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lock my account. most of you probably hate me anyway so it doesn’t matter.

my stories will not be on another site. maybe i’ll quit writing.

don’t try to reach me through the usual means. they won’t work.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: ... *blink* What am I supposed to say here? Hi? XD Well. I'm a grammar nut, so watch out for that. :3 If I see anything done repeatedly that could use fixing, I'll make sure to point it out...

Hm... time. Well, I have school and such and DG is extremely lazy, so it might take a little while for her to get around to proofreading/checking over stories and the like... I'll set it at three days tops, though, so if you can wait that long, go ahead and try me. :P If I don't get back to you in at least a week after you send something, please kick me and remind me!

Oh yeah, and I might get on your case about characterization if I have issues with it. I'll try to be nice! Usually! Little things that are easily fixable don't bother me. But if there are major flaws in how you write a character, you're... going to hear about it. Sorry. :x I am also opposed to language abuse, having taken Japanese for three years now, so I really don't like seeing fangirl Japanese for no reason at all, especially when it adds no flavor to the story.

Currently obsessing over Hakuouki, Tales of the Abyss, and (kindasorta) Vocaloid right now. FMA is good too... mm, yes, FMA. DG has FMA-fic-withdrawal. ;_; I WILL get on your case horribly for Hetaliafic, though, as far as characterization goes, because I'm really very picky about my Hetaliafic. Also, the list of things I will beta is not all-inclusive; I'm fine with looking at a series I'm unfamiliar with, and I purposely left out some series that I am familiar with but don't particularly enjoy reading fic for, but will beta anyway. Just try me.

Ah, if you do send me something to beta-read, file format! Anything that works with Word 2003 or 2010 is preferred, because I love abusing Track Changes and the little red boxes. That also means .doc files are probably better than .docx, because while I can usually open the newer files, Kanda (my laptop) sometimes chooses to kill himself instead. (What can I say, I like the old Word better than the new package...) Other options: if you're using OpenOffice or don't have Word or something, .txt or .html or pretty much anything that will open with what I have is fine.
Will not read: Just try not to send me anything lemony or with incest... I'm fine with shounen-ai and shoujo-ai, and I'm okay with canon incest. I just might get a little annoyed if someone gives me a, say, Ed/Al fic. Except for Host Club; twincest is fine. XD I probably won't read anything Adult+ rated; 17+ and lower is fine, and Adult too as long as it's rated for violence and not lime... Unless it contains any of the above. *points up*
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