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1 jan 2015
LOL I'VE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG. FEEL FREE TO KILL ME. i actually just nominated someone on for the featured stories so that's new haha. honestly-who knows when i'll get to write?? being an adult is harder than expected and now I'm pretty much working a full-time job. total poop tbh. idk. we'll see what happens y'all. maybe i'll miraculously update something. in other news, i'm totes obsessed with fire emblem: awakening.

25 aug 2014
god I'm sorry guys my educ classes are actually a pain in the ass?? who knew senior year would be this shitty. gosh i feel so bad cause i know y'all have been waiting for this damn update for failsafe for like 2 yrs but everything i write it total trash u_u gonna put on some insp music and hopefully something will come to me

30 june 2014
hello all! sorry i've been pretty MIA on here. i'm about to start my senior year of college this fall so things have been pretty busy on my end! i'm also currently taking summer classes so i'm still a bit busy, but it's a significantly lighter load compared to the regular school year. i've been catching up on anime (TALK TO ME ABOUT SnK) hardcore this summer and i've been writing on and off for the last month. i've literally got a billion and one stories running around in my head so i'm hoping that i can get something published this summer.

to get me back into the writing mood, i'm attempting to write something everyday! so if y'all wanna you can send me prompts at my main tumblr writing tumblr, with a pairing, fandom, whatever, ya know. i'll try my best to do them in a timely manner but i can't promise i'll do all of them.

thanks for putting up with me guys! ♡♡ i'll try to put something up soon (ugh i need to respond to reviews too I'm so behind i'm sorry guys i'm trash)

ongoing stories

failsafe [2/?]
young justice
reader x dick grayson
status: a billion and one half written chapters I WILL UPDATE THIS YOU GUYS (i really need to rematch the season again tho-when it got cancelled it killed me)

accidental affections [1/11]
harry potter
reader x neville longbottom
status: tbh the next chapter has been like ~80% written up for like forever i just really need to finish it and edit so hopefully sometime soon!

marry me [3/?]
kingdom hearts
reader x roxas
status: indefinite hiatus


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