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Hello friends. I have returned, kind of.
Name: Morgan, but you may also call me Soft Taco Bear, Guardian of the Tacos
Age: 22/almost 23
About: tumblr addict, and self-proclaimed masochist. (Speaking of tumblr, link up there somewhere for mine)

It occurs to me that I've not logged into luna for like... a year. ;~;

It's also been about 4 years since I wrote more of Monochrome Devotion, and 2 years since I updated As Daylight Dies. Fear not - I have not abandoned them. I just suck I'm so sorry. I've been trying to rewrite some of my old fanfiction that I think has potential, and progress on that is slow. Most of them have not been published on Luna, however, and they were on my old quizilla (cringes).

XShadowsxMasqueradeX and NatsukiSensei2010, fyi. I have fanfiction and AO3 accounts as well, under this pen name.
I add that here because I know there are old members out there that could potentially reach me I hope ;-;

Anyway! I've begun to character build and try to completely redo these stories with the same plot, remodeled characters, and of course much better writing.

A bit of my activity recently:

*Chapter 2 of Monochrome Devotion -[|||||||] -99%. Serena is still beta-ing it for me, and I'd like to write a couple more chapters before I submit.

*Rewrite of Breaking Through the Storm, potentially -[|______] -2%, not even sure if I'm going to go through with it. It needs so much reworking because it's so terrible.

*Rewrite of my Ichigo Story -not even started yet, still plot and character building to work out how the story will go.

*As Daylight Dies is just... I don't even know when I'll get around to that, sorry.

*The Feeling that Doesn't Reach- discontinued. I was dating someone at the time I wrote the story, which was my inspiration for it. We broke up almost two years ago now and I kind of hate him.... so yeah that won't be happening at all.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Hiatus
Category: Anime & Manga
About my services: I love reading fanfiction, especially one-shots and song fics. My expectations in literature are fairly high. As far as my style goes, I'll spell check, fix sentence structure, and critique on your plot and characters. I'll give you suggestions on how to make it better and be as honest as possible. I ask that you give me something I can understand. Like I want to be able to understand the fic and not have to guess what you're trying to get across. Don't expect me to get it done fast though. I'm also a writer and a perfectionist, to a point.

I excel in basic sentence structure, spelling, fixing minor and major grammar issues, etc. I try to help as much stylistically as I do with grammatical errors -i.e. enforcing the "show don't tell" rule. I'm usually good about spotting plot holes or awkward wording. I'm very critical when it comes to lack of description, characters that are out of character, and character creation. I don't always catch everything there is to correct though. Sometimes run-on sentences give me some trouble. As a writer, my early work lacks description and has too much dialogue. Things play clearly in my mind, but sometimes I forget to explain things.

Anime or manga fics are my preference. Whether they're one-shots, song fics, or ongoing series, I'll take it if I have time. It's just some I like more than others. If we're talking genre, blood and guts are fine with me, but I prefer things like romance or adventure. They're just preferences. I'll beta just about any genre except vampire fics. I don't mind yaoi these days, but yuri, on the other hand, just kind of annoys me.
Will not read: Yuri/femslash, character bashing, most high school fics (i.e. the very cliche "insert anime here" as if the characters were in high school). Vampire fics: I won't read them because I don't like vampires. The only exception is Chibi Vampire/Karin and Moon Phase.
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