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Name: proteinboxer
Alias: Akihiko
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
About my services: I'm mostly interested in the author's POV and twist on characters. My beta reading style is somewhat intensive and a tad bit harsh. I'm pretty good at spotting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. I have the tendency to jot down changes and shift around paragraphs to help with flow if necessary, and can make fairly excessive changes. I love author input on any alterations I make to keep the stories true to their style while improving any weak spots I notice. I feel that I'm just the person who spots errors and the authors are the ones that actually put forth the effort into the story. I love working with open minded authors who don't cry or cuss when I give some criticism to them. I understand that you own the story and like the way it is, but if you can't handle the criticism, stop talking to betas. I want to volunteer as a beta because I'm tired of seeing amazing story lines and characterizations with little to no grammar, punctuation and structure.

Being truthful has to be my best quality. I don't go 'OMGILOVEYOUSTORYUPDATEPLZZZZ' or anything like that. I state my truth and if you can't handle it, too bad. I can give well-thought out input about stories and other various writings. I can easily share my likes and dislikes of something and tell you what I think you should fix. I can give my honest opinion and not feel guilty about it if I happen to insult it. I love giving criticism out on anything. I can also help add in a bit of a dramatic effect at times in your story.

However, I can be extremely blunt and immediately find an error that I think should be fixed. As I am human and not a robot, errors that I ask about may actually be right. I make mistakes, and it's probably going to end up being a lot. I also whine a lot if I don't get this part of your story. I also rush through things at time due to my hectic life. Because of this, I won't catch everything.
Will not read: I would really rather not read any Mary-sue fanfics that go along with the plot of, 'boy meets girl. boy falls in love with girl. they get married. Yaaay.' Of course, parodies are welcomed. I also dislike stories that don't make any sense. I also dislike incest, hentai, and other things that relate to it.
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