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Rukii: My sin is Gluttony. :L ...In love with Lambo (ADULT! >:O). I hate Gokudera! I am free runner and love to write. I am a Taurus--born May 16th. My favorite number is 8. I am obessed with Yaoi and **torture (dirty~). I\'m known as Yesisoto93, on Quizilla~

Aphelia: My sin is Lust. ;D ...In love with *lost in long list of lovers.* I hate Reborn! I am a destined actress and artist. I am an Aquarius--born February 11th. My favorite number is 6. I am obsessed with **spanking and I like Yaoi. I\'m know as TheLastestPlague13, on Quizilla~

Myra: My sin is Sloth. ...=0= ...In love with Mukuro, I hate Sasuke! I am...lazy. >___> but a lovely artist! I am a Libra--born October 13th. My favorite number is 4. I am ALSO obsessed with Yaoi, Yuri and **bondage (dirty~). I\'m known as Dead2Perfection, on Quizilla. :3

**We all have our fetishes... Right?
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Status: Open
About my services: We are spelling and grammar freaks! D<

We will also look at the plot, if you want us to. :D

Send us your story! XD
Will not read: We'll read whatever the fuck we get! >;O
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