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I\'m a young writer who is a diehard anime fan, like the rest of my friends. I am an extremely violent kunoichi, a tomboy (if you didn\'t figure that out from the violent part), and not afraid to hit people. My works vary from comedy to angst, depending on my mood and how my day went. I am currently working on a Yu Yu Hakusho/Fushigi Yuugi/Dragon Knights/xxxHolic/Ranma ½/Other/Original series fic, but if I do end up posting it, I respectufully ask you not to copy or steal the OCs, because they belong to either me or my friends.


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the CUTENESSS....of chibis by ~Zetsu-Chibi on deviantART
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Favorite quote:
Sarah: That\'s not fair! (in response to Jareth cutting several hours off of her time left to solve the Labyrinth)
Jareth: You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is.
From: Labyrinth
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Will not read: I will not read lemons or limes. Anything else is pretty much okay, but I don't like a lot of angst. A little is okay, but I don't want to read about the issues of somebody every other paragraph. I know that that sounds rude, but would you like to read something like that? (Rhetorical question.) I would also like it if you would finish the stories that you want me to edit if I do edit them. I also know more than the average person does about mythology from almost every continent, excluding Australia, since I don't think they have any native mythology. I do have school, so my editing may be slow. I also doubt I will take on more than one fic at a time. That about sums it up...
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