"Broken Promises" by hieisdarkdragonchick

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Enjoy ^^
Hiei watched as the phone dropped from your hand, a look of shocked hurt on your face.

You felt your heart breaking in your chest as you collapsed hitting your knees as tears streamed down your face. Hiei caught you easing you to the ground. You sobbed barely aware of his strong arms around you.

“Why?! Why did I believe this time would be any different?! I should have known… I should have known this would happen!” you cried as Hiei pulled you into his chest. Glaring angrily at the phone on the floor.

~ I’ll kill that bastard!~ Hiei thought looking down at you clinging to him so pathetically. He looked away unable to handle seeing you this way.

~next day~

You woke up covered in Hiei’s cloak and sat up having had nightmares the night before.

Hiei glanced over from his spot in the window, never saying a word.

You stood up slowly, unwilling to let him see you cry…again.

You glanced sadly down at your watch. Hiei had let you sleep until three something you rarely got to do.

Just as you looked up there was a knock at the front door. You turned towards the bedroom door intending to go and answer the front door.

Hiei beat you to it flying past you so fast you could barely see a black flash.

He threw the door open seemingly without even touching it and placed a hand on the hilt of his katana.

Thompson was standing in the doorway, that stupid grin plastered on his face. You stared in horror backing away slowly and promptly landing on your rear.

That man had the nerve to come to your house after what he’d said over the phone last night? You felt your heart breaking all over again.

Hiei was livid barely giving the guy time to react before pouncing on him and beating the hell out of him.

You panicked suddenly worried Hiei would do something drastic and land himself in spirit world jail.

You jumped to your feet and ran to the front door where the boys were killing each other on your front lawn.

Hiei was winning of course, as a matter of factly Thompson was barely even breathing.

You ran across the lawn and grabbed Hiei’s arm before he delivered another blow to the boy’s head.

“S-stop Hiei! D-don’t k-kill him please…H-He isn’t worth it!” you begged through tear filled eyes.

Hiei stared at you bewildered at your tears. He softened wiping away your tears gently.

“You are.” He stated simply.

Your eyes widened at his words.

Hiei stood up, throwing Thompson down with a disgusted look on his face.

“But you’re right about one thing woman, he deserves to live… He deserves to suffer for eternity. I have methods to make his life so utterly meaningless he will beg me for death, but I will leave him to suffer…” Hiei said looking away from you.

You didn’t reply, unsure of what to say.

“Don’t cry anymore.” He said walking away. “I can’t stand the sight of it.”


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