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About my services: Reading, it's brain food. My brain is probably the best fed brain out there. Place a stack of books, papers, or anything readable I'll read it by the next day or two. I have to be interested though. I don't give you answers that beat around the bush. My mom say usually I am a little wee bit to... Loud mouth and direct but... That's me. Loud, Direct, Proud and everything else. Okay. I may not be THE BEST! But I do have an eye for grammar and I am a reading FREAK! I love to read and read quickly so if I miss something... Sorry... I am a grammar freak. I find that helpful and I find it a flaw as well. I am such a stickler someone may become fed up with me. Sooo... yeah. I love reading Romantic Comedies. But they have to actually be found funny. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sarcasm. Pile it on! I also enjoy reading The Hunger Game, The Kane Chronicles, YuGiOh, Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, Marvel, Peter Pan and Gilmore Girls among many, many, many, many more. They are some of my Favorite things in life. Because... I have no life! Jk.
Will not read: Ummm. I don't like HORRIBLY OVER done Tragicly dramatic stories. And anything overly violent is also not my cup if tea. MUST BE FUNNY!!!! IF IT IS NOT FUNNY I WON'T READ IT. If your parents and friends don't find it funny, though, I probably will.
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