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I'm so excited to be writing on this website! I fell in love with all fanfiction stories that were written here.

Anyway, feel free to check out my other accounts
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(more may be added)

Well hope you all enjoy reading my creations as much as I enjoyed writing them!

And remember: I will forever welcome feedback!

~Lillian Cloud

Latest News

09. 20. 2013
Ok, so sorry for the wait. I have just submitted my second story on this site You Let Your Guard Down , which is an Itachi x OC pairing. The second chapter is up and running (thank you moderators) so be sure to check it out. As all of you know, submissions are temporarily closed so I can't submit anything new for a while. Now don't fret, because I'm going to let you in on a secret: If you visit my fanfiction account, you will find a nice little Death Note (L x Reader) one shot. Feedback/comments are always welcome!

Story Updates

Horror Movie (OC x Soul Eater Evans)

27. 07. 2013
Good news! This story is now and forever complete! Feedback is forever welcomed so remember to leave a review please and thank you! :D I\'m thinking of making a sequel... what do you guys think?

You Let Your Guard Down (OC x Itachi Uchiha)

09. 20. 2013
Woohoo! My second story on this site. Not too sure where it\'s going to go but I'll do my best. The second chapter has now been validated. Hope you enjoy!
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About my services:
Hello Authors!
I just realized that I could become a beta reader so here I am!
I hope to help you with anything you may have troubles with whether it be grammar, spelling, syntax or just in need of an audience.

I read just about anything so fire away!

~Happy writing!
Will not read:
I like to try different things so I would like to say that nothing is off limits!

Although, I'm really only fluent in English so, language could be a barrier.
However, I have studied a bit of French and Spanish and I do understand it. Though I must warn you that I am not fluent in those languages so, you may want to look elsewhere for proofreading help.
Bottom line is I will try my best to be of help to you and I apologize in advance if I cannot understand (for all you spanish and french people out there).

Yup, that pretty much covers it, so hit me with your best shot!
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