"A Realistic Pokémon Adventure" by Penguiduck

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As originally published on Quizilla:

"There is no denying that Pokémon is possibly one of the greatest video games ever, but I have seen a sorry lack of good Pokémon adventures in second person, and we all know how famous Quizilla is for reader-inserts. Thus, I am making it my job to eliminate this lack of good Pokémon reader-inserts by writing my own.

Each chapter will probably short because of my lack of time and dedication to my other series, but I promise only the best quality that I can produce, which may or may not be saying much.

This is my vision of the Pokémon world-- basically a mix of the games I have played and a bit from the anime. The anime isn't realistic [I mean, take a look at Ash; he hasn't grown one inch since the beginning of his journey. And the fact that he's a ten year old running around far from home? Don't get me started. No mother in her right mind would allow a ten year old to do that. Besides, what happened to school?] and I plan to change that. I may include some of the anime characters and concepts, but the adventure itself will mostly revolve around the games. Because I have yet to play Diamond/Pearl I will mostly base this story off of Red/Yellow/Blue and Silver/Gold since I honestly don't remember very much of Sapphire/Ruby.

Why Lance? Lance is attractive and the fact that he's a hot-shot trainer who works with dragons is appealing to me. I've always liked him and I still do. I haven't seen any decent, reader-insert Lance stories anyway so this'll be a fresh start. I find him absolutely intriguing.

I will address any questions you have through message. This is just a brief chunk of what I started, just to see what readers think. Please message and rate. :) Any feedback would be very much appreciated.
"No, I don't," you stated to your Charmander who had stuffed a piece of cake in your face.

"Chaaaar!" he replied, only shoving it closer to your mouth.

You couldn't keep a straight face anymore. "Alright, fine!" you exclaim, laughing. "I'll eat it, but I'll have you know that you're making me fat!"

The lizard Pokemon appeared to be quite satisfied as he watched you take a bite.

"Talvian, it's great!" you said with a grin upon your face. "I'm surprised that you'd be so efficient with cooking." Talvian was the name you had given to the Charmander who was like a best friend to you. You had been together for a number of years now and you wouldn't have had it any other way.

Living at home was pleasant. It was only a few weeks ago that you had returned from your second Pokemon journey, both of which were successful in that you had learned much. You weren't the best of trainers certainly, but you couldn't say that you were the most competitive either. It was the experience which you were after, not the fame or the trophies. Four years ago, you were the awkward fifteen year old who had started on her Pokemon journey for the wrong reasons. There were nothing about the journey that you would have changed, but you knew that you had grown.

You were a woman now, even though you hardly thought of yourself as one. At the budding age of nineteen, now was the peak of your life! You were old enough to do the things that you had always wanted to do and you could easily have that independence, but you were also young enough to be a bit immature at times.

Luckily, you loved Viridian city for all it was worth. The community was great and you were never too far from Professor Oak's laboratory where you spent a lot of your freetime. It was the Professor who had given you Talvian anyway, and you felt as though you owed him for that.

You grabbed your backpack, opening the door for Talvian as he scamped onto the porch. "I'll be at Professor Oak's lab!" you shout to your mother.

"Just be back in time for dinner, darling!" she replied from upstairs.

Making a mental note of what she had said, you shut the door from behind you. Pallet town was only an hour away by bike, which was exactly what you had planned to use. There were few cars used in this area because of its rural nature, and most of the townsfolk preferred it that way. There was always the potential of catching a flight with your Pidgeot, Yilgati, but you did need to exercise. Instead, you tossed two pokeballs into the air. "Come on out, you two!"

In brief flashes of light, Yilgati along with Despe, your loyal Scyther, flew into the sky. They were probably eager for some movement as well. As you mounted your bicycle, Tavian hopped onto your shoulder, clinging onto your shoulder with his blunt claws. "Chaaarman!"

The wind rippled through your hair as you raced down the route toward Pallet town. The day was still young so there was plenty of time to work with the Pokemon at the laboratory. You could take all the time in the world to get there-- still, it was something you looked forward to so you hurried. Meanwhile, Yilgati and Despe were having a great time being able to stretch their wings above you.

In less than an hour, you had arrived at the laboratory. You could hear the chattering of Pokemon from a distance away. Professor Oak gave them plenty of time outside so you could always hear them before laying eyes upon them. With a brief glance at the large field full of Pokemon, you head toward the front door. It was unlocked as it usually was.

"Good morning, _____!" one of Professor Oak's assistants said cheerfully. "I was hoping you'd come by today."

"Hey Tracey," you reply. "Why'd you say that?"

"We just received a Pokemon egg via PC and Professor Oak was hoping that you would be willing to look after it until it hatches."

This was certainly news. You had raised eggs before, but it wasn't something that you did on a regular basis. "I'd be happy to do it. What kind of an egg is it?"

Tracey walked over to a piece of machinery, what you assumed to be an incubator of sorts, and pressed a few buttons, causing the top of it to open up. "We don't know. The egg is from Lance of the Elite Four so we're assuming that it's a dragon-type."

Lance of the Elite Four? Did you hear him wrong? Lance was the hot-shot trainer, often considered the best, from Kanto! In fact, he was the best of the best-- he had won countless battles and was labeled as the leader of the famous Elite Four. "I didn't even know that he kept his Pokemon here..." you said, still in shock.

"He doesn't have very many, and I think he probably keeps a good portion of them at his clan's estate," Tracey admitted. "He's not much of a catcher, but the Pokemon he does keep are ridiculously strong. That's why he is known as a dragon tamer. They prefer to focus on quality as opposed to quantity. Either way, he sent this egg attached with a very specific message; he wants Professor Oak to keep a special eye on this one. The Professor, however, has been really busy lately with the recruitment of new trainers but he knows that he can trust you."

You glanced at the egg-- it was mostly white, but it had sprinkles of color though it, mostly deeper tones of blue and purple. It was a lovely thing, really, and you knew that it would be well-off in your care. Talvian seemed to be awed by it as well. Currently, the Charmander was seated, wrapped around your neck and shoulders. "I'll take care of it!" you said with a smile.

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