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Hello! I am a 20-something female gamer who has a ridiculous fangirl-y love for Dragon Age: Origins and BioWare in general. I also squee with high-pitched wonder every time I load up my ancient PS2 to play Kingdom Hearts and am a rabid Axel/Roxas fangirl.

I graduated with a degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and two minors in Politics and Comparative Literature, so needless to say, what I usually read and write about is not so fluffy or fun; writing creatively keeps me from going insane or possibly attacking people with paper clips.

I\'m a member of the Swooping_is_Bad community on Livejournal and created this account in order to post things that I might not feel comfortable posting on due to not wanting to hear 13-year-olds cry like little girls. As such, expect smut, which is a venture I\'ve only recently attempted and with great hesitation. My FF profile is here, with the same username as this, to ease any (of my own) confusion:

So please, hand out pointers and tell me what is gag-worthy; I will love you for it.
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Will check for:
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: Strengths: Excellent vocabulary and grasp of grammatical constructs. Background in several different languages, so I'm patient with people who are not native English speakers. Freakishly anal about consistency.

Weaknesses: I like to ramble and I enjoy things that other people might consider too long/verbose, so sometimes it can get out of hand. I can seem rather critical because I like to nitpick, but I promise it is out of good-heartedness and not meanness. I am a bit weak when it comes to settings in my own writing, I believe.

I enjoy different kinds of stories, short or long, and most kinds of smut. Slash, straight, up against a wall, threesomes, whatever; as long as it isn't absolutely ridiculous, considering the characters. I'll even take "Improbable" pairings if you can make it work! I love anything character-driven.

Use a spellcheck before presenting your fic to anyone; this includes utilizing Wiki's for specific Canon names and elements that your usual spellcheck will not pick up. There is no excuse for skipping this step.
Will not read: I will not read anything with bestiality, incest, mpreg, rape, or Mary Sues. I will not read stories focused on cutting or drug abuse. I do not like time-traveling pieces of this nature: "So liek I totally got teleported here from my hometown and everything rox!"
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