"Adverse Advice" by Hakkyou Kaosu

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SUMMARY: ONE-SHOT Drinking should always be done responsibly. Whether to drown memories or merely for wild fun, alcohol can have…interesting effects. But good or bad? Milliardo -X- Reader

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters or you.

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Adverse Advice

“You need to get laid.”

The words made Milliardo blink. “Excuse me?” His voice betrayed none of his slight surprise. He hadn’t been expecting that comment.

“You heard me, man.” Duo said. At the unchanged look of perplexity on the former prince’s face, the ex-pilot heaved a heavy sigh. “Do I need to spell it out for you? You. Need. To get. Laid.”

“What the hell do you mean?” His voice was still hard as stone, and just as feeling. Milliardo wasn’t too sure he liked the implication. He had grown to know the fellow soldier quite well, that included his odd quirks. Very odd quirks. The man also had an almost infuriating habit of just blurting out his thoughts.

“Jeez, man.” Duo groaned. “Don’t tell me I have to repeat it again. The girls are just in the other room.”

Milliardo glared at him. He was well aware of that fact. Duo’s girlfriend and his own little sister were literally one thin wall away. And he did not want either of them overhearing this little conversation. “I do not know what you are implying.” He muttered.

“Oh, come on.” Duo chuckled, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. “You know what I mean.”

Milliardo just grunted, choosing to not dignify the statement with a response.

Duo just chuckled more. “You’re way too tense, man.” he said good-naturedly. “You need to relax. I mean, I found my girl, and look at me. I’ve never felt better.”

The man’s proud grin was sickening. How could the former Gundam pilot find such emotion in the mere thought of a female? Not just any female either, he’d noticed. Just the one. It was the same for them all. Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Heero. Hell, the ‘perfect soldier’ was the first to fall victim to the infection known as ‘love.’ But not him. Nope. He wasn’t going to let it happen to him. He didn’t need it. No way. Now, if he could just figure out why that thought left him feeling so…alone?

“Trust me, man.” Duo said, throwing him a bright grin. “It’s not as bad as the bachelorhood makes it seem. It’s real nice, you know, having a woman around…”

“Seems like you’ve become quite tame.” Milliardo muttered.

There was a flash in the other man’s eyes, and his grin clearly said that ‘tame’ was the last word used to describe him–especially with his woman. Milliardo frowned. It was more information than he’d wanted. Way too much. But was it really so bad? Bah! What the hell was he thinking?!

Duo let out a long-suffering sigh, half groaning in his frustration. “Oh, come on.” He said. “I’m not asking you to go get married. You’re just too damn tense. A hard-ass twenty-four/seven. If you don’t want a steady girl–which I highly recommend, by the way–then just find a one-night stand. Anything. Just something to get you to relax.”

Milliardo would not have been able to believe his ears if he had not seen how Duo acted around his girlfriend. The rough-and-tumble ‘god of death’ practically fawned over the woman, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and barely able to keep his hands off her in public. The lust in the air was almost palpable, and it drove him nuts. Maybe the pilot was right; maybe he did need to get laid…

Oh hell no. He did not just agree with the ‘braided baka,’ did he? Holy hell, he was going mad. No. He wouldn’t take the fool’s advice. If he wanted a woman, he would get one, on his own terms. But he wouldn’t purposely go in search of such quarry.

“What happened to Noin?” Duo asked, his tone unusually serious. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw the fellow pilot stiffen. Touchy subject.

“She found another diversion.” He said, tone hard and rigid, much like his current posture.

Duo winced. “Ouch. Those the exact words?” Milliardo just sent him another glare. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Duo murmured with a sympathetic sigh. “Don’t worry, man. I’ve been there.” A small smile flitted across the long-haired pilot’s mouth. “Hell, how do you think I and my girl met?”

Milliardo just grunted. He had no particular wish to hear that story again. Duo, despite his shame at attacking and injuring his ‘girl,’ was proud as hell of her. According to him, he just couldn’t resist a woman with a good left hook.

Duo sighed again. “You’re such as a tight-ass.” He muttered. “Look, don’t get laid. Just kick back and have a few drinks. At least. You need to relax.” his tone dropped to a low mumble, not meant to be heard. “God knows you’ll probably have an aneurysm if you don’t.”


“Oh yeah! Party time!” you exclaimed, excitement and eagerness building for tonight. “P-A-R-T. Why? Because I-”

“Enough!” your best friend shouted in exasperation. “God, (Y/n)! You’re driven’ me nuts over here!”

You just grinned. You weren’t normally so…hyper. It was just that tonight was a big night. Your first night on the town. Clubs, bars, and all those fun goodies! You were practically jumping around in excitement. Oh wait, you were. Never mind then.

Your friend sent you a ‘what are you on?’ look. You just flashed a grin. No seriousness tonight. Tonight was about fun and happy-go-lucky. Craziness at its supreme height. No worries. A taxi there and back. Plus, your friend would keep an eye on you. So no problem. Why not be carefree at least once in your life?

Your friend let a small laugh. “I take it you’re excited?”

You grinned wider. “Only four more hours to sunset!”

Another laugh greeted your exuberant observation. “And I’ll bet it’s gonna be a real long four hours, too.” Your friend predicted.

What could you say? You were excited. Really excited. It would be your first escapade in the nightlife of the city. You had a button-down job, real professional and stuffy. It graded against your nerves, but it paid well. And despite the stiff restrictions, you liked what you did. You didn’t mind having to bend to a rule here or there, as long as you could keep that career.

But now, finally, you had convinced your boss to let you take your vacation days. Two whole weeks of fun! You would turn yourself into a nocturnal creature: awake and alive at night, asleep like a dead rock during the day. It sounded great to you.

Your friend was hoping you would find a boyfriend. Or a lover. According to your ‘bestest’ friend, “You’re plenty old enough to have a hot, wild, and completely torrid affair. In fact, I think it’d be good for you…”

You weren’t so sure. So you didn’t make any promises. Secretly, deep down inside, you knew you were a bit lonely. But you wouldn’t let that rule you. Maybe you would have a ‘torrid affair’ and maybe you wouldn’t. You would leave it in the hands of the Fates. They were more than capable of handling it.

Regardless, tonight was the first night of a glorious vacation. In just four hours, you would begin your time in the nocturnal clutches of the city’s loudest clubs and coolest bars. You couldn’t wait.

`````Milliardo, Later`````

What the hell was he doing now? Milliardo looked sullenly at his feet. He sitting in his apartment, considering a trip to a well-known bar, one that Duo had highly recommended. Why? Because he was an idiot, that’s why. The moron had been right; he needed a drink. Or more, preferably.

He wasn’t too anxious to go throw a few back. The last time he’d done so, he’d been recruited to White Fang. Those were not the most pleasant memories he possessed. But he was tense, like Duo had said, and needed to relax. A few drinks wouldn’t hurt. He seriously doubted that getting a little sloshed would have life-altering after effects.

Besides, he could use getting a bit hammered. It would be a nice break. He had an apartment nearby and even then, a taxi would be no problem. Even if drunk, he would be able to get home in time to collapse on his bed and pass out. Conclusion: it was time to get wasted.

He was on his feet and out the door within the hour, and arrived at the bar only a half an hour after sunset. Plenty of time to drink away coherence. He seated himself in the corner stool and waited patiently for the bartender to finish his current orders.

The bartender was quick and efficient, taking Milliardo’s order, serving it up, and moving on to the next patron in almost thirty seconds. After a leisurely sip, he was slightly surprised to find his drink quite well made. The bartender was good, Milliardo would give him that. Maybe Duo hadn’t been such an idiot to suggest this.

The beverages were good, and Milliardo felt a little curious about the types offered in the establishment. He ordered different kinds, letting each taste linger on his tongue. None were met with disapproval. This was a good place.

After another half an hour of drinking, Milliardo could feel his muscles relaxing. He hadn’t been aware that he’d been so wound up. It felt nice to finally let go a little. The opening of the bar door caught his attention. He would have ignored it, but the catcalls and loud whistles made him curious. Besides, his arctic stoniness was melted a bit by the alcohol.

His eyes fell up on the figure that had elicited such blatant attention. And his mouth went dry, a different sort of appetite becoming wetted. ‘Damn…’


Your friend had ditched you a while ago. A certain someone’s boss had called about an early morning tomorrow, so you were flying solo tonight. You didn’t mind so much. You had been left with the name and address of a popular bar. A good first stop, if ever there was one.

You had finally reached the neighborhood that housed the trendy nightspot. It was only an hour after sunset, plenty of fun time left, despite the delay. You grinned. Happy-happy fun time! You strolled into the bar casually, ignoring the stares and whistles as best you could as you walked to a stool at the bar. The blush, however, would not be suppressed.

You sat and ordered something simple. You had a long night planned, after all. Next would be a club, where you could dance and move around–without catcalls being tossed your way. But first, a quick drink or two.

Milliardo watched from his corner, mere feet from the vixen who had recently entered the bar. She was a piece of work alright, well deserving of the whistles. He’d been tempted to let out one or two himself, but he wasn’t that drunk yet. He had no right to degrade a woman in such a way.

You felt eyes on you. Glancing up from your drink, your eyes met and held the lightest hue of blue you’d ever encountered. ‘Wow…’Though you were familiar with the term, you’d never come across a situation in which it would be appropriate. But the phrase ‘sex god’ definitely applied here. And well deserved.

Milliardo hadn’t intended to stare, but he had. And now he’d been caught. No use trying to look away now. He met your gaze head on, not even bothering to blink for several long moments. You were much prettier up close.

How had your friend known you would meet a hottie? All that talk about having a scorching affair couldn’t have been coincidence. Because right now, the idea was damned appealing. His eyes alone held you captive, scorching and hot in direct defiance of their icy color.

You wanted him. He could tell. Whether you knew it or not, the look in your eyes clearly broadcasted the attraction. It was mutual, to say the least. He wanted you too, but he wouldn’t indulge. Couldn’t indulge. One-night stands weren’t his thing.

What were you doing? A voice was practically yelling at you to stop. Were you crazy? You don’t pick up guys at a bar! Were you trying to end up dead in a ditch?! Your body paid your mind no heed. It heated at the fire in his eyes, his blazing gaze licking at your form. You shivered lightly. God, was he hot…

Damn, when did it get so hot in here? Milliardo felt overly warm. He wasn’t a frequent victim of lust, but it would seem that lost time was being made up for–with interest. Even though he was no where near his limit, the fallen prince felt it was time to stop drinking now. At the moment, he wasn’t opposed to snatching up the poor woman and tossing her over his shoulder like a barbarian. In fact, it seemed pretty good to him… Argh! He was not a cave-man! He had control. And he would use it. He didn’t need to bed a woman. And he wouldn’t.

You couldn’t tear away your gaze. You tried, but only succeeded in sliding it down his body. Not a good idea. His body was as perfect as his eyes. You felt like drooling, damn it. It should be illegal to be so handsome. He had to bad for your health–all yummy things were. But my oh my, you sure wanted him anyway. One little taste wouldn’t hurt, would it?

He watched as your eyes roamed lightly over him, and he felt himself suppressing a tiny shiver. How could one woman do that to him? Hell, he didn’t even know her name! “What’s your name?” What the-!

You blinked, as if coming out of a daze. His voice was like silk… “Hmm?” ‘Oh great job, (Y/n),’ you berated yourself. ‘Way to sound intelligent there.’

“Your name. What is it?” Milliardo was trying to regain control of his throat. He had no business pursuing this woman. None at all. So why did he want you so badly? His body was aching for you, literally.

“(Y/n),” you murmured.

He nodded. “Milliardo.” He said, tone just as quiet.

‘Ooh…’ you thought, mind not fully functioning at the moment. ‘Sexy name for sexy man…’

It was Milliardo’s turn to blink at you. Had you said what he thought you did? A smile quirked at his lips.

Oh God…had you said that out loud? A bright blush crept up your cheeks. Oops… His smile came out fully, tilting his mouth in a way that only made him even more desirable. You were lost.

Milliardo was not aware he had made a choice. The decision was unconscious, but wholly undeniable. He stood, all grace and ease, and dropped a few bills on the counter for his drink. He reached over and grabbed your hand, paying for your drink as well. A quick look suppressed your protests.

Before you realized it, you were being led out of the place by the ‘sex god.’ You glanced at your joined hands. Your fingers were tingling, the flesh feeling overheated and warm. What should have been innocent contact had become somehow intimate.

You couldn’t blame it on alcohol. You’d barely sipped your drink. You were wide awake and fully aware. That was the problem. You were too aware. Of Milliardo. Chemistry had crackled in the air the second eye-contact had been made, you swore you almost saw the lightning.

Milliardo was also fully aware of his actions, but he couldn’t help himself. He wasn’t drunk. Though he had consumed several glasses, he wasn’t anywhere near affected. He knew his limit, and he could hold his liquor with the best of them. No, this was a different kind of inebriation. He was drunk with lust. And his mind could only think of one thing. How to slake it. Soon.

You didn’t struggle. You were an adult. If you wanted to make such choices you could. And you wanted to. Very much so. You felt something, ridiculous as it was. You had always been taught to never, ever, pick up guys at bars. Yet here you were, letting yourself be led like an obedient pet to God knew where. And you felt safe. Safe! Had you completely lost your mind?!

He had led you past the bustling streets to more sedate apartment complexes. All was quiet and still, the only sound your echoing footsteps. Your heart pounded in your chest, blood roaring in your ears. You knew he was probably taking you to his place. And for the life of you, you couldn’t make yourself care. All you cared about at the moment was how long it would take to get there…

Why the hell did he want you so much? He wasn’t used to this. He’d never felt it before. He felt a connection, just underneath that tumultuous current of lust. But his mind was only vaguely aware of what his subconscious had realized from the start. He was too caught up in the throbbing of his body, the longing searing in his veins. He wanted to push you against the wall, ravage you in the middle of the street. He wanted-

Milliardo’s body kicked up the ache, making it nearly unbearable. He whirled and made good on his thoughts. You were up against the wall, his lips forcefully covering yours, before you realized you had even stopped walking. Your eyes drifted shut of their own accord, your arms rising to encircle his neck. His lips felt like heaven…

He pushed his body hard against yours, the kiss increasing in intensity. Logic had fled, leaving him with nothing but the burning lust. One hand slid roughly down to your hips, pulling you tighter to his pelvis. You gasped at the sudden movement, and he took advantage of the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

You moaned softly when his tongue fairly attacked yours, encouraging you to fight along. You did. You wrapped the slick appendage around his, drawing it further into your mouth before beginning to gently suck on it. He groaned, hips rubbing against yours with delicious friction. You shivered in pleasure, hands tangling deeper into his platinum mane, deepening the kiss even more.

Milliardo ground against you again before reluctantly pulling away. His breath was ragged from want, as was yours. His pale blue eyes met yours, both glazed with desire still unsatisfied. A silent question passed through the gaze.

Your answer did not need deliberation. You gave a small nod, almost imperceptible. But he saw it. A small, sensual smile spread across his face. Then you were moving again. Through a door and up a staircase to yet another door. Milliardo had the entrance opened in record time.

Once you were through the doorway, he pushed you up against it, effectively closing the door. His hand drifted over and locked it again as his mouth found yours.

`````Almost Two Weeks Later`````

Milliardo still wasn’t sure how he had gotten the Preventors to grant him two weeks off. He had a feeling that the pilots there had something to do with it. Duo had a big mouth.

For nearly two weeks, he had not left his apartment. Hell, he’d barely left bed. Not that you minded at all. As comfy as the bed was, you still managed to find yourself in odd places throughout his place. The couch. Floor. Kitchen table. Counter. Shower. Bathtub. For such a relatively small apartment, Milliardo had discovered very…unique possibilities.

You had called your friend the first morning, blushing under the lazy–and only temporarily sated–gaze of your lover. He had not bothered to get dressed, merely laid comfortably in bed while you made sure your friend didn’t send out the hounds. Even when he called in to his own work, he had not covered himself. In fact, he seemed to have been quite amused at your modest blush.

Though this was not how you had planned to spend your vacation, you were more than happy with the arrangement. There was only one dark cloud in the endless blue skies of your time off. The end. What then? In only two days, you would have to go back to work. You would have to leave. And you didn’t want to.

You felt Milliardo shift lightly beneath you. The two of you had collapsed atop the covers, one of the occasional times you had actually used the bed. He tilted your chin up, sensing the frown that marred your brows before he really saw it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, eyes darkening as a frown creased his own forehead.

In the past week or so, you had grown closer, talking and discovering more about each other. As foolish as you were, you’d fallen for him. You shook your head and smiled, trying to dispel any worries. His frown deepened. He wasn’t convinced.

“Tell me.”

You sighed. You had grown to know his stubborn streak. If he wanted something, he wouldn’t stop until he got it. Usually a very…enticing prospect.

“My vacation is almost over.” You whispered. “When it does…”

Milliardo nodded, understanding. “Mine as well.”

Silence filled the room, and you snuggled deeper, resting your head against his chest. You listened to his heartbeat, steady and strong. Being close to him always made you feel calm, safe. Nothing could harm you when you were in his arms.

`````Milliardo, Five Days Later`````

Three days. Three damn days. And still, he could feel you. Laying beside him as he slept, kissing him softly as he woke, laughing playfully as he teased you. He felt more alone than ever before. He was a fool.

He barely slept. He had to force himself to eat. He had gone back to work, but couldn’t concentrate. His mind strayed constantly to you, making his duties almost impossible to complete. His co-workers had noticed. His boss had noticed. Lady Une was even inquiring what troubled him.

Duo had noticed as well. The former Gundam pilot had not doubt informed his fellows by now. Quatre had called to supposedly catch up on old times, but Milliardo knew that the ‘God of Death’ had told him something. The young Winner heir had been more concerned than warranted for a casual call. But the Lightning Count had been as close-lipped as he always was. His personal life was his own.

A fool. Indeed, that was what he was. What was wrong with him? He couldn’t think straight without you invading his thoughts. Why the hell did he fall in love with you?

He growled lightly and shifted position. He hadn’t bothered to even try going to work today. He’d called in sick and stayed in bed, getting up only when absolutely necessary.

He lay in his bed, an arm tossed over his eyes, sheets tangled from another night of tossing and turning. Whenever he slept, he dreamt. Of you. Whenever he slept, he awoke in a sweat, his heart racing and his breathing ragged; his body aching and pulsing for the body that wasn’t there.

His vid-phone rang loudly, the sound drawing the barest of movement from him. He lifted his arm only slightly, just enough to peek out and glare at the offending wall unit. It didn’t silence.

Heaving a sigh, he forced himself upright and walked to the vid-phone, setting it to answer without image. “Hello?” He didn’t bother trying to sound anything but what he was, grumpy and dismal.

“Milliardo.” The young voice on the other line surprised him. How far did Duo’s persuasiveness reach?

“Yeah.” He muttered, covering his minor shock with a cold tone.

“Duo told me to call.” Wufei muttered, not seeming any happier about it than Milliardo himself.

Milliardo’s lips turned up in a wry smile. “Annoying, isn’t he?”

“Yes.” Wufei answered. “And persistent as hell.”

“Hn.” Milliardo replied. “What did he tell you?”

“I take it I’m not the only one he’s rallied.” It wasn’t a question.

“Winner gave me a call.” He mumbled.

Wufei’s grunt reached Milliardo’s ears, and the former prince smiled lightly. Duo was obstinate, not ceasing until he got his way. Not an uncommon trait among the Gundam pilots. “What did he say to you?” He repeated.

“You were in a ‘funk’,” Wufei replied. “Something about a woman.”

“And what makes him think that?” Milliardo had told no one about his vacation activities. No one should know about you. No one but him.

“Damned if I know. I’m supposed to give you advice,” Wufei’s tone took on a more grumbling quality, as if he were a bit peeved. “‘From one ‘tight-ass to another.’”

Despite himself, Milliardo chuckled lightly. “And?”

“How the hell am I supposed to know?!” the pilot snapped, and Milliardo could practically hear Wufei’s scowl. “I called. It got him off my back. I don’t know anything about this.”

Milliardo tuned out the irate Preventor’s rant. Only Duo could rile the calm youth so much. But Wufei didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t’ being listened to anymore. He continued his litany, until something he said snagged Milliardo’s attention again.

“If he wanted something so bad, he should have done it himself.” Wufei muttered, still sounding aggravated. “There’s no point in just moping around, being miserable. Get up and do something. I swear, if that braided baka starts whining to me again I’ll-”

“He won’t,” Milliardo said softly.

“Huh?” Wufei’s mind was still on his ceased tirade. “Why not?”

Milliardo smiled lightly. “You’ve convinced me.”

“Of what?” Wufei was having extreme difficulty following along.

“Never mind.” Milliardo said, cutting of the transmission.

Wufei blinked at the screen, staring at it for a few moments before disconnecting his end. “Whatever…” he muttered before getting back to work. That idiot better not bother him later. He’d called, damn it.

Milliardo was moving with more energy than he’d had in a while, quickly gathering up clothes and dressing. He knew what he wanted. And he would not stop until he got it.

`````You, Next Day`````

You didn’t know how you managed it, but somehow you had said good-bye without bursting into tears. Milliardo was gone. And you had to accept that. No matter how much it hurt. He had dropped you off at your home, a soft, sensual kiss serving as a final farewell.

God, you missed him. You missed him so badly. Food held no appeal to you. Your appetite had fled, the ache in your chest banishing any thought of sustenance. You couldn’t sleep. Whenever you drifted off, his face would appear. He haunted your dreams, making you wake to feel alone and wretched. For the past two days you had barely eaten, barely slept.

You were at work now, tired and miserable. The doors opened before you, sliding with a mechanical ‘whoosh.’ You entered with a heavy sigh. Without glancing around, you walked purposefully to your office, not noticing the stares and odd looks sent your way.

You shut the door behind you, dropping your briefcase onto your desk and plopping into your chair with a heavy sigh. You leaned your head back, eyes closed, and concentrated on just breathing past the pain.

You’d heard ‘love hurts,’ but had never known it was possible to miss someone so much that it literally caused your chest to ache. You frowned. You had to let it go. You were an idiot to fall in love with him, you should have known better.

“Gah! You’re such a fool, (Y/n)!” you murmured in aggravation, throwing your head into your hands. “Why did you fall in love with him?!”

You jumped when someone leaned over you from around your chair; a pair of strong arms leaning onto the desk on either side of you, and a hard chest leaned against your back. Platinum hair fell around your face, blocking out the world in a cascade of silver. Hot breath tickled your ear, the velvety voice of your lover drifting over your senses.

“I suppose you merely have an inordinate amount of luck.” He murmured, nuzzling the tender flesh behind your earlobe.

Your breath was frozen in your lungs, your heart skipping a beat before plummeting into a headlong rush. You turned to look at him, only to have his lips softly capture yours.

It had been days since he’d been able to touch you, taste you. And he wanted to make up for the lost time. He had already told your boss that he was having a ‘private meeting’ with you–one that was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

Your desk was cleared with a single sweep of his arm. If anyone heard the noise, no one knocked to check on you. Indeed, it was quite a while before anyone entered or left your office…

=====End Adverse Advice=====
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