"Theories" by Ani-Chan

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So, this is my first response to a challenge... ever. And I decided to move away from Kingdom Hearts and focus on my favorite minor character in Death Note :D Matt. Most of the drabbles have some sort of relevance to each other. This prompt only proves how much I suck at starting something. X) Bah, ending's lame.
You stood there awkwardly, on the verge of becoming a nervous wreck. Your palms were sweating. An embarrassed blush darted across your face.

Was it really necessary for them to just stare? It has been, what, a week or two since you got here?

The sea of unfamiliar faces kept their eyes locked on your every movement. With a quickened pace, you sat in the far back of the room. Your was back against the wall as you pulled your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms around them.

With the way things were going, you might as well had placed a sign around your neck that said, 'Look at me, the freak!!'

Why, oh why, did all the very few friends you had get adopted? Sure, sure. You should've been happy that they finally have a new home outside this nerdy orphanage. Still, that didn't help with the fact that you absolutely hated meeting new people.

Speaking of people, there were three boys closest to you.

One seemed disinterested upon your arrival. His blank expression was focused upon a complex jigsaw puzzle. As he lined the pieces up, he twirled a lock of his snow-white hair.

Another boy didn't even acknowledge you. He was busy throwing dirty looks at the first boy, all while he nibbled on his chocolate bar.

The last... Well, he was kind of cute. In fact, he was the very boy you sort of had this crush thing on for the past few days, though you never had the guts to actually go up to talk to him.

Reddish-brown hair, orange googles over his eyes. He had his back against the same wall as his full attention was consumed in his video game.

At least, from what you assumed.

Just then, the quiet beeps and clicks paused. The boy's attention suddenly directed to you, which was right when you were staring at him.

"Something caught between my teeth?" he asked, consciously touching his mouth.

"Er... no."

"Oh..." He dropped his hand and went straight back to his game.

You sighed. Since all your friends left you alone at the Whammy House, you might as well make some new ones. At least, try to.

"Um, I'm (y/n). So..."

Then, it was like he just realized who you were. "I'm Matt."

"Nice to meet you, Matt."

The corner of his mouth curled up to a playful grin. "Nice to meet you, too."

Huh, that was easy. You guessed that meeting new people wasn't as bad as you thought.

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