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Announcement! I achieved what many of us on this site have dreamed of and am published. I still intend to post here, although you can see I have always been infrequent, but if you like my writing and wish to support me, I would really, really appreciate it.

At my partner's request, I was writing a lot of porn a while ago, and because of my own predicaments, there's a lot of sad ramblings. Nonetheless, I'm trying to keep writing other things as well, and they're going to be at least as often as before, these things are just going to be wedged between them more often.

I like writing faerie stories and other far-from-realistic ideas. I was always a fantasy kid, and now it's what I prefer to play out in my mind. I guess, in a way, I never really grew out of my play-acting completely.
On note of "faerie," I probably won't keep that spelling consistent. I might, however, seeing as consistency is a good thing and there are enough spellings to go a while, as long as I don't switch to "ferry."

If I'm not writing highly fictitious stories (and sometimes when I am), there's a good chance violence will be introduced. I don't know why, it's just a pattern that I am warning you of. Of course, that would be noted in the lovely description/rating, so you'll be okay. I'd like to stick to children's type stories over that, really (but that's not going to really happen).

So, there you go. Expect, for the first while, writing as fast as it is validated and then... we'll see. I really have to get back in the habit of writing regularly, and if I could start posting more than I have on other places in the past, I think that would be lovely.

Well, if you read this, I'm hoping you intend to read my stories, and if so, I hope you intend to review. I do need and appreciate feedback.

Have good times in return for reading this biography, and if you want to contact me for some reason, go ahead and use that contact form.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: I generally, if asked, will work quick and as well as clearing up grammar and all that, will give comments on whatever I think necessary or what you ask me about.

I tried to file general categories plus some subcategories, but most of the general ones (ie, 'original fiction') I will read anything from, and others ('books', 'cartoons and comics') don't offer enough extra categories that I feel justified in specifying. Really, just ask if I'll do it, and I'll tell you- my answer will probably be yes.

I'll read for things I don't know as well, if you like, for spelling, grammar and organization, but I obviously won't check canon or anything.

I am probably not the best beta for anyone who uses over the top commas, as that is a bad habit of mine as well. Grammatically correct or not, they tend to look bad (however, I can catch run-on sentences and rearrange them if I wasn't the one to write them originally).

I'd especially like to beta original works.
Will not read: I will probably try anything in the ways of genre or rating, but if something's enough that I can't read it, I will just tell you so then. I'd like to do... less animanga stories, but I have no problem doing them if you need a beta and your usual one is busy or you don't have one. I'm not so much interested anymore, but I will certainly do it for you if you ask, is what I mean.

I highly doubt there's too much I'm uncomfortable with, but if I don't think I can beta to the best of my abilities for any such reason, I will tell you so.
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