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Thank you

Thank you, dear awesome readers, for deeming my writing worthy enough for your personal time and thought. Without you, my pieces would be unloved and unseen and never get the chance to be what they are today. I am immensely grateful to those of you who review my work to let me know how I'm doing and why you choose to spend your precious time not only reading my work, but letting me understand it through your eyes. To my ghost readers, I appreciate that many of you have followed my series from beginning to end and though I would love to hear from you, I respect your wishes. If you're just shy, please remember that I don't bite and I am ecstatic to see any sort of feedback from my readers. My besties on Luna, I fucking love you all and you all fucking know it.

To everyone(!): I may not know you and we may never meet, but we share a bond (a profound one, perhaps?) that goes beyond what anyone in real life could experience. We will never judge each other based on appearances, rather it will be on heartfelt language and a brilliant personality that even the limit of words cannot hide. I respect and love you all for all the support, encouragement and sincere kindness you've given to me.

Thank you.

Catch me on AO3 at HatsForBreakfast

Now that Becoming Human is complete, you probably won't see much of me on Luna. I may get the whim to post a small ficlet now and then, but from now on my stomping ground is likely to be AO3 and (unposted) originals. It has its issues like Luna, but I find a more diverse set of content that appeals to my interests. I've changed over the time I've been here, we all have, and hopefully for the better. Luna will always hold special memories for me, but it's time for me to move onto bigger challenges. I hope to see you on AO3, but if I don't, I wish you well and keep reading.

Contacting me: pierced_for_eternity[at]
Please say that you're from Lunaescence, preferably in the subject line of the email. My spam folders are shit and I would hate to miss an email from you. If you've tried before and not gotten a response, it probably got deleted. Please don't be discouraged to try again.
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