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Name: Taeyul Lee
Alias: Taelee
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Join Date: 11/05/12
Last Logged In: 11/07/12
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
Category: No preference
About my services:

I tend to be critical when it comes to beta-reading other stories but not so much to the point where I break the author's heart because they think I'm firing back at them for being a bad writer. I also look for the author's voice andwould like it if people stick to certain plot instead of all over the place. I also like it when the author is very detailed in his/her work. That's how I imagine the scene going and I am a very imaginative person when I'm reading sometimes losing track of space and time. I want to read stories that make sense and go along with the storyline and the main fandom.

I am wonderful at catching grammar/ punctuation errors. I am an awesome speller and keep an eye out for mistakes. I also can make out the author's voice (how they word the story) and find ways to make their story more interesting (for example 'using other words than said or big'.) I also excel at finding OOC (out of character) characters. I read in the slow range so I can capture every word and try my hardest to pay attention to the flow and structure of a story.

I love reading but I get bored sometimes if the story has too many words or chapters (ex: 10,000 words or 54 chapters,etc.). I also overlook some common mistakes sometimes but not to the point where I can't spot anything. Another weakness of mine is grammar that I can spot easily but hard to fix (if you understand what I mean).

The romance, action, drama, and hurt/comfort are some story genres I would prefer over others but I can still read things like friendship and family, etc. I'm just really into the Shoujo-type genres and very limited Shonen-type genres. I excel at romance stories. I also have a very limited choice of Mecha/ Sci-fi stories. Fantasy and Supernatural are definitely for me! Oh and I absolutely love stories with pairings like canon x OC (mainly stories with OCs in them).

Will not read: I don't care for Yaoi (but Shonen-Ai is an exception) or the "crazy sex" thing. Lemons are fine as long as they don't go overboard into "other things" and light sexual themes are OK (I actually like that sort of thing as long as it's not crazy or anything). I don't like it when stories look out of place, are confusing or don't stick to the main storyline (summary) and please for the love of jesus don't show me stories that don't have accurate summaries as in don't make me beta-read a story whose summary is like "I suck at summaries" kind of thing. I hate those kind of things and I'm very stubborn so please for the sake of my , I will not read fics with horrible spelling/grammar and text Lingo? Puh-leasee! If I see text lingo or weirdo symbols and words like "Zell- Loled" or some made up weapon name that's overly ridiculous, etc. I will dump gasoline over it and set it on fire with the power of MY RAGE ALONE. Another thing I hate is ridiculous soap-opera love triangles that NEVER END.
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