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Writing Information On Ella

The Good

*I always go over my writing a few times to for editing and re-writing. However, this does not mean that I will catch everything or that I won\'t have my crappy days where I just don\'t notice anything at all. Not only this, but I am the kind of person who likes to fix spelling/punctuation/grammar errors as soon as possible. This means that when I read over a story, I am mostly just double checking rather than editing completely.
*I get a lot of story ideas from different things. Most of the time my stories are fan-fictions derived from my over-creative mind, but I do love turning dreams into stories, too. Original and fan-fiction.
*I will always try to go back and at least work on an older story, even if it is really old... Though if it is super old, I will probably re-write it first.

The Bad

*If I don\'t get enough inspiration, or my inspiration begins to dwindle, I have been known to slowly lose interest and eventually stop working on that particular story that I lost inspiration for. This is why I always try to go back and work on my older stories, because I have a quite a few chapter stories that I haven\'t finished yet.


*I do not like to post chapter stories until they are completely, or close to being completely, finished. This is because of my problem with writing when it comes to losing inspiration. However, there may be instances where I will start posting a chapter story without being near the end. This would be because I know for a fact that I will be finishing it in the near future whether I am just starting or halfway through.


*Please feel free to request stories. I will only do reader insert one shots, and most will probably be drabbles unless you give me a good plot bunny. When requesting a one shot, make sure you tell me what characters are involved, a basic plot or an idea that I can work with for actually writing it, and anything extra you would like. I will not always accept requests, and if I do, they will probably be written when I am in a hyper mood. You can still ask for serious stories, but I can\'t promise anything. I am also limited in characters I can write fan-fictions with, so if you request someone I am not familiar with, I will probably visit Wikipedia for some quick info if I accept the request.

Currently Working On/To Be Posted

1. Labyrinth Fan-Fiction
2. \"The Queen\'s Knight\" Fan-Fiction One Shots
3. \"Mad Genius\" drabbles.

Other Sites That I May Have Posted Stories/Poems/Lyrics On

*Anyone posting my stories on any sites not listed, under this name or any other, is not me and should not be posting them.
*I will edit this list as needed.
1. (EleanoraHoshi)
2. (sesshoumarulover4ever)
3. (Eleanora_Hoshi and/or Crystalline Sea (ElvinGoddess has my permission to post some of my work on Gaia.))
4. MySpace (Not available to public.)
5. FaceBook (Not available to public.)
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Hiatus
About my services: Just tell me what you want me to check for as I beta read your story and I will try my best to do so. However, if you request for me to check for characterization, overall impression, and/or plot, it would be wise if you had another person checking for that also and not just me.

I ask that you send one chapter at a time to me (if they are 1ooo words + each) if you have a multi-chapter story for me to beta.

If I do not get your story/song/poem back to you with my wonderful little edits by the end of whatever time limit the story should take to read and fix up (at least wait a week!), feel free to whop me upside the head kindly remind me that I has chosen to enslave myself to beta reading help you fix your story/song/poem so that others can understand what your writing.

While I do prefer to read reader inserts, I am still willing to read stories with/about other characters/people as well.

I may not reply to e-mails nearly as fast as I would instant messages. My instant message contact information is in my profile, so if you would like a quick(er) response, contact me through that.
Will not read: Fan-fictions from any Anime, Manga, Books, Cartoons, Comic, Games, Movies, TV Shows that I do not know a whole bunch about.

I must also warn you that I may not be able to tell you how well your story goes with the original plot for some of the things I listed that I am willing to beta read for, as I tend to be a bit slow with anime/manga and games.

Please also note that I may not be in the mood for reading certain types of stories at some point or other. This does not mean that I will always not want to read that type of story, it just means that I am not in the mood for it.
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