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Will not read: I have nothing against yaoi(gay) or yuri(lesbian), but I just find it annoying some times when I'm looking for a good story/fanfiction and most of the results are same gender pairings. It also depends on the character pairings if its a pairing with two guys or girls from anime or manga I've seen and know that one of the characters is not gay I won't read it. I'll only read it if I think the character's in it make a good pair. I also will not read fanfiction where the character in the anime or manga is engaged or married, I'll only read it if the character had an arranged marriage or they're marrying their relative.(IDK it just really ticks me off ex: Edward and Bella) I also won't read any story that deals with a person being cheated on or abused in a relationship.(Its a really hard,painful,and emotional topic that grinds my gears and I won't go into details) I also absolutely will not read crossovers or collections what I mean by that is that I won't read stories that has characters from a different movie,game,anime,or manga.Collections is something I'm just now hearing about and seeing. I don't like reading stories that have multiple categories it annoys me when I can't find a good story with my favorite anime,manga,movie,book,or game character. NO INCEST EITHER!!
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