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Uhm, what to say first...

Well, hi there~! Welcome to my profile. I love bishies (pfft, who doesn\'t?), I have this weird thing going on for cute Asian guys, and my birthday is the same as Kanda Yuu\'s. Awesome, right?

Random facts are random-

❥ Thanks to all the moderator people who look over our chapters we submit and point out mistakes and show us how to fix them.
❥ I sneeze quite often.
❥ Pewdiepie, Cry, CinnamonToastKen, Critical are gr8.
❥ I\'m a girl.
❥ I prefer lollies to chocolate.
❥ I\'m also Australian.
❥ I enjoy fruit. Especially mangoes, lychees and blueberries.
❥ I have an Asian fetish. Basically ranging from cute guys, to cosplaying, to Asian music, to Asian food, to Asian everything.
❥ I\'m Asian.
❥ Tumblr. That\'s all.
❥ Uhm, zombies are cool.
❥ Singing is pretty awesome.
❥ I also like gaming and watching people.
❥ Watching people play games, that is.
❥ Walking Dead is so intense. Lori and Andrea kinda annoy me but they have their reasons for being who they are. /sigh.
❥ I like symbols. Like this heart thing.
❥ Reading and writing is what I do when school isn\'t being a butt.
❥ The Hush Sound, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance and Motion City Soundtrack are pretty awesome bands.
❥ Steven Yeun is an amazing actor and his singing voice is eargasmic.
❥ I\'m now attracted to Asians in caps. That look like Steven Yeun.
❥ I\'m kidding, I\'m kidding, but seriously Asians are super cute.
❥ People associate quietness with innocence, but trust me you\'ll find me writing fics that aren\'t all that innocent.
❥ As you may\'ve guessed, I\'m the \'quiet\' type even though I try not to be /flops.
❥ Tumblr is such a bad place to be when you have homework.
❥ Ling from FMA is one sexy mofo.
❥ Fallout Boy is my new obsession, do you know how catchy their songs are-

⋆ Question referring to \'What Happens Now\' - should I make Rea-tan suffer?

Stories in the making:

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Ricken - where Reader is extremely sexually attracted to him. 90% done, oneshot. Gotta edit it.

Star Trek (Reboot! ver) - James T. Kirk - where everything begins with Rea\'s and Kirk\'s fifth one night stand. Gotta edit it, chapter 2: 10% done.

KHR - Tsuna - A story about firsts. 40% done, oneshot.

Be safe, happy, and have a good day person.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: I'll be frank. I'm in love with OCs/Reader Inserts. That doesn't mean your story absolutely has to include one though. However, if you do have a story with an OC you'd like me to beta-read, I will point out everything. If I like him/her/it, then I'll say I will. If your OC has Mary-Sue tendencies, then I'll point that out too. I'll mostly focus on your characters, your literary language, and of course - the story. Especially the story. What I expect from people is pretty high.

I'll analyze your story thoroughly. Incorrect grammar, spelling, words that could be changed for more better ones... I'll do my best to find them. If your story is too cheesy, or too cliche, or your characters are too perfect, I'll tell you (as stated above). I'm pretty good at stories, and making them more original, but that's your job, so I'll leave you little hints. I'll also look for incorrect tense use - as in somehow swapping from present tense to past tense.

It's my job as a beta-reader to make you a better writer, so I'll try my best to make you improve your skills.

It's fun to help other authors with their works - but because of my schedule, I'm pretty busy. I'll be on whenever I can. However, everyone makes mistakes. It's what makes us human. So don't go on a rage if I miss out on a word or two. It's still your story, so make sure you read it before uploading it.

I love Romance/Comedy and Reader Inserts + OC. I'll take any really, but these types of fanfiction are what I like to read best.
Will not read: Any categories (Anime/Manga, Games etc) I haven't mentioned. Of course, if you want, you can message me and hey, maybe I'll watch an anime or read a book for you (if it's available).
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