you doing on board an Earth Forces ship like the Archangel?”

She sighs. “I was supposed to do a ceremony during the anniversary of the Bloody Valentine, but our ship was searched by the Earth Forces, since they didn’t like what we were going to do. It got a little… complicated… so they put me in a lifepod and Kira picked me up. He brought me here.”

You blink. “Who’s Kira?”

Lacus smiles. “He’s the only other Coordinator on board this ship. He’s the pilot of the Strike, actually…”

“Oh. Him.” You think about that for a moment. You remember only seeing him once, from far away, but he seemed nice enough, and from what you could see, he was cute, too. “What’s he like?”

“Well, he’s a kind person…” Lacus looks a little sad. “A lot of people here don’t really trust me because I’m a Coordinator, and since ZAFT destroyed Heliopolis…” She pauses before looking at you. “But what about you? You’re a Natural, aren’t you?”

You smirk. “Yup, and proud of it. I like to think that I get along well enough without having my genes altered.” Lacus smiles slightly, and you continue, “Actually, I don’t really care if someone’s a Coordinator or not. See, I could blame my father’s death on the Earth Alliance and my mother’s death on ZAFT, so they’re kinda even in my book. I was going to Heliopolis so I could at least try to live a normal life… but see, even if I was biased against Coordinators, I couldn’t hate you. I already decided that you’re a nice person, and that wouldn’t change just because you’re a Coordinator.”

Lacus smiles at you. “Well, you’re a nice person too. You remind me of Kira a bit.”

You blink, caught off guard. “Kira? Why?”

“Because he doesn’t really care either. It doesn’t matter to him if you’re a Coordinator or a Natural; he treats you the same either way. And you’re also one of the few people here who act friendly towards me…” You don’t get to hear the rest, as the footsteps outside tell you that someone else is coming. Diving quickly towards the other side of the bed, you crouch down just as the door opens. Lacus doesn’t say anything; she’s used to your slightly paranoid reflex by now and no longer questions it when you run for cover. You wonder briefly that she doesn’t notice the telltale signs of someone approaching, and dismiss it as being that she’s never had to listen for clues that could possibly mean life-or-death.

“Hi, Lacus,” a boy’s voice greets (“Hallo! Hallo!” Haro adds). “I brought you something to eat… everyone else is too busy right now.”

“Why? Is there anything going on?” Lacus asks.

“No, nothing really. It’s just that Flay’s the only one who isn’t doing something right now, and you know how she is…” he trails off.

“Don’t worry. I kind of expect it.” You hear Lacus taking the tray from the boy. “Thank you, Kira.” (“Thank you!”)

‘Kira?’ You peek over the edge of the bed and inhale sharply as you catch your first good look at Kira Yamato. He certainly doesn’t look like a fighter, dressed in civilian clothes as he is, and you notice that his purple eyes are gentle and sweet… ‘Not to mention beautiful…’

Kira smiles, and you have to stop yourself from blushing. “You’re welcome. Just try to stay in here. Some people don’t like it when you wander around, and apparently, there’s a stowaway somewhere on board, and no one knows what he wants.”

You roll your eyes, holding back a snort. ‘Oh, I dunno, maybe what ALL stowaways want: a free ride to someplace far, far away!’

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful, and besides, maybe this stowaway’s not as bad as everyone thinks,” Lacus says, and you can hear the stifled laughter in her voice. You yourself are grinning slightly, and Kira seems puzzled.

“Maybe… but still, try not to attract too much attention,” he tells her. “I have to go now. I’ll see you later.”

“Goodbye!” Lacus calls as he goes out the door, and Haro adds, “Bye!”

As soon as the door is shut, you rise from your hiding place and start laughing. “Oh no, fear the big, evil stowaway who’ll try and strangle you in your sleep!” you say in between chuckles, and Lacus joins in. “Oh, if only they knew.”


“In this quiet night
I’m waiting for you
Forgiving the past
And dreaming of you…”

You watch Lacus as she sings quietly, Haro rocking in time to the music. Nibbling on a bit of food that Kira brought and that Lacus is sharing with you, you try to figure out what it is that’s nagging at the back of your mind, absently listening to the music.

“Time passes by
And memories fade
But time can’t erase
The love that we’ve made…”

It’s been a week since you met Lacus, and everything’s been going well since then. All the commotion about the stowaway has died down a bit, so you can occasionally go out and wander the halls, though you do avoid human contact as much as possible. Sometimes Lacus comes with you when you leave the room, though it always ends with someone, usually Kira, telling her that she really shouldn’t be leaving her room and ushering her back, you snickering quietly as you trail behind. You still make sure to stay out of sight whenever anyone comes into Lacus’ room, just in case they do recognize you and she gets in trouble. But all in all, life now is a lot easier than it was when you had to steal food from the stores. Of course, you still do it every now and then for a challenge and to keep your skills intact, but most of the time, you don’t need to and just prefer to eat a little of whatever they choose to give Lacus.

“And the stars in the sky
That I wish upon can bring you back to myself.
Though you’re not here with me
I dream of the day we’ll meet again…”

“Hold me close, so deep in your heart…” you hum, then sit bolt upright as you realize what it is that’s been eating at you. “Wait a minute! You’re Lacus Clyne!”

Lacus stops singing and turns to you, a smile playing at her lips. “Isn’t that what I told you?”

“Lacus!” Haro adds, and you swat a hand in his direction absently.

“Shut up, you. I remember now, you’re that singer and the daughter of the Supreme Council Chairman of ZAFT.”

Lacus gives you a curious look. “Yes, I am. Why?”

You shake your head and lean back. “It doesn’t really matter, anyway. It’s just something that’s been bugging me that I couldn’t remember.” You grin suddenly. “Amazing that it took me a week to remember it, though.” Silence reigns for a few minutes, and you blink. “Aren’t you going to sing?”

“Do you want me to?” she asks.

You shrug. “I don’t mind. Hold me close, so deep in your heart…

Lacus joins in. “I will find you, no matter where I have to go…”

“So dream of me, for I will be there
Follow the stars that lead
Into the quiet night…”


Someone shakes you lightly, and you roll over in your sleep and mumble, “Five more minutes, please…”

They do it again, and Haro chirps, “Wake up! Wake up!”

“Aw, be quiet, Haro…” Lacus shakes you again, and you crack open an eye and glare at her. “Leave me ‘lone, Lacus.”

She shakes her head, trying not to grin. “You slept in, Nick. It’s time for them to be bringing food, but they seem to be a bit late…”

Your mind processes that information and you shoot up, suddenly wide awake. “What? Well, why didn’t you say so?” You roll to the side and slip into the space behind the bed, holding your breath.

Just in time, since a moment later, the door opens and you hear Kira’s voice. “Sorry I’m late, but I had to finish the adjustments on Strike…” Like always, you peek up over the edge of the bed to get a look at him. You wonder idly why you do this every time, and a part of your brain answers: ‘Eye candy.’ You whap it mentally and tell it to go off and do something useful, and it turns to contemplating what Kira would look like shirtless. Rolling your eyes, you turn back to the conversation, and are just in time to see Kira leave.

‘Now look what you’ve done. You made me miss watching him,’ you scold that voice in your mind. It just smirks and goes back to its daydreaming.

You sigh slightly and see Lacus giving you a strange look. You grin apologetically at her and stretch. “Sorry about that… kinda spaced out for a moment there.”

She smiles back. “It’s okay.” She holds the tray of food out to you. “Want some?”

You nod and take a little bit, eating it silently. You catch Lacus giving you thoughtful looks every now and then, and you send her a questioning glance. She just shakes her head, and you shrug and go back to your food.

“Did you hear what Kira was telling me?” Lacus asks, breaking you out of your thoughts.

“No…” ‘I was too busy admiring him to listen…’ Once again smacking the voice, you add, “I was thinking about something else.”

“Well, he was saying that they were going to let me out for a little bit to use the showers. Apparently, they had a bit of a water shortage before, and they were busy sorting it out until now.”

“Really?” you muse. You’d noticed that yourself, back when you were hard-pressed to find any water to drink. “Actually, I think that’s a good idea. I could use a shower myself. When are you going?”

Lacus smiles. “Kira’s going to show me where they are after lunchtime.”

“Hm… okay. Well, I have some time on my hands, as usual, so I guess I can go now…” Shrugging, you stand up and head for the door. “See ya later, Lacus.”

She waves as the door closes. “Goodbye!” Haro adds his own farewells, and you wander off to the other end of the ship, where the showers are.

You yawn slightly as you wander down the halls, eventually stopping in front of what you know is the door to the girls’ showers. Opening it, you walk inside, only to be greeted by a scream. “Huh?” You look up to see a girl with red hair standing in front of the mirror, staring at you.

“What are you doing in here?” she squeals, and you realize two things at that moment. One, she thinks you’re a boy, and two, her scream would’ve attracted attention…

Your eyes widen, and you back up quickly. “S-sorry!” Turning quickly, you flee out the door and down the hall, heading back to Lacus’ room. Rounding a corner, you bump straight into someone who’s at least a foot taller than you are and yelp slightly.

A pair of hands steadies you. “Whoa. Slow down there. I heard the commotion and came to see what was going on.” You look up into the face of none other than Mu La Flaga and realize your mistake as his eyes widen. “Hey, you must be that stowaway!”

“What? No, I’m not!” But just in case, you turn to go down the other way, running as fast as you can… except to bump into someone else at the other end. Both of you stumble backwards slightly, and you’re shocked to notice that the person you hit was Kira. Your eyes meet for a split second, but at that moment, the girl comes out of the showers, a towel wrapped around her.

“Kira! That boy was spying on me!” she yells, at the same time that La Flaga says, “Kira, he’s the stowaway! Don’t let him get away!”

“What?” Kira stares at you for a moment and you take that opportunity to push past him. He grabs your arm, though, and you turn to face him, eyes flashing.

“Let go of me!” Annoyed and not caring how hot he is, you ball up your free hand and punch him in the stomach as hard as you can. Kira lets out a small “oof!” but doesn’t let go. Growling, you steady yourself on one leg, ready to kick him, but someone swings their leg to trip you. You try to regain your balance, but Kira takes advantage of the moment to flip you onto your back, where you land with the wind knocked out of you. You snarl at both him and La Flaga, who are looming over you.

“Good job, kid,” La Flaga says, before turning to you. “Come on. I think the lieutenant would like to have a word with you.”


The door to the bridge slides open, and Kira and La Flaga enter, half-dragging you with them. Annoyed, you try to kick them, since Kira has a firm grip on your wrists, but it doesn’t work too well, and you end up falling backwards — right on top of Kira. You blush for a split second before La Flaga hauls you off him. “Okay, we’re here. Now, if you’d kindly explain what you’re doing here and why you were in the women’s showers?”

You glare at him and refuse to answer. The lieutenant — Murrue Ramius, her name was, acting captain since the former captain was killed — gives you a penetrating look. “You were in the women’s showers? Why?”

The rest of the bridge is now staring at you, and you distinctly hear one girl, about your age, mutter “Pervert.” You give her a poisonous look and turn back to Ramius, who’s waiting patiently for your answer.

“Well, that’s easy. I wanted to take a shower,” you answer sarcastically.

“In the women’s showers?”


Ramius sighs. “Fine. Next question: what’s your name?”

“Nick,” you answer promptly. They’re not going to get your real name if you can help it.

She stares at you. You stare right back, attempting to bore holes in her head with your glare. Unfortunately, it isn’t working. “Why were you on this ship in the first place?”

You snort. “What kind of stupid question is that? Why would a stowaway be on a ship anyway? To get a free ride somewhere, duh.”

“And where would that somewhere be?” Ramius questions, obviously thinking that she’s actually getting somewhere. Not if you can help it.

“Anywhere but the PLANT I was on before,” you answer smartly. “Heliopolis seemed like a good choice until it got blown up. Artemis wasn’t that great, but I could live with it, until ZAFT wreaked havoc on it. All in all, I’ve been sitting around on the Archangel bored out of my mind for the past month or so and you’ve never caught me until now.”

“How did you survive, anyway?” La Flaga asks suspiciously.

You roll your eyes. “I stole whatever I needed, obviously. What, did you think that I brought a truckload of supplies when I snuck on board? I’m a master thief. What really amuses me is that you never noticed that more of the food and water was disappearing than it should have been. Not very observant, are you?”

Ramius eyes you thoughtfully. “Well, what do we do now that we’ve caught our errant stowaway?”

“Well, as far as I see it, you have a few choices,” you say before anyone else can. “One: you put me in the airlock and flush me into outer space. I wouldn’t mind that, really, but it would be against your pathetic morals to kill me just because I snuck onboard a military ship. Two: you let me go wander off around the ship and do as I please, like I have been doing for the past month. Not very likely. Three: you lock me up somewhere until we get to… wherever it is we’re going. That wouldn’t work, because a master thief has to know how to pull off an escape or two if they want to survive. Four: you punish me somehow before you tell me never to do it again, and then you let me go off, do what I want, and kick me off at the nearest stop. That’s the most probable, and we both get what we want: you stop me from causing trouble, I get a ride to the nearest human habitation. So, what’s your choice? Unless you can be ingenious and come up with a number five, of course. But then again, I highly mistrust your aptitude and mental capacity to come up with a plausible, intricate resolution that truly promises to be a successful remedy to your dilemma while thwarting me from obtaining my objective. Or did I lose you around the third word?”

They stare at you, and you smirk evilly at them. It’s always fun to insult people’s intelligence, especially if you’re at their mercy. It really throws them off… Your attention is drawn to the left as La Flaga sighs and facepalms, and you resist the urge to burst out laughing.

Ramius takes a few seconds to consider her answer before speaking. “Actually, we’ll opt to pursue option number four, but not as a consequence of a lack of alternatives that will potentially satisfy the quandary that you have so benevolently presented us with. The only puzzle now is how we’ll punish you.”

One of the boys groans, shaking his head. “What is up with all these big words?”

You allow a ghost of a grin to flit across your face before you slip back into your normal way of talking. “Well, this might be interesting. I doubt there’s any punishment you can come up with that will affect the way I act, and I want to see just how far you’ll go to punish a stowaway and a ‘pervert,’ as you so kindly pointed out,” you tell them, addressing the last part to the girl that had spoken before.

Ramius frowns, apparently trying to think up an appropriate punishment, and you give her a few minutes before you add in your own two cents again. “Actually, the worst that I can think up at the moment is putting me in a spacesuit and tying me to the ship so I fly along behind, but that sounds like it could be fun after I get over the initial fear, and there’s always the chance that I could die. Still, you could try it, and if I do get killed, at least you’ll have stopped me from reaching my goal.”

La Flaga shoots you an annoyed look. “Can you shut up?”

You give him your most innocent smile, but it comes out looking more like a venomous grin. “Well, yes, I can. The only thing is, I don’t want to, so I won’t.”

“Just what we need, a stowaway with attitude,” Natarle mutters, but it’s at that moment that Ramius comes to her decision.

“We’ll let you go, but only after you serve your punishment,” she says.

You raise an eyebrow. “And that would be…?”

“Actually, I’ve decided that we’ll settle with one of the old punishments,” Ramius tells you. “Back during Earth’s colonial times, before the Cosmic Era, stowaways on the oceangoing ships would be whipped, sometimes killed, and sometimes thrown overboard.”

You give her a fake smile. “So you’re going to kill me by throwing me overboard? Well, that’ll be interesting. I know what happens, of course, but I haven’t ever seen it for myself. My only question is, will you be watching?” To your amusement, most of the people on the bridge are now looking slightly sickened at your suggestion. Even Kira looks a bit disturbed by the way you’re talking.

Ramius looks annoyed about the way that you warp everything she says. “No, I’m suggesting that we whip you, and afterwards, you will be put in solitary isolation for a week.”

“With no food?” you inquire. Murrue shakes her head, apparently intent on not starving you to death, and you groan. “Aw, you’re no fun…”

“Do you want to die?” La Flaga asks.

You turn to look at him, wide-eyed. “No, I just don’t care. That’s all there is to it, really. I want to see how far I can push the boundary between life and death, and if I die in the process, then that only means I’ve found it.”

Ramius walks up to you and stares you in the eyes. “Well, you’re not experimenting with it on this ship. We’re not going to do anything that’ll kill you, like it or not.”

You shrug. “Fine, whatever. So when can we get on with the punishment already? I’m dying to get this over with.”

Ramius, La Flaga, and Natarle roll their eyes at your choice of words, and La Flaga and Ramius usher you out, with Kira following. “Come on, let’s go.”

You allow yourself to smirk at them. “I’m being escorted by the lieutenant-acting-captain, the Hawk of Endymion, and the pilot of Strike Gundam. I’m honored.”

“Shut up, please,” La Flaga murmurs, and you decide to stop torturing them for once and actually do as he says. Sighing, you reluctantly shut up for the rest of the trip, until you reach a small room where you suppose you’re going to be whipped. Wait a minute…

Whipping equals as much pain as they can inflict upon you.

More pain equals taking off your shirt.

Taking off your shirt equals…

With that thought comes the realization that you most definitely do not want to do this. You whirl around quickly and shout, “I’m not going to do this!”

Your sudden outburst seems to catch the other three by surprise. “And why not?” La Flaga asks. Ramius watches you interestedly, while Kira studies you, trying to decipher the look in your eyes.

“I’m not,” you reply stubbornly, lowering your eyes to the ground. “I just realized… I can’t.”

“Why?” Kira asks, and the sudden burning in your cheeks is even more reason for you not to look up.

Well, there’s nothing left but to tell them the truth. “I’m a girl,” you mumble to the ground.

“We can’t hear you. What did you say?”

“I’m a girl, okay?” you yell, not moving your eyes from where they’re staring fixedly at a speck of dust on the ground.

“What?” Kira asks disbelievingly.

You finally lift your gaze and stare angrily at him. “You heard me.” With that said, you tear off the cap and bunch your shirt up before tucking it in, getting rid of all the loose fabric that you previously used to hide your gender. Kira, La Flaga, and Ramius watch in silence as you do so. Finally, you pull out your hairtie and let your hair hang loose over your shoulders before you turn back to them again. “There. Believe me now?”

La Flaga sighs and facepalms again. “Well, this creates… complications.”

“Why do you think I pretended to be a boy in the first place?”

Kira stares at you, seemingly unable to get it through his head that you’re not a boy after all. He may be hot, but he can be quite dense… but then again, that goes for most people on this ship. “What’s your real name?”

You tell them, then add, “So what are you going to do now?”

“We’ll have to skip the whipping and go straight to locking you in a room,” Murrue answers. “But don’t think that you’re getting off easily. If we find out that you did this again…”

“I know, I know,” you roll your eyes. “Straight out to space, right? Where the vacuum will do all sorts of nice things to me?”

“…no, but we’ll think up something,” she says. “Kira will show you to an empty room, where you’ll be staying for the next week. By that time we’ll have found a suitable punishment.”

“Sure, whatever.” You turn to follow Kira, but stop at the door and turn back to face her. “But are you going to feed me?”

Ramius sighs in exasperation, but you can almost swear that there’s a smile playing across her face. “Yes. I already said we’re not going to starve you. Now get going, we have work to do.”

The door closes behind you, and you follow Kira in silence to the room where you’ll be staying. He opens it and turns to talk to you. “Just stay in here. Don’t leave and don’t cause any trouble, or I can’t promise that they won’t hurt you next time.”

You smile at him. “‘Don’t leave and don’t cause any trouble?’ How hard could that be?”

Kira gives you a small smile of his own, and your breath catches at how sweet he looks. “Believe me, we have someone else on this ship who’s under the same instructions, and she seems hard-pressed to follow it.”

“Ah.” Grinning openly, you walk inside and think of Lacus. ‘I hope she won’t be too worried about me…’ The door closes and you hear the sound of it locking, and you laugh. “Stay inside? What’re the chances of that? I’m going to pull a Lacus whenever I can. Wait, I still haven’t had my shower… well then, first chance, right now.” Chuckling to yourself, you turn to the door and proceed to hack open the lock. This is going to be an interesting week.


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