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Littl\' ol\' Meh?

Yes, it\'s me, Larxene12. The exact same Larxene12 from, and the same Larxene12 that wherever you may find the username Larxene12 excluding the YouTube account name Larxene12. That\'s not me. XD

Anyway, I made this account so I could add some of my unreleased oneshots and drabbles. Secret ones! Dun dun DUN!!!

Contacting me~

Well, I\'m homeschooled, so duh, I\'m ALWAYS at home, and you could reach me via e-mail, or via AIM. AIM would be your best bet, cuz\' I\'m on 24/7, but if I happen to be offline,(shocker!) just drop me an e-mail and I\'ll get back to you! =^_^=
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