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Hello, Togetic here! ^.^ That\'s my favorite Pokémon, anyway... and therefore the username I use variants of (TogeticFTW, ShinyTogeticFTW, etc.) most often. I found this site by doing a Google search for \"choose your own adventure fanfiction\" since does not allow CYOA stories and I have a CYOA Pokémon story that I\'m working on and wanted to post.
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About my services:
I am a grammar-Nazi and a perfectionist, so don't ask me to beta your stuff unless you want to be nitpicked for every single typo - right down to the tiniest misplaced comma!
I am also a stickler for canonicity, but this does not mean I am against AUs; rather, I like it when there is stuff that remains true to canon despite the changes that make it AU - for example, I once read a Harry Potter fic wherein Harry is on Voldemort's side (which is obviously very AU) that mentioned the only people who communicate via talking Patronus are members of the Order of the Phoenix. I think the more canonical references you have in your story, the more AU-ness you can get away with; maybe the familiarity of it helps with the suspension of disbelief, I don't know.
Let's see, what else? Um... unfortunately, I have a tendency to DOTFOTE, so if I don't respond to a request reasonably quickly (and by "reasonably quickly" I mean within a day) then I've probably done it again. There's no set time that I'm most likely to be on - though I am somewhat nocturnal, so pretty much your best bet is at night (or even the wee hours of the morning; I may or may not have insomnia) - but if you do catch me I will definitely make it a priority!

Because it seems the order in which I selected the categories for my list doesn't matter, I will list them here in order of how well I know them. This is not the order in which they rank as my favorites; rather, the closer something is to the top of this list, the better-suited I feel I am to beta for it. P.S. For the sake of argument, let's assume that I've never read any manga unless I specifically say that I have and either way I consider the absence of its existence in my repertoire of knowledge negligible.

#1 ~ These are categories that I have seen everything there is to them:
Super Smash Bros. (& Melee & Brawl) - I love these games! My Pikachu always kicks my sister's Link's butt! We make a great team, though, when we work together, particularly on the Subspace Emissary.
Nightmare Before Christmas - What's this? What's this? I know the thing by heart! What's this? I can quote every part! What's this? I can't believe that I have never once read fics for this movie before! What! Is! This!? *headdesk* Beta more? Hmm... xD
Inception - OMG I loved that movie! Thank you so much, Kigichi, for making me watch it the first time! I have since watched it several more times; I'm confident I know it like the back of my hand!
Wreck-It Ralph - I went to see this movie in 3D. Twice. It was that epic. *hums Sugar Rush theme*
Labyrinth - Great movie. Absolutely great movie. (*lol*DavidBowiefartsglitter*lol*)
Sky High - Funny movie. Loved it.
The Incredibles - Really good movie. Would it be too cliché to call it "incredible"? Probably, yeah.
Treasure Planet - Finally got to watch this movie! It was good. Wish it hadn't taken me so long to see it, though.
Repo! The Genetic Opera - Kinda iffy about this one; it wasn't exactly to my tastes, but it was a good movie.
Sherlock (BBC) - Netflix is a wonderful thing. As is my friend Kigichi. It is thanks to both of them that I have watched every episode of this truly epic show.
National Treasure (I & II) - Nicholas Cage is awesome. I love Riley, too: <a accent='British'>"Hello."</a> But I'm not a history buff by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, I hate history. So, as much as I know the movies, I wouldn't be able to help you with historical facts for a new story. Sorry 'bout that.
Night at the Museum (I & II) - Good movies. However, as I said about National Treasure, history is not my strong suit.
Newsies - Again with the historical stuff; I know, I'm sorry, but I really liked this movie.

#2 ~ These are categories for which I don't think I'm missing anything, or if I am I believe it's somewhat negligible:
Xiaolin Showdown - This show was so cool! I am 99% certain that I've seen every single episode.
Animorphs - I have read every book in the main series and most of the side stories, plus I've seen some of the TV show.
Yu-Gi-Oh! - I'm 95% positive that I've seen every episode of the original series (you know, when Yugi is actually the main character? None of that GX or 5D's stuff) except for... I think I heard somewhere that the first season was never shown on Cartoon Network or something? IDK, I've never seen those episodes if that's the case.
Cardcaptors - I know it's listed as Card Captor Sakura, but I always knew it as "Cardcaptors" so that's what I'm calling it. As with Yu-Gi-Oh!, I've seen every episode that was shown on Cartoon Network with 95% certainty. That's the extent of it.
Princess Tutu - A product of Netflix. Watched every episode. Cried at times. Totally ship Duck and Fakir.
Static Shock - Only 90% sure I've seen every episode... That's why it's here on the list and not any higher.
Peter Pan - Read the book. Liked it. There are so many different movie variations of it! I've seen a handful of them.

#3 ~ These are categories where I know what I'm missing and mention it here:
Harry Potter - Seen every movie? Check. Read all books? Double-check. Played the games? Semi-check. Visit Pottermore? Um... no... ^.^; Surf Hell yes! Been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? T^T I WISH! SOON! (HOPEFULLY)!
Pokémon - I am a Poké-expert. I have played every game and I have also read some manga, but unfortunately I'm a bit behind on the anime... I've got the episodes recorded on FiOS, I just have to watch them to catch up!
NCIS - Used to watch it all the time. Now I'm a couple seasons behind, unfortunately.
Supernatural - Watched it a lot when my friend(s) got me into it, but it's been a while now so I'm a couple seasons behind.
Doctor Who (& Torchwood) - I was introduced to the Whoniverse via Netflix, so I've watched every episode available there (including all 17 or so Classic Who stories). Unfortunately, this means I've never seen Torchwood: Miracle Day since it had already been taken down by the time I got that far. I have, however, watched every New Who episode from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship on as they've been on BBC America! <3 I've also seen the movie featuring the Eighth Doctor, Planet of the Dead (feat. the Tenth Doctor), and A Christmas Carol (feat. the Eleventh Doctor), plus just about every minisode I think... oh, and both animated episodes with Ten as well! Next I want to somehow find and read the books for adventures that I've never seen (both Old Who and New Who), but no luck so far on that. Meanwhile, the TARDIS Data Core has a permanent spot on a pinned tab in my browser (right alongside the HPwiki and Bulbapedia).
Tales of Symphonia - The only game in the Tales series that I've ever played. I did it co-op with my sister for a while... we made it onto the second disc, but never completely beat the game (I don't think).
Legend of Zelda - Familiar with most of the games in the series; haven't seen Skyward Sword in action, unfortunately.
Rise of the Guardians - I absolutely adored this movie! Never read any of the books, though, but I want to check my library and see if they've got them.
Howl's Moving Castle - Saw the movie. Had a crush on Howl. Haven't read the book (yet).
How To Train Your Dragon - Loved the movie. Never read the books. Only saw one or two of the episodes of the TV series.
Fire Emblem - Played (and beat!) the original (English) Fire Emblem game (the one with Lyn and Hector and Eliwood) as well as Sacred Stones (the one with Eirika and Ephraim). Also seen some of the gameplay of Path of Radiance... but that's about it.

#4 ~ These are categories that I am loosely familiar with but not entirely confident about:
Psych - I believe I've seen most episodes, but not all of them.
Kim Possible - So, what's the sitch here? Seen a bunch of episodes, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen all of them.
Danny Phantom - Seen a lot. Don't think I've seen it all.
Inu Yasha - Seen a whole bunch of episodes, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen them all.
Fullmetal Alchemist - Seen a ton of episodes, but I doubt I've seen them all... Haven't seen any of FMA:Brotherhood.
Detective Conan - Seen a lot of episodes with my sister, but I know there are still a lot I haven't seen... Still, I think I know enough that I would be an asset to someone writing a DC fic if I were to beta for them.
House, M.D. - Watched a lot of episodes. Know I haven't seen 'em all.
Leverage - Seen a whole bunch of episodes. Know I haven't seen them all.
Pirates of the Caribbean - I think I've only seen the first two movies, but I don't remember exactly.
Teen Titans - Watched a lot of episodes, definitely haven't seen them all.
Firefly - Seen the first... um... ten episodes? Will be watching more soon!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Seen maybe a dozen episodes? Thereabouts. Keep meaning to watch more. Never get around to it.
Lord of the Rings - Read the first book. Period. Saw all three LotR movies as well as the movie The Hobbit.
Digimon - The earlier the season, the more I've seen of it. The first DigiDestined? I believe I've seen every episode with them. The most recent season? Haven't seen a single one.
Power Rangers - The original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? Hell yeah! I loved Jason. After that... Mystic Force. Yeah. Other than those, I didn't watch them at all.
Left Behind - Read the kids series first... can't remember how far I got. Read the prequel. Started reading the main series at that point... can't remember how far I got. Saw the movies Left Behind I & II.
The Chronicles of Narnia - Read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & The Magician's Nephew. Saw the old 1988 BBC version of the movie TLTWATW and the 2005 Walden/Disney version. Liked the older one better.
Neopets - I used to love Neopets... I seem to have grown away from it over the years, though. :(
Death Note - Watched a bunch of episodes and/or movies with a friend. Understand the concept (I think) but that's about it.

Will not read:
...I was going to say I will not read stuff unless it's on the list, but I do know some stuff about categories that I didn't include there, so if you just ask me about something not on the list I might say yes if I recognize it. Here is my only stipulation on this matter: I can promise a thorough sweep for basic spelling and grammar regardless of the category, but if it's not one of my best then I take no responsibility for errors with spelling of names or things specific to the fandom nor OOC-ness/misrepresentation of canon. Capiche?
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