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Thank you very much for your support, everyone!


Shall we begin?

●♧● ♧● ♧● ♧● Chapter Four of It\'s Possible - Today “good timing” doesn’t apply to me is here! We hope you\'re enjoying the story so far~ ●♧ ●♧ ●♧ ●♧●

●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆● Espionage - Gloomy with a chance of being bitten… is up and ready to read! ●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●



I finally finished that re-write! Just a bit more tweaking to do~ I want to split it into two chapters... I\'m extremely sorry that it took me over a year to do >__<

Recently, I\'ve been playing Shall we date?: Ninja Love for Gree, since an English version was released for iOS (the Android version has been out for a while). If you ever get around to playing, at the very beginning you\'ll see a box labelled \"Invitation ID\". If you enter someone\'s ID, you get five free riceballs to use in game~ They increase power, which you need to continue reading the story :D My ID is 632948092.

It really makes me smile to see a new review notification in my inbox :D I hope you read the author replies! I make sure to answer them all.

As always, many thanks for reading :)

Hello there~!

It is I, Dragonstar, the beta-reader, the random reviewer and nominator ninja!

I\'ve been reading fanfiction and original stories for a while now, and I hold a lot of respect and gratefulness towards all you wonderful authors~ ^__^
How you manage to balance your life and write amazes me! Seriously, amazing. I\'ve only started writing and I\'m already having trouble juggling!

I am one hell of a procrastinator. ;)

Progress on re-write of Chapter 5:

It\'s Possible
In the ideas phase

Unnamed Xanxus story
Dedicated to Rhei


Heard of New Zealand?


I\'m from there :)



I\'m working on a KHR! collaboration with the awesome Rhei! (I currently beta for her~)
It\'s called Espionage and the pairing so far is Hibari x You x Gokudera~

I was amazed at how quickly it was pushed off the first page xD

The way this works is Rhei and I write the chapters separately, with ideas and input from each other when needed.
Then we email it for beta-ing/comments and suggestions from the other.

I\'ll also be working on a Round Robin with the lovely NuitNoire! It\'s called It\'s Possible, with a pairing of Shouichi/Reader :3

Now this Round Robin differs from the above one. Noire wrote the first chapter in its entirety, I beta\'d and provided a few ideas.
For the chapters after that, large chunks of them were written by us working together on MSN xD

From now on, Noire will be posting all the chapters for It\'s Possible, since we discovered the hard way that neither of us could edit chapter 2 ^__^;

The second chapter was meant to be called \"Dealing with you people adds years to my life.\" And I totally forgot to add the links to the songs in chapter 2 of \"It\'s Possible\" OTL

Password 486
My True Self

\"Awkwardness \"Shouichi

(Hover over the pictures for something fun ;D)

~❤ A huge thank you to our readers, reviewers, favouriters, Sally and the mods! ❤~

Perhaps you\'d like to check out Rhei\'s and NuitNoire\'s other stories!

Plus the sensational CT\'s a.k.a. Catherine Takamoto, and the amazing 2n31\'s work!

ღ~Much love to you all~ღ

Drowning in a pile of plot bunnies! Must write them into submission!!

...Yes, one day I\'ll write a fic of my own. I\'ll always love my Round Robin buddies though!

...Might take some time though. Sorry Mukurowl!



If you have time, check out Knite, a flash comic made by Yuumei on deviantART. The art is stunning and definitely recommended!

-Thanks for visiting my profile-☺

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Dragon★

Knite: Bringer of the Stars poster by Yuumei. KHR picture from zerochan. Other gifs from photobucket. Images and gifs belong to their respective owners :)

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  • The categories above are the ones I'm most familiar with at the moment. There are plenty of others I didn't include since I felt I had forgotten too much about them XD Feel free to contact me even if your category isn't there~

From my experiences beta-ing and reading fan fiction:

    Most commonly misspelt/typo'd words include definitely as 'defiantly' or 'definately', disappoint as 'disapoint', tomorrow as 'tommorow', breathe/breath, lose/loose, chose/choose, you're/your/you, dessert/desert, shining as 'shinning', a part as 'apart', and 'prefect' as 'perfect'.

    I have to admit that I'm a softy and find it hard to give critique. So you should tell me where and what you want me to be tougher on. I shall do my best~!
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