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Name: Arifez Dakascus
Alias: Konoha Mizushi
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I\'m just someone who likes to read and write, nothing fancy. I also want to make friends with people, so please don\'t be shy and talk to me. I won\'t flame and I respect any and all stories written, whether I like them or not, so long as I\'m sure that person puts enough effort in it. But even if the latter doesn\'t happen, I won\'t flame much, but I will kindly tell them to revise. If all else fails, then I might only go as far as using sharper words than before, never blatantly flame. Really, I don\'t like being flamed myself.
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Canon Elements
  • Overall Impression
  • Other
Status: Open
Category: +Anima
About my services: I read any kinds of story, from humor to even very serious stories. I also like romance and stories that are interesting (mystery, adventure, etc.). I'll read any kinds of story you throw at me, so long as it's safe enough for me to read (I'm only 15, mind you, and even if I am 17 or 18, I assure you, I'm not one to read mature contents). Inside a story, this is what I prioritize: Good Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization, Storyline, and Details. I don't care if you don't use fancy words (e.g.: Vernal, Verdure, Exorbitant, Abundant, etc.), but what I do see, is how you wrap up your story. I'm a blatant person and will say what I think directly, without hiding it, but I will not flame someone for their work. I also see how much detail people use in their story. I'm hoping that you would put at least enough details for me to understand the story well, and imagine it, not too much, not too little as well. Also, I'm looking for good humor in the story as well, so don't make it too overly serious that I get bored. I'm not saying you have to, but I'd love humor in the story, so long as it's within the context and limits of the story. Finally, Even though I'm new, I hope I can be of service to you guys and I hope we can be friends too.
Will not read: I will not read any "Adult Content" materials, and that's final. I will still consider reading Angst and Tragedy, but I don't really prefer them, chances are I MIGHT not read them, but still I will give them some chance. I will also try to avoid story with an overwhelming gore and such, but if it can't be helped, please notify me beforehand. As for mysteries, I hope you give me something that isn't too obvious, or anything, and keep the story interesting. That's about all I'm trying to say. One more thing to know is, I will try to avoid stories that has a large amount of curses and bad words. If you want to use them, I don't mind, but please try to limit it. I don't read these Anime/Mangas, so I'm sorry: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail. I also don't read stories that involve the reader inside the story. I will also read stories that, at the very least, consists 700 letters per chapter for series and 900 letters for one shots. Please do mind that these numbers of letters are 'comment excluded', only purely the story.
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