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Well, I haven\'t been on here in forever... I\'ve lately been thinking of reviving some of my fanfiction ideas and to work out some of my pairings I share with my online friend.

Feel free to call me Cockatiel, or Andreea, or even Resu, since most know me from that OC.

I write for the Bleach fandom, and I have a various number of OCs in this fandom, ranging from Shinigami OCs, to Fullbringers, to even a human OC. Most of my stories will be surrounding them and will surround the pairings that work out from it.

I\'m thinking of even making an SNK AU with them! I\'ve really gotten into SNK lately, so I\'m excited for that. I also draw, so I\'ve sketched out designs for all my characters and such for these things.

I\'m not often on here, and you find me roleplaying on tumblr with the OCs I have mentioned earlier. If you are curious, you can read about them.

Resu Sosora || Shinigami || ♀
Hideki Hamasaki || Fullbringer || ♂
Hyosuke Takasahi || Human || ♂

To do list:
ღ Work on more chapters for Through the Years
ღ Get working on more OTP based ficlets ღ
ღ Finish Amusement Parks and hope it gets published on here ღ
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About my services: I'm new at this, but I'll begins to read over your stories, give you points to be careful on and my overall impression of your story. :)

I'll accept stories with just OC's, or just canon, or a mixture! I may not be able to tell you of your character is down right, but I'll offer my word on canon personalities. ;)

I won't accept many stories, I'm known for being unable to handle too much work.
Will not read: I'm not going to read any fanfics that are Hitsugaya/____, may it be OC or a canon character. I'm quite open towards everything else.
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