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    - \"Photobucket\" - April 27th: Alright, it\'s April 27th, 2012 and I have two stories again!! I do not plan on deleting these stories and I promise I shall finish them!! Even if it takes a few years, I shall finish them! Anyways, just thought I would give a little update on what\'s going on. As I have mentioned, Built to Fall shall have a second chapter soon. I am trying to work out the kinks and little loop-holes in the chapter so hopefully I can have it up soon. I have a new story up titled The Ultimate Sacrifice. It is a Dragon Age: Origin\'s story and shall be an Alistair story. I am obsessed with him at the moment...anyways, and I have another story in my brain that I need to crank out. I have issued a challenge! Le Gasp!! It is called Sugar Daddy! and is exactly what the title entails. I hope to respond to my own challenge as I have a semi-plot involving a certain brunette from KHR or YGO! I don\'t know yet haha.

    That is it for now!

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About my services: My services are free of charge!! Haha, but seriously. I have been writing for about ten and some years so I am confident in my skills as a beta. I do not consider myself a grammar nazi, because I occasionally screw up. I myself, have two stories posted. One is a ficlet/drabble booklet and the other is a full length story so you can check those out if you wish. I also am not picky about what I read so do not hesitate to send me your most gruesome works. The sky is the limit in which you can submit to me.
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