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Alias: I have a whole lot, but i love to be called Kyo
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I\'m a really cool girl, I enjoy to sit around and let my mind wander, you know....get an inspiration for my stories. I always went to this site before I actually got a site, I love Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Inuyasha, Dragon ball, D.N. Angel, D. Gray man, Bleach, One Piece, Fruit Basket, Gundam Wing. I truly like stuff more than that, but I\'m a lazy person when it comes to...remembering things. Anyway I would love to read any of your stories, but I have a few flaws so forgive me. I\'m only human.

Okay, so I\'m gonna make a story ^-^. My friend and I thought of it, but i\'m secretly putting it on this site, I hope you all like it! It\'s called The Game of Life, and it\'s actually really cool to look at if you\'re doing it roleplaying wise. It\'s amazing, love, drama, action, adventure,...crazy people with adorable bunny ears. I hope you guys like it and stuff and please don\'t make fun of it, I took a lot of time with my friend to make a story like this and I don\'t want people to make fun of me for it.

Anyway the stories i\'m planning to make:

\'Game of Life\'
Progress: O% so far (they haven\'t you know...posted my story up, but it\'s fine, not everyone is a computerholic)

\'Strawberry Parfait\'
Progress: 0%
It\'s on Devil May Cry, anyway it\'s like a mini adventure lemon kind of thing, i hope it pleases people.

\'Falling for the Sayian prince\'
progress: 0%
Actually I\'m making it on Word righ now, so it\'s like 23% complete and stuff.

\'The world on your shoulders\'
Progress: in thinking phase.
It\'s going to be an original story, just like Game of life.
That\'s it so far, I don\'t want to go too insane about it, becase then i\'ll start forgetting stories and then they\'ll never be completed.
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About my services: I'm really good at listening to other people's opinions, but the best writer always has someone that would tell them the truth about their writing skills, and if you don't have anyone like that....I would love to be it. Don't get me wrong I have things I will not read, but it doesn't mean I hate everything...I just have a few dislikes and I'm sure you do too.
Will not read: I will not read males getting pregnant, i don't have anything against it, I just won't read it. I will also not read anything with horrible violence and or brutal rape. It sounds terrible and it makes me squirmish a little. Please do not constantly ask me to read something with any of these in it, I will not answer, and I will ignore you.
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