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Penguiduck and perfect-to-stay have started something that I will join. The Review Initiative. Below is what Penguiduck stated in an author\'s note for one of my favorites.


A review does not have to be because you liked the story. It is feedback so the author knows what people think about it. I hate how I have stories with 300 hits and only 1 or no review. Please, review it at least once. You don\'t have to review every chapter if you don\'t want, just 1 review to let people know that you read it. If you liked it, say so. If you didn\'t, say so! Authors want to know what their readers think!

Thank you for your time. ~Koneko

Important Notices
Jan. 23, 2014
Yes! An update to this! I know I haven't updated recently, but I'm having issues right now because I need to work on my college classes so I can graduate. I will work on updating when I can, but it may be a bit. Please be patient. I *should* be able to update this weekend, if I get my work done, so wish me luck! Please take care and stay inspired! ~Koneko

I will update again when I have time, which may not be for a while due to moving storage stuff around, classes starting, and me working on looking for an apartment soon enough. I will do my best though! Please don\'t lose faith in me. And, if you really want to read more, contact me and say: \"Get to work on [story of your choice]!\" It will let me know someone is waiting for me. Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy! ~Koneko

If anyone would be interested in reading a vampire/werewolf/mage story to check for errors in grammar, spelling, and plot continuity, please let me know. It is an original story and I need someone to look over it for me. Thank you. ~Koneko

Info About Me
I am crazy, it keeps me from going insane.

Ok, so...I am originally from Quizilla, but some of my favorite authors recommended this site, so I am here, because Quizilla is dying. It has been for years, and is finally at the end of it\'s rope. So...Konekochan07 is here now! Any of my readers from Quizilla, I will inform you now that I am not returning except to leave this message there. Please don\'t be mad. I have to do this. I can\'t take the problems anymore. And, I miss Penny (For those who don\'t know, Penny is the original mascot for Quizilla from years ago, before TeenNick.) I will repost stuff soon! ~Koneko

Also, if you haven\'t noticed, most of my stories are either song titles or lines that will be in the story sooner or later. I also love putting song lyrics in my stories, even though they make it a lot longer...I can\'t help it. There are a couple of stories that don\'t have that kind of theme, but they\'re really rare...Let me know what you think! ~Koneko

Story Info
Here are some of the stories I will be posting. (Banners are appreciated...)

If You Can\'t Beat\'em ~A Batman Animated Series Story~
\"Catie moved in with her uncle Alfred and wonders Have I gone insane?\"
(Up and updating, albeit slowly.)

Come on Eileen ~A Dark Knight Joker Story~
\"Eileen had an interesting childhood, but does Joker remember her?\"
(It\'s up!)

(Need Banner)
Riddle Me This ~For Xio~
\"I love puzzles, but can I learn to love riddles just as much?\"

(Banners Appreciated)
One Shots ~Varied~
I have various one shots I will be posting and I love working on them, so let me know if you have an idea and I\'ll see what I can do.

Maybe your insane is it\'s own little one shot that began in 3 parts. It\'s up too, so let me know what you think. ^-^

All in all, please enjoy my stories and give reviews if you have time. I love knowing what you think, and I\'m always fond of constructive criticism. I will not, however, respond to hate reviews. Thanks for your time. ~Koneko
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
Status: Open
Category: No preference
About my services: I like reading new stories and love to give constructive feedback! I'm really good at finding typos in stories and grammatical errors!
Will not read: Yuri, Yaoi, or anything promoting illegal activities
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