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Name: talentlessDAWN
Alias: яeɴ yυreι, yυ-cнαɴ, dαωɴ-cнαɴ.
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dяαωιηg α тαlεηтlεss pιcтυяε, ωнεrε dαωη lιεs αнεαd؛ ιтיs α bεαυтιυl тαlεηтlεss dαωη,

яeɴ yυreι or talentlessDAWN : That's a certain girl's pen name. Choose anyone between those two and call me by that chosen name. I'm just a normal girl living in a certain place where I am going to become a kindergarten teacher.

With passion for writing, I'm aiming to become a fanfiction writer in internet, turning all my imagination into books. Dreams, fantasies, and imaginations turn me into one hell of a dreamer. I held a lot of inspiration towards countless of author.

My skills are developed by writing countless of essays for any project or assignment by teachers since middle and high school. A total loner and so shy that I prefer that people should first talk to me. I have no boyfriend, didn't have first kiss, didn't drink alcohol and still a virgin; I am normal.

I am in love with many books and inspire a lot of author, hoing that I would gain better knowledge of english since it's not my first language. I hope that you wouldn't mind pointing out any wrong spellings, grammar, bad description (in other people's view, it would be a rant) or just give me some ideas since I am not creative, though I always daydream. Due to my addition towards my tablet, I would play or write in the middle of the classroom. Don't blame me being such a lazy ass, it's all the school's fault that class are boring that we wouldn't bother listening to it!

Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services:
general description as a beta reader ∣ Beta Bio:

Sometimes or not, I am usually good at catching other's spelling mistakes ㅡbut for my story, I can't find anythingㅡ and puntuations. I like to read anything, but mostly, I would just cover my eyes wen I saw a poor quality one. But I don't mind, as long as the summary or plots are interesting, then I am okay with that. I don't mind, even if your book or stories aren't in great quality, I don't mind. Except that I would take a rather long time in beta-ing. So please don't expect me if you want fast edit.

beta, writing, or reading strengths ∣ My strengths:

Puntuation, spelling, details (meaning that not about building, and a slightest details; only the situations, emotion, and a little bit of clothes detail), and a little bit of description.

beta, writing, or reading weaknesses ∣ My Weaknesses:

Grammar, the 'a', 'an', and 'the', lack of ideas, lack of professional-like words and sentence formatting. I make such awkward lines and I find myself a disgrace (no offense) and guilty about it. So I would do anything to make a better line, even if it took hours. For the lack of professional-like words, please don't accuse me, English isn't my first language.

types of stories I prefer over others ∣ Preffered:

Romance, horror, friendship, humor (I suck), interesting characters, interesting summary and plots and anime-related stuffs.
Will not read: Yuri, and so-much drama story and a little-insy-winsy bit of mary-sue...
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