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UPDATED - JUNE 16, 2015

My Lunaescence legacy is a single chapter of a series of one-shots of Sailor Moon Reader Insert yuri.

I regret nothing.

Check back for more later... (ETA: Unknown)
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  • Plot
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Status: Open
About my services: My list shows what I will read without hesitation and what I have good knowledge with. A few of my clients include my friend Lavender_Chan and I plan on working with Rouge Fugitive a bit with her InuYasha fics. Both I have known for years and met through fanfiction.

I haven't gotten many offers with beta reading, but I won't turn people down who come to me unless I find I'm really unable to read the fic because it goes against some stuff I don't read.
Will not read: Please, do not give me stories that have: Male Pregnancy.

I used to have a longer list, but recently, it's mainly been M-preg. I very much dislike mary sues as well...But it's hard to really define that. So M-preg is so far the only thing I WILL NOT read.
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