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Name: Melly-me
Alias: Sigga
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born on Iceland in 1992 in the little town called Keflavik. Have Aspergers syndrome. Enjoy yaoi and fan fictions. I love photography and want to be a photographer when I grow up

I\'m a beta reader. I would also like if you contacted me on DeviantArt if you want me to beta read for you, not only here.
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
Status: Open
About my services: I am good with spelling, pretty good with grammar, and I have a habit of noticing wrong words and wrongly-build lines.

I prefer Yaoi, and I won't read Yuri. I don't mind straight elements or there being a straight pairing in a story with Yaoi, but I won't read a pure straight story with adult situations. Sorry.
I usually stick to Yaoi stories, but I won't refuse a no-pairing(of any kind) story if it looks interesting.

I have no problems with MPREG, violence, Drug reference/use, twin/incest, spoilers or such. I do, however, not like reading hermaphrodite stories where the person has both female and male genitals. I don't condemn it, I simply don't like it. So hermaphrodite MPREG, no, general MPREG, sure ^^

If you're looking for someone to check characterizations or plot, I'm the wrong person xD I don't mind self-interpreted character personalities, and I don't judge on plot. I am not the right person for Canon Elements.
Will not read: M/F (straight)
I am skeptic towards crossovers, but it kind of depends on what two stories are crossing
Reader insertion (stories with a You persona)
Real person
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