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Okay, guys, I\'m SUPER sorry, but I just did this, but my internet screwed up, so NOW my entire bio is gone... I\'ll get to making it eventually!

Kora J.
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Status: Hiatus
About my services: Okay, so, I'm a new beta, but I think I'm pretty good... I won't accept anything to beta right now seeing as how I'm too busy with my OWN stories, which are probably too depressing for my own good, but I'm good with OCs, keeping people IC, and spelling and grammar. If you REALLY need me to beta something, and there's NO way around it, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.
Will not read: I WILL NOT READ ANY STORY WITH GAY/BISEXUL/LESBIAN ANYTHING IN THEM! I am sorry to any people who may have been offended by me saying that. The hting is, for everything I'll read, I have a favorite pairing, and seeing any of them, except for the obvious ones, gay or a lesbian just REALLY pisses me off. It's like... mutilating their character just because its "hot" or something! I mean COME ON poeple! For instance, Riku/Sora fics... I'm sorry to all you fans out there, but I can't stand it, it's OBVIOUS that Sora and Riku BOTH, at one point in time, like Kairi, and Sora most definitely stilll does, and I can tell she likes him too... so, there you go, I have solved THAT problem. Other than that, I'm really okay with most other things.
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