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I miss writing.
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About my services: A glutton for punishment, I don't shy away when it comes to doing research for fanfiction. I will tell you if your plot line is overused, and/or help you with plot development. I am a perfectionist, so don't worry about any grammatical and spelling errors in your stories, as well as OOC-ness; I will do my best to help you correct them. In terms of overall impression, I like leaving an impact on readers, so I am liable to offer suggestions to keep your stories original, and your readers interested until the very last syllable if it is required. I do not scrap things, and I have a tendency to be juxtaposed, and include poetical rhythm in writing. Alternate universe settings and angst are my forte, and if anything, I like to keep things real and unorthodox.

I will beta for almost anything of any genre, including a tiny amount of (reasonable) crack.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I don't necessarily tear the heads off people asking me for help.
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