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Penguiduck and perfect-to-stay have started something that I will join. The Review Initiative. Below is what Penguiduck stated in an author's note for one of my favorites.


A review does not have to be because you liked the story. It is feedback so the author knows what people think about it. I hate how I have stories with 300 hits and only 1 or no review. Please, review it at least once. You don't have to review every chapter if you don't want, just 1 review to let people know that you read it. If you liked it, say so. If you didn't, say so! Authors want to know what their readers think!"

Thank you for your time. ~Koneko

This image is making me seriously consider a OUAT/HP crossover fic. Let me know what you think...

And this one is just awesome...

And here's my AO3 link so you can see my Rumple smut because I am too afraid to post it here...>.>'
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Happy Independence Day for those American fans! I have been trying to work when I can, but life is still getting in the way. I have been posting a little this weekend, but I'm not sure what all I need to update since no one really reviews or lets me know. So, either review the stories you want me to update or send me a message if I haven't updated your favorite in a while and I'll do my best to update it for you! If nothing else, I'll let you know how my progress is going with it! Take care and hope you enjoy my stories! ~Koneko

Hello! I'm trying to write and update when I have time, but life loves to get in my way. I will be trying to update and write this weekend, so look for new chapters in the coming week or so! I have applied for author validation, so maybe soon I can give you updates even sooner! Take care and hope you enjoy! ~Koneko
P.S.: I have found out that Quizilla, where I originally moved here from, was shut down 01OCT2014. I'm not too surprised since it never worked right after it was taken over/bought by Viacom/TeenNick. R.I.P. Quizilla & Penny. I will never forget that you were my start into fanfiction/writing.

11MAR2016 new fanfic just got posted! It's the first thing I've gotten to publish in a while! I will be working on more of it, though I do have quite a few chapters ready and waiting. If you like it, PLEASE REVIEW IT! It gives me motivation to write more. Take care and hope you enjoy Should've Known Better! ~Koneko

If anyone would be interested in reading a vampire/werewolf/mage story to check for errors in grammar, spelling, and plot continuity, please let me know. It is an original story and I need someone to look over it for me. Thank you. ~Koneko

Info About Me
I am crazy, it keeps me from going insane.

Ok, so...I am originally from Quizilla, but some of my favorite authors recommended this site. So...Konekochan07 is here now! Any of my readers from Quizilla, I bid you welcome! I try to post whenever I can, but if you look at the list, I am very bad at finishing stories, as new ones pop up all the time. Hope you enjoy anyways! Send me a message if a story you love should be updated and I'll do my best to work on it! Take care! ~Koneko

All in all, please enjoy my stories and give reviews if you have time. I love knowing what you think, and I'm always fond of constructive criticism. I will not, however, respond to hate/derogatory reviews. Criticism is great, you don't have to like the story as much as I do, but don't just try to tell me that I'm a terrible writer just because you didn't like it. Thanks for your time. ~Koneko
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About my services: I like reading new stories and love to give constructive feedback! I'm really good at finding typos in stories and grammatical errors!
Will not read: Yuri, Yaoi, or anything promoting illegal activities
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