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♥«´¨` K H R ´¨`»♥

Name: Bailie, Brooke~
Age: Twenty-One!~
Birthday: July 8
Height: 4\'11. Yes I am short. :)
Likes: People, Anime, Dramas, Soap Operas, Theater, Italy,SPAIN!
LOVES:Booboo (Nils) Stewart,Matthew Gray Gubler!
DISlikes: Racism. Sexism. Children. Bugs.

Love me and I shall love you


Favorite Day: Wednesday
Favorite Color: S e a F o a m G r e e n
Favorite Flower: StarGazer
SuperHero? BATMAN!
Fastfood? Chipotle!
Song of the Moment: E.T. by Katy Perry
Quote: \"The Question that somtimes makes me hazy, am I or the others crazy.\" -Albert Einstein
Favorite Number: Twenty-Seven
Favorite Guy?: Micro from Home Made Kazoku.(I FREAKING MET THEM!!!)

Random quotes

\"Don\'t jump off a himalayian mountain Butt ass naked, You will Die.\"

\"Keep A Couple Wet Whipes Incase A Bum Try To Touch Me, Ew.\"- Nicki Minaj


\"Zetta Slow!\"





\"This mic is Zetta Sexy!\"


Girls Fall Like Dominoes- Nicki Minaj
E.T.-Katy Perry
6\", 7\"-Lil Wayne

Dexter Season Two & Three, Criminal Minds,
Take Care Of The Young Lady[Korea Drama]
Drop Dead Diva

Hitman Reborn Manga Chapter 331

Final Fantasy 8 & 9


-Obsessing Over-
1.Belphegor & Squalo.
2. Enma & Koyo.
3. Spener Reid & Derek Morgan. 4. Cid & Yagg [FF13]

Matthew Gray Gubler @GUBLERNATION


About My life.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! -Is shot- oh hey! didn\'t see you there. How ya been? lol anyway I\'ve ben writing alot, cuz I caught a terrible flu and bed ridden for a bit but now I have so much planned AND I GOT MY GLASSES BACK! WHAT WHAT! I\'M BACK IN BIDNESS BABEH. i\'ve got a good amount of things planned so don\'t give up on me yet!


Story Progress

I\'m NOT Into Sparkly Men.
Not everyone likes to be bitten.

Reader X Jacob Black Slight Reader X OC


Yaoi For The Heart.
Yaoi. Reader depicted as male, thus it is Yaoi~

Reader(male) X Various

Various categories.

posted on soon to be on here.

The Meaning of Flowers
Every flower has a meaning and for each meaning, A story.

Reader X Various

Various categories.

Meaning One- Done. Posted.
Meaning two. In Development (means i\'m thinking lol :P)

I love my Country
Everyone loves a country, but not as literaly as you do.

Reader X Various

Axis Powers Hetalia

Je T\'aime France (Francis/France)- Done, posting process
A Handle (Ludwig/Germany)- Done not posted yet
A Little Cheap ( Vash/Switzerland)- Same as above
Little Crazy (Ivan/Russia)-Same as above
Beethoven (Roderich/Austria)- Same as above

Take it easy (working title)
Young love isn\'t always sweet. or easy for that matter. Imprinting, misunderstandings. backstabing. sounds like usual puppy love.

Reader X Seth Clearwater (with Boo Boo stewart in mind)



In my Brother\'s Shadow

Everyone enjoys the lighter side of knowing Shuichi Minamino however, being his Twin brother comes with its own darkness. Feelings of Inadequency, Hatred, Jealousy, Intrigue and Betrayl surface as the final layers of Brotherhood are peeled back and the Truth trinkles inbetween.

Reader X Undecided. brotherly love(I\'ve decided DEFINATE Twincest :D) Reader X Kurama

Yu Yu Hakusho

Book of one-shots that are yaoi and that follow the 2004 album \"SMILE\" by L\'ARC-EN-CIEL.

Reader X Various.

Days of the Week.

A different love each day of the week? Yes please.

Reader X Various

Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy 10, Yu Yu Hakusho, Final Fantasy 12, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Metal Gear, Ace Attorney Series, Persona 3, Assassin\'s Creed, Baccano!

It\'s Better If I Tell You

Whether its an Anime character or someone from a book, there\'s always something they need to know or have explained. Who better than you? No objections? Marvelous, Let\'s begin.

The Fox\'s Little Princess

Yu Yu Hakusho

He finally had something of his own, something to make him smile days on end. A bundle of joy that would make his days worthwhile

Twenty Little Questions

For every question you asked, you were sure the BAU\'s resident genius had the answers.

Reader x Spencer Reid.

Dedicated to Crys-chan. Cuz she\'s so cool. =^.^=


Dr.Spencer Reid [Criminal Minds]
Derek Morgan [Criminal Minds]
Belphegor [Hitman Reborn]
Superbi Squalo [Hitman Reborn]
Fran [Hitman Reborn]
Mamon [Hitman Reborn]
Kozato Enma [Hitman Reborn]
Koyo Aoba [Hitman Reborn]
Giotto [Hitman Reborn]
Kyouya Hibari [Hitman Reborn]

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